Women Have Become MANS Worst Enemy

  Last night I was reading Breitbart. Sarah Palin wants to be the Prez. She thinks a woman can do the job.    Does anyone realize yet, that Palin already gave us Obama 1 time, as did Hitlery?  You think I am kidding? Everyone that I know that voted GOP this last prez election, has flat out told me, that they voted for PALIN.  You think she will not give us Obama again, as will Hitlery?  I dont know, you all better think about it…..For the most part; The only people that really want Palin for the Prez are the T-partiers and the GOP. And most of the people that want Hitlery are just die-hard Democrats. Palin is a good uplifter, but I wont EVER vote for a woman. Sorry readers.

  Onward….Man has been ripped off and robbed by women. Man, who was made in the image of GOD…… Good Christian “BITCHES”?! Bad Bible Belt Feministic Sleaze….This Is Really ‘Messed Up’!

Women now control the USA. Think this is a joke? Look at that wuss of a faggot you have in the W.H. who is occupying a mans seat. Men are the ones that are supposed to be the leaders.  I know…you want to tell me that man has royally screwed everything up, Right? If MAN had MEN behind him instead of deceptive women, things would not be the way they are in the Western world. 


Look how women have done things; Look at this in general terms. Women get a divorce, they get the kids, they get alimony, they get the home, the car, etc. Its the truth, generally speaking. Women are murderers as well. Yes they are. They murder babies through abortion faster than they can ‘spread their legs’.   Women connive their way into jobs that they are not qualified for by using affirmative action. If this disgusting affirmative action was not there, things may not have turned out the way they have.

There will be more on this subject.. But I would like if you watched this Youtube below, while I rant at a later date.. If you dont like my OPINION, thats your beef.

OH, and men, sorry for being so rude: GET A DOG, you will find more loyalty. 

  Recently, in a magazine, I saw this quote: “TRUST NO MAN, FEAR NO BITCH.” That sweet aint it? Here is another I came across:

This is what BOB, a blogger says on another website:

I would leave my wife if she took up feminism. Its unnatural.

By: bob on November 10, 2008
at 8:26 pm


“American” Girl Dolls Are CREEPY!

Look at these dolls sometime, this might give you an indication of how stupid our poor girls are now. American girl dolls stare, vacantly into space. They have no character.  They are so creepy. Even  those little girl pageants now try to look like them.  WHY? There are cuter dolls that have character. Even Barbie the slut has more charm than these wierdo doll-monsters!

They really remind me of those 2 little girls from “The Shining”…the empty-eyed creatures of the night– Ew., these dolls REALLY give me the creeps. I have heard there is some sickass agenda that goes along with buying these dolls too.

LOOK at these dolls- they are creepy!!!!

Something wierd that I just can’t put my finger on.  Maybe someone else knows, but it does not matter what color these are or what hair color, they ALL have the SAME faces!!

Come on, you can’t fool me, you know you see the same strangeness in these dolls, you just wont admit it.

Look at this weird little pageant girl:



See an excerpt off of their website:

Explore ideas for outdoor fun for your children at BeOutThere.org:

  • Explore our Green Hour activities—perfect for exploring nature in your backyard
  • Share your wildlife sightings, photos, and stories online
  • Find nature in your neighborhood with NatureFind
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NWF supports First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to address childhood obesity by proposing that children spend active time outdoors. In support of Be Out There and Let’s Move, a diverse coalition urges the Surgeon General to promote health benefits of outdoor playtime.


Things I Miss In America

I know.. I can’t get ‘up with the times’, but I implore you, what times are ‘good’ now? What is so wonderful? Computers, that have turned us all into reclusives? I miss America, very badly. The continued left wing assault on this nation has left me baffled, confused, and very angry.

When I was a kid, we played in forts, we were outside for hours at a time, playing baseball, running, walking to the bay- I lived in the Hamptons, L.I… Maybe it is childhood that I long for, however, I don’t think so. When you see the things I remember, you will also remember…

Sunday Mornings. Remember all of the kids getting dressed for church on Sunday Morning? I sure do, and secretly VERY envious. I went to a church a handful of times as a kid, and was only allowed to go if it was my best friend Mary’s Church, St. Mary’s.  The kids all dressed up, everything was closed on Sunday, and if it was not closed, it would close at 1 PM sharp. I loved the fact that people went to church.

Easter Sundays. I loved watching all of the little girls in new bonnets, in pinks, pastels, yellow, etc. We didnt have anything on Easter Sundays in my home, just a big dinner, or we went out to eat, because we were very involved with our communites and friends. So, at least when we got to go out, I got to dress cute 😉 I loved hearing the church bells chime on Easter Morning.

I miss the Soda Fountains in town. We had one called the “Tuck Shop”, I always had a butter pecan cone, sugar cone. I remember this one am, we were with my Mom and we were having a 25 cent Hot fudge Sundae. Yummy. You all remember the Woolworths? Remember they had the Soda fountains, and you could get a hot dog for 50 cents? Sitting at the coffee bar? Fun….

The Ol chicken on Sunday night and Fish on friday night. Classic.. Always trying to find a way to make the chicken taste better. I remember when Shake-n-Bake came out, oooo, Yummy! There were NO chicken Mc Nuggets back then, you had to use your cooking imagination.

I LOVED Christmas around the block, lights everywhere! Gorgeous. My Nana couldn’t care less if we were a bunch of Jews, we always had a great tree. We celebrated just about every single holiday- it just didn’t have the same meaning, probably as the other kids, BUT, we had Christmas nonetheless! People seemed to be more into the spirit of the holiday, it was an American thing.  It was not about who had the biggest ‘toy’, it was about sharing, singing, etc..

FireworksFireworksJULY 4. July 4 on Long Island was MAGNIFICENT. It was not just a light show, and noise as it is now, it was plain old patriotism. Kids dressed in red, white and blue. People weeping out of love of country. Crying when we heard the National Anthem. It was not about “BBQ” It was about REMEMBRANCE of a great nation, and the price our ancestors paid for it.  YES, we waved the flag, YES we had parades that were awesome, YES it was great.  Southhampton had an exceptional parade when I was a young gal.

Remember getting that new car in your family? It was exciting watching the adults picking out the best car they could find. We had so many cars, but only one at a time. We had a 57 Thunderbird, Novas- remember the Nova? HA! How bout the Etsel? In 1974, My Nana had gotten a Granada. We all pretended it was a Mercedes Benz laugh

The DIME STORE.  I LOVED the Five And Dime! All kinds of cheap little toys. You could get really cheap jax, Cracker Jacks, candy, etc. The only Dime store they have now is that crappy Dollar Store, which is NOTHING like the Dime Stores of the old days.

Well, jot YOUR memories, I have too many to count!




A Question About Henry Waxman’s Pig Snout..


 I just can’t get over this pig snout of a nose. I imagine this creep, sneezing.   Can you imagine his poor wife when he sneezes? She probably gets a bath. I bet his boogars are as big as a banana slug, or an Es’ Cargot snail.  You know this pig can’t ever pick his nose, I mean feigning  to.. It would be way too obvious. He could use this huge nose for magicians tricks–he could lose a rabbit in that nose. Maybe we could hold this yid down and try to stick Obama up his nose and rid ourself of THAT a$$hole once and for all.



What is missing today..

What’s missing today:

  Class, panache, Savoir’Faire’.. Where is it, and can we bring it back?

  I say:  We can bring this back.. it is simple.  We start with our kids, and surround them with items, clothes, movies, hair, shoes, toys, furniture and values that are not taught in the schools.  We teach them the things that our grandparents taught us:


  When they go to school, they other kids will see there is something peculiar, and crave what you are teaching your children. Progress is good, but not when it goes in the wrong direction, it then, becomes: REGRESSION.

  Good movies to start with, especially with girls is Gone with the Wind.  I watched that until I was blue in the face.  It happened one night is also a great one, For boys: The Horse Soldiers. Buy simple toys, like red wagons, little trikes, banana seat bikes, clothes reminiscing that era. 


Get a neighborhood group that is in unison with this idea, it will spread like WILDFIRE.  Have tiki-bar parties, dress in hostess dresses that the women used to wear. Make Shirley Temples and Roy Rodgers for the kids, play the old Disney Davy Crocketts.  Have parties where the girls are dressed up as Gone with the Wind, or tea parties. 

  Most of all:

BUILD CLASS again.  You can be the people that start this, SOMEONE has to do it! YOU can do this!

Start, so that we don’t lose another bunch of little children in this nutty society- they DESERVE it, and your grandparents will LOVE IT!

Dolls, then and now.. Subliminal suggestion to downright debauchery

Anyone can take a look at Vintage-America to see how the left wing Communists have infiltrated every avenue of our lives… But the one area that is absolutely the most abominable is dolls.

It started in the 1980’s with Rainbow Brite- that is straight up homosexual agenda, and subliminally forcing a ‘tolerance’ of evil things.  I know homosexual people, lots of them, I do NOT agree with this ‘lifestyle’, but do what you want in the privacy of your own home, like all people do.  Rainbow Brite and the Rainbow Ponies are an agenda, not just dolls.  All of this has ZERO to do with ‘hate’ and everything to do with;


Barbie of the 1990’s became a dowright sleazy looking bag lady, this is subliminally suggestive also.  Then came BRATZ.. Good gracious, can we get any sleazier with these ugly, slutty looking dolls?  5 yr old girls play with these dolls, people.  BRATZ dolls ARE whores. 


DON’T BUY THE BS! BOYCOTT THESE CREEPS! You don’t want a young girl that will dress like that, (which young girls, many times do now)  Believe me, it is a DOLL that is actually HYPNOTISING your young girl to be a whore.   Now, it is all appealing to the lowest possible common denominator.

From this;

To this:

BratzDollNora.jpg Bratz Doll Nora image by BoricuaGirl1619