Wisconsin PROVES That McCarthy, A Wisconsin Man Was 100% RIGHT.

Let me remind you all, that “The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution” -Saul Alinsky. 

McCarthy was born on a farm in the town of Grand Chute, Wisconsin, near Appleton, the fifth of seven children.

communismThe problem with todays conservatives that are serious, is they spend too much time on the DEFENSE.  The reason that the left hates Beck is because he attacks the Commies everyday. This is why the left hates Savage (BUT, Savage, unlike Beck is not afraid to bring up Obamas MIA B.C., which would bury this monster.)

If the left wing does something that the Tea Party opposes, they meet & sing “God Bless America” or “America the Beautiful”, then they clean up their mess. Just like a day with the kids fercryinoutloud!

Do something the Commie-Unions don’t like, they intimidate and go after your own mom:

Go to fullsize image They slaughtered McCarthy and he was right. Why did they slaughter him? They were being exposed all over the place.  Conservatives NEED to get OFF the defense. Like Palin, for ie; She spends everyday on Twitter and Facebook in defense.  You should not be doing what she is doing, you should be attacking these slime everyday. So what if they call you a ‘hater’, ‘racist’ and any other bogus propaganda.  Expose these traitors for what they are; SOVIET/BOLSHEVIK /MARXISTS that hate America and want this place to be like old Russia, where YOU foot the bill for lazy union workers, and lazy, libo-minorities.

Look at this link: http://www.workersoftheworldunite.org/ They are madly in love with the butcher, Stalin!! COME ON PEOPLE! Attack!! Look at Media Matters, they are on the attack 24/7:

http://mediamatters.org/  We need to get WORSE than they are, and expose these people like McCarthy did.  McCarthy was right, the list speaks for itself:

If You Had Enough $ & U Could Visit Anywhere, Where Would U Visit?

I would go to Palau.

Palau is a normal place that is run by Christians. It is breathtakingly gorgeous and the people I have met are SO SWEET!! The fish there are incredible as well. I would love to stay a month or more and just swim in that warm, blue water. Sounds nice, huh? Polenesian type food..Yummy.. I love Thai type food!

Would you visit Africa? See the Cypress trees, elephants, cheetahs? Zebras? Watch Watusi’s dancing? Giraffes? Sounds fun too.

How about India, and the Taj Majal? The tigers of India? That curry style Indian food, yummy, delicious!

How about Moscow? You could get a good taste of the old U.S.S. R., and change your liberal ways 😀 You know that many of the Soviet provinces were Muslim places? Which is why they have those dome towers.

How about Scotland? Personally, I would love to visit Scotland and see the Highlands, and read all about the history of the Scottish Revolt against the English in 1302.

Italy? Italy seems like a romantic place for a girl. I’ve heard that men there pinch womens asses 😀 Ooo- La La.. Italian food, my fav..

Spain? How about those Flamenco Dancers, and Bull fighters.. Sounds great to me! I happen to think that Flamenco dancing is the most sexiest dance.

Well, JOT down your thoughts and write why, & where if you feel like it. You may put Youtubes here as well 🙂

Artisans & Entreprenuers In Arizona Need Your Support!

I went to a craft show and bought a few things from a few artists. They are not conservative or liberal to me, they are just Arizonans that need some support. So, check out the few that I picked out, they are less expensive and nice. I will try to do weekly updates.


First is “Xanadu” designs; Purses, jewelry, etc. She is a really super sweet gal, and refers to herself as a ‘capitalist’:


Bohemian Chic Puffed Round Beaded HandbagSmall Gold/Green Specks Puffed Heart (5 Petal Yellow Flower)Hair ScrunchiesI bought a ring and a 2 murano glass pendants, she handmakes this stuff, she is quite talented.

Next is the most delicious Past I have EVER had in my whole entire life;


Sweet Potato Fettucine I bought Spinach basil pasta, you don’t even need anthing nut butter, it is THAT good.


sweet and spicy relishThis one is called “RELISH THIS” And if you are into women doing good, these are the gals to buy from, they are really super nice and their relish for everything is YUMMY.


WOW books full of mystery and different legends from AZ:


Beautiful, strong-willed reporter, Kendall O’Dell, is drawn into an evil web of conspiracy beyond anything she could have ever imagined when she accepts a position at a small newspaper in isolated Castle Valley, Arizona. Her assignment: Find out why her predecessor mysteriously vanished while working on a story concerning the unsolved deaths of two teenage girls. Why is the sheriff so hostile to her inquiries? Why is the woman operating the local shelter for homeless girls so secretive? And how is attractive rancher Bradley Talverson involved?

When the body of a third girl is discovered in the desert not far from a private mental institution, Kendall’s life hangs in the balance as she strives to uncover the horrifying secret.

MY Favorite:


She paints GORGEOUS art of animals. Her rendition of Noahs Ark is ASTOUNDING.

This painting was done to honor all the animals I grew up with in my native England. These are the animals of Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood fame. Over Two Million brushstrokes went into my first large painting to be reproduced. Number one in the edition was given to Prince Charles and Princess Diana upon the birth of Prince William, the future King of England. Animal Fantasia I was hung in young Prince Edwards bedroom upon receipt.


E. Kagan & “Partial Birth” MURDER (Abortion)? PDF’s SCRUBBED As Well..

First of all, lets also look at how her Thesis was taken down by Princeton. Now we have Colleges that hide dirty deeds.

right here (PDF).

Posted by Erick Erickson (Profile)

Thursday, May 13th at 7:50PM EDT

This proves Elena Kagan is an open and avowed socialist. The woman declares that socialists must stick together instead of fracture in order to advance a socialist agenda, which Kagan advocates. 1


Keep in mind that Kagan wrote her thesis at the height of the cold war praising a group that collaborated with our enemies


Some Research BY DONNA:

The Supreme Court nominee sounded like a staunch liberal in a 1980 essay, but pushed for compromise on a 1997 ban on late-term abortions.


Kagan’s abortion stance has both sides guessing;

We need to stop playing this game with unborn lives. They all are allowing the babies to be kill! The Supreme Court is catching up with Stalin in numbers of deaths:

December 2, 2005; Posted: 3:16 p.m. EST (20:16 GMT)

(CNN) — Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito had a private meeting with the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday as he sought to reassure lawmakers that he would respect legal precedent on abortion rights and put his personal views aside.

Sept. 13, 2005
WASHINGTON — Supreme Court nominee John Roberts said Tuesday that the landmark 1973 ruling legalizing abortion was “settled as a precedent of the court” as he was immediately pressed to address the divisive issue on the second day of his confirmation hearings.


She will not vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade. She will vote for homosexual marriage when that issue gets to the Supreme Court. She will be a liberal vote. Can’t believe there are questions about that.



H/T: DONNA Immigrant ILLEGAL OCCUPIER Families Leave Arizona, Fearing Law – CBS Evening News – CBS News(CBS)  On a dusty block in Phoenix, 15 years of the Quintana family’s possessions are for sale.

Manuela Quintana said that they decided to leave when the Arizona governor signed the new immigration law.

For years, their family thrived with jobs in restaurants and construction, reports CBS News correspondent Kelly Cobiella. Their 10 children were born here and are U.S. citizens. Both she and her husband are undocumented,(ILLEGAL) and currently unemployed. BOO-Fucking HOO

heart winking animated gif

Google.Com Petitions Against China But Protects the Left Wing In America

GOOGLE- Power meter may measure home compliance with Obama carbon caps   Nothing makes sense to me anymore.  Right here, Google ‘apologizes’ To Obama’s ugly wife: Google apologizes for results of ‘Michelle Obama‘ image search …  I dont get it.  These ugly pictures were never apologized for re. Laura Bush, and I hate Former Pres.Bush, but Mrs. Laura was a lady. One cant help but find ugly pics of Obamas wife, because she looks mean and mad most of the time.

  Support Google’s Stand Against China – The Petition Site   You know, the left never supports America, but advocates against China censoring. Left Wing-FASCISTS Against America, but–Freedom For China? Please…I could have had a V-8, the left wing is soooo predictable now..

  BEIJING — Google’s surprising decision this week to abandon cooperation with Chinese government censors — and, possibly, its four-year effort to do business here — is galvanizing an unusually broad coalition of foreigners who hope for a fresh chance to rein in the conduct of an emerging great power. Far-Ranging Support for Google’s China Move – NYTimes.com  Google Internet Freedom Stance with China.Gets Little Support from U.S. Corporations Google Stance Against China Gets Minimal Support from U.S. … 


Upper Middle Class: Buy Real Estate in PALAU, SCREW Obama-Care!

I, myself have made some great money with the sale of our home in Queens, NYC.  Close to a million. I certainly do not want to have to pay for peoples insurance that hate my guts.  So, I have a solution that I want to share with you all.  Escape the Marxists, right before they take everything you have worked so hard for, give these scum zero, nothing, not a penny, let them die in their nanny/mommy, wipe my ass state, and come with me to:


Click: Home Swap!

US State Department – Palau Consular Information Sheet