King Pissy Panties Obama Warns Fellow Democrat to ‘Pipe Down’

King Pissy Panties Obama Warns Fellow Democrat to ‘Pipe Down’

We have moved, here is a short synopsis of the story:  King Pissy Panties Obama Warns Fellow Democrat to ‘Pipe Down’

Piece Of Garbage, Obama To Honor Illegal, Occupying Invaders & Sh’t On Americans

Piece Of Garbage, Obama To Honor Illegal, Occupying Invaders & Sh’t On Americans

I hope you know that the piece of crap does this just to take a jab at you, America.  He does what he does because he wants a civil war.  He wants Americans killing each other.  He wants Martial Law & chaos so he can make himself King Of America.  He race-baits to stir up strife.  That’s why Obama was born: For disharmony and drama.  This is what Communists and Nazis have done in the past and Obama is NO different.  He just wants to reign supreme as dictator.  And, if men have done nothing yet to stop this monster, they never will.


GOP Surrender Today Has Ensured Obama’s Dictatorship.

GOP Surrender Today has Ensured Obama’s Dictatorship.

I hope the Republican party is proud of itself…


The Communist (“Liberals”) have already been demonizing Americans as; racists, haters, ‘tea-hadists’, Jew haters, Nazis, ‘extreme right wingers’ and so on.  Anything but a patriot.  Why?  You cannot demonize a patriot.  However, you CAN demonize all of these other labels.   The virulent hatred seems more pronounced from supposed GOP leaders like Mitch McConnell who considers Tea Party Conservatives “Traitors”, and Obama Democrats disguised as Republicans like John McCain – who blame Conservatives for the government shutdown.  It is all a Stalinist effort to fatten us up for slaughter.  

No?  Then let a ‘liberal’ come here and DENY it.  And, then join us.

I guarantee they will not.  They will smile with glee as they bend us over and shove it up our ass in the name of ‘tolerance.’  It will be a sad day when an army comes in to save the last few remaining, but they will hang them for crimes against humanity–like what happened to Hitlers NAZI war criminals.   I don’t lie.  I am telling you what is coming.

The demonization of Conservative Americans and TEA Party patriots has been unleashed and will now move into a criminalization phase.

Read it all here (H/T, Joan)  Game Over – GOP Ruling Class Forces Surrender And Makes Obama Dictator In The Process

Yes, you “Liberal” Communist/Nazis are scary bastards.  Accuse US of what you DO. Daily.  You are oppressors.  God –> damn your souls to Gehenna for all eternity.

Is #Communist Obama Crumbling? #Benghazi, IRS, Fraud Birth Certificate, Fast & Furious ETC?

Is #Communist Obama Crumbling? #Benghazi, IRS, Fraud Birth Certificate, Fast & Furious ETC?   

Extra, Extra, read all about it….!!! EXCLUSIVE: HOUSE MAJORITY WHIP: ‘WE WILL INVESTIGATE‘ IRS, BENGHAZI, AP SCANDALS   (Please, utter bullshit) Investigate? Yeah, AND??  Nothing, just talk to shut people up.


No, I don’t believe the Commie creep, Obama is crumbling.  There is no humility in the Communist/Democrat party OR their fearless leader.   And NO balls in the GOP..   I do not believe Obama & his cohorts will be impeached and tossed out of office.  In fact, the IRS scandal is nothing to these Dems. Ok? Besides the fact that Tea-Party groups closed shop after being threatened with the IRS and intimidated instead of fighting back..(Plus, the FACT that they kicked out people like me and Pastor Manning & many others from their tea-party) People that have been fighting these Commies for many years in NYC and Cali)    

4 dead in Benghazi. So? No biggie, its for the ‘greater good’.  Fast and furious?? The price Brian Terry & Jaime Zapata had to pay for the collective (Mexican & South American) illegals.  

If the GOP and the SCOTUS didn’t even take the birth certificate serious…. Hell, many ‘patriotic’ conservatives did not take this situation serious like Michelle Malkin  who called ‘birthers’ a circus, even though Obama’s 1990’s pamphlet was found by Breitbart’s people (Bio he would have had to approve of) If Malkin really believed this was a ‘circus’, why has she not stood up to call Sheriff Joe out? Is HE a ‘circus?’

The truth was right in the faces of people and still they did not believe it!!!!! 

Sorry, people.  NOTHING will happen.  Nothing. The way to win a fight and a war is to humiliate and totally obliterate your opponent while he is going down. Which is something that many ‘conservatives’ are not capable of doing because they are more scared of being labeled racist then beating the shit out of these Communists until they are bloody and DEAD.

IF you want him/them to go down…

NOW is the time to kick the dog UNTIL IT IS DOWN.

……Because Obama has brought a gun to the knife fight.


The Obama Curse Returns: People Fainting & Dying All Around This Creep


In my opinion…Anyone that supports this absolute disaster of a human deserves to ‘up and die.’  Obama is a plague.  He’s a walking disease.  A Restaurant owner died after she served Obama (Oh well, boo-hoo, she loved him, and then died.)    Take a hint, folks.  

He is a CURSE!

An Obama campaign worker just died, too.  Stupid Obama-bot, mongrel-hordes are fainting all around him.  Idiots.  If you want to even LIVE, stay away from this satanic, psychopathic lunatic.  We don’t even have to tell you what’s going on with this clown-ass….!! People are dying, felling ill and fainting around him.  He has an evil spirit. Some weird demon.  (Shit, if we could get EVERY liberal in America to go to his campaign, maybe they will all keel over and croak, that’d be excellent.)

If this does not prove to you that Obama is straight up evil, nothing will.

Does anyone feel embarrassed by this?  I sure do.  I have quite a few foreign readers that are really quite brilliant…They think Americans are the dumbest people in the planet.  I agree at this point.  Don’t worry though…Romney is the savior and he will change it… Sure.

DICTATOR Obama Is ABOVE The Law. Abused Exec Power Over Eric Holder’s Murderous Fast & Furious

DICTATOR Obama Is ABOVE The Law. Abused Exec Power Over Eric Holder’s Murderous Fast & Furious

Obama has abused executive order in reference to requests made by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, who has embarked on a controversial investigation into the Department of Justice’s Operation Fast and Furious murdering program. 

Read more at the leftist RAG, Huffington Post, and ask these sonofabitches WHY this bastard gets away with this shit; here




Because they are


Most Americans WORSHIP black people over God.

Independent Poll Has Mitt Romney At 94% For Prez In 2012, Barack Hussein Obama At 6%

Independent Poll Has Mitt Romney At 94% For Prez, Barack Hussein Obama At 6%… This is not my opinion.  It is a poll.  I don’t endorse anyone for Prez. IMO, the military should take over, throw Obama, Holder, Hillary, Biden and all of the other Commies the hell out.  But, thats just the opinion of The Mad Jewess… 😉

This is what the poll read when I was finished:

Take this poll:

Pathetic Michelle Obama Lies About Her Own Mother, Marian Robinson At A Fundraiser

Pathetic Michelle Obama Lies About Her Own Mother Marian Robinson At A Fundraiser..  Is there anything that these Obamas tell the truth about?

EXCERPT from “Tea-Party Wire” ~’Obviously trying to hide the fact that tax payers are not only floating the bill for Michelle Obama’s 20+ personal staff and vacations, but also her mother Marian Robinson living at the White House too, Michelle Obama has to tell lies to try and make her hubby Hussein look more “middle class.” Poor Michelle Obama lamented how her and Hussein Obama had to live in some “little bitty apartment on the South Side of Chicago with her mother.” Of course Mooch doesn’t mention the Obama’s $1+ house they had in Chicago that was built on the sweetheart land deal they got from Tony Rezko. Problem with Mooch’s little lie is that Marian Robinson has been living it up in the White House since March of 2009. She also routinely accompaines the Obama’s on their lavish vacations, like the one to Spain, or the various trips Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii trips.’   more here


FASCISM: Obama Pushing Bill To Remove Your Firearms By Illegally Suggesting You Owe Money To The I.R.S.

What more? What more? What more? If this is not fascism, just what is?  There is no place to run to, America was the last place.

(See it all in the link above.)


With the help of Representatives like Barbara Boxer of California, a bill rapidly working through Capitol Hill (passed through the Senate and is currently up for review in the House) will give the IRS power to:

  • Accuse Americans of delinquency of tax payment without due process
  • Revoke their passports and travel rights
  • Place the accused in a centralize database
  • Authorize the removal of their right to own a firearm

Obama Wants Control Of Oceans, Oil & Women’s Private Parts; Is There Anything Else This DICTATOR Wants?

Obama Wants Control Of Oceans, Oil & Women’s Parts; Is There Anything Else This DICTATOR Wants?
He acts just like his buddy, Hitler, only black…