Obama To Bring 30,000 Syrian Muslims To US. Not Christians, MUSLIMS:

Obama To Bring 30,000 Syrian Muslims To US. Not Christians, MUSLIMS:

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Outrage? There is no outrage at anything Dumbozo the Clown does to the U.S. He’s keeping his promise (the only one he’s kept) .. to make the U.S. into a Muslim nation by the end of his second term. Congressmorons won’t say anything, because they don’t want to irritate the little man-boy .. ‘cuz he’ll pout, and they don’t want to see that. If there aren’t enough jobs left for these muzzie refugees, Bozo will give each of them an apartment, food, clothing and a new car, all compliments of the American people. Not enough money for that? Well, he’ll just slap another tax on Americans. We’re a RICH country, don’tcha’ know?

Remember when Barack Obama told a French TV Channel that the U.S. is a "Muslim 
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Army Officer Wants YOU Disarmed …

Army Officer Wants YOU Disarmed …

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Well, it looks like they have it all figured out .. they have officially tossed our Bill of Rights, especially the Second Amendment, along with their OATHS OF OFFICE, into the crapper. The officers remaining unscathed by Dumbozo the Clown, their Conmander-and-Thief, are going to play the role of “big tough dudes” in order to keep their disgusting jobs. They’re showing signs of desperation, which does not bode well for sanity …


Domestic Terror By Police!

Domestic Terror By Police!

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Are these goons part of Dumbozo’s “civilian force?” I guess it’s easy to convert cops to “goon squad” status .. all it takes is a badge and a gun and a promise of power, and they’re in heaven. Nothing like getting your jollies terrorizing a woman who is alone .. I’ll bet these guys would even go for sharia law, so they could stone their wives and kill the women who don’t bow to their Scheiß (which is getting really deep).
Victims quote:
  • There was no arrest warrant for me. wrong house, wrong person. it coulda been your house. you can’t search someones house without warrant! you can’t come in because you think someone who didn’t pay a $100 fine 3 years ago is here. you need WARRANTS! PAPERWORK! VALID INFORMATION! there was no call to police. no one accused me of anything. they just showed up. 7 cars outside! if i had stood my ground, i would have been tasered and jailed. i didn’t lie. they searched before camera was off.


Countries Banning U.S. Agricultural Products

Countries Banning U.S. Agricultural Products

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Thank God somebody has a brain in this world .. several countries have not only banned GMOs, but others have cancelled thousands of tons of U.S. corn, soybeans and wheat. I think the farmers will soon get the message that they’ve been duped by their fascist masters. Maybe these countries will save the dumbed-down Americans from the Monsanto monster.

Now, The US Prepares To Try To Over-Throw Malaysian Government?

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Now, The US Prepares To Try To Over-Throw Malaysian Government?

Isn’t is past time that we over-throw our own government and stop this?  Is there any place that our government has not screwed up?

May 15, 2013 (AltThaiNews) – US-funded opposition fronts have vowed to overthrow the Malaysian government via disruptive and potentially violent street protests in the wake of general elections that saw their leader Anwar Ibrahim soundly defeated despite massive support from Western media, NGOs, and direct government intervention. Free Malaysia Today (FMT) reported in their article, “‘BN will be toppled this year’,” that:  Pro-Pakatan Rakyat groups have vowed to overthrow the Barisan Nasional government this year through a massive street rally.
The rest: US Prepares to Overthrow Malaysian Government?

More Nazi-ism: UN Arms Treaty Calls For Disarming Those 55 & Older

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Are they afraid of persons 55 and older because they haven’t been completely brainwashed and propagandized? I think the anti-Constitution, anti-gun freaks have become “unwired.”

At The dailysheeple.

Obama Eligibility Appealed in Judge Roy Moore’s Court

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I wonder .. can Judge Roy Moore be bought and paid for .. or threatened into dropping this? Following the article is an interesting video showing evidence of Obama’s birth in Kenya. The Kenyan Parliament was thrilled at Obama’s election, because “the world would be a more peaceful place” .. and it would be the end of ‘unilateralism.’ Yeah, right!

Putnam County Courier Knew Sandy Hook Massacre Occurred On Dec. 13, 2012?!

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Maybe it is a small error, but twice? 3x? 4x? What’s the issue?

Two Sandy Hook Articles From Nearby Newspaper Dated Dec. 13, 2012. Sandy Hook happened on Dec. 14, 2012