I Urge Jews To Walk Home From Their Synagogues In Kansas With Glock Semi Auto-Matics

I Urge Jews To Walk Home From Their Synagogues From Kansas With Glock Semi-automatics


I just read this post:   A reporter in Israel is advising that Jews in Kansas should not be ‘walking home alone,’  because of that Democrat, Frazier NAZI Miller who shot Christians at a Jewish community center..

What?  What the hell is this idiot talking about?  Jews should  buy glock, semi-autos and be prepared to shoot ANYONE that comes within 5 feet of them.  Is this how you walk around in Israel?  Without guns?  No, you don’t.  So, why the hell are you urging this?  We have a law here that protects us from Obama’s nasty sons and Democrats like Miller: It’s called the 2nd Amendment and for this reason (plus a tyrannical government), it was WRITTEN.  To protect ourselves: Jew and non Jew.  Gun control is not only anti American, it is anti life.

Jews against guns is a total oxy-moron and death wish.

All Jews, worldwide, should be packing heat. 

Read it: Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Glock 17 Full Auto Conversion Kit

“Liberals” FOR Guns Emerge Out Of San Fransicko

“Liberals” FOR Guns Emerge Out Of San Fransicko

Wow, this is good news for us pro-gun peeps.. You know why some Liberals actually DO like guns?  Because they are sick in the head.  They possess guns because they think the ‘right wing’ with leaders like John Boehner are fascist.. ROFLMAO.  

Whatever, at least the freaks in SF are FOR guns…

Liberals and Lefties Who like Guns — But Not the NRA — Emerge in San Francisco

Oh help!!  Monster, fascist:


#Commie Anti-Gunners On The March In Arapahoe & Mountainview. Just Like Sandy Hook

#Commie Anti-Gunners On The March In Arapahoe & Mountainview.  Just Like Sandy Hook

Sorry…you may buy the ‘official’ story, but I do not. I will still love you, though. 🙂    This is just a nice Christmas howdy from the radical, left-wing terrorists: Facts About #Communist Leftists 

Another Commie Christmas present for all of you Americans that are too dumb to figure out what is happening….If you don’t know, you should wake up.  These events are most likely staged.  Even Corsi, who is on much of the time advised that Obama would have to stage an event just 3 days ago: Here  Really, you Communists are just toooooooooooo predictable, anymore.  The horse-shit is just not believable to people.  I am sorry for these kids. Very sad and sorry.

Right on schedule – leftists blame NRA & GOP for Arapahoe High School shooting

Mountain View Elementary School in Azusa on lockdown


More school shootings, below. How long are you going to think this is ‘coincidence?’

BTW: New Jersey ‘random’ shooting: Shots fired at Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey  

AND:  what have we here:  Central Connecticut State University Emergency – on lockdown 

….Hmmm, a little more: Passengers evacuated at BHM Shuttlesworth Airport in Alabama after security breach .  

Commies are SO busy: North Carolina A&T State University shooting 

sandy hook hoax


Oh, by the way…. Robbie Parker from Sandy Hook loves you Communists….

PS: All of the recent (last 4 years) of mass shootings were perp’d by radical leftists. That’s the facts.  So, any way you look at it, ITS STAGED.

#STOPGUNCONTROL Obama Pushes Against 2nd Amend, AGAIN- “Constitutional Scholar?” My A$$

#STOPGUNCONTROL Obama Pushes Against Against 2nd Amend “Constitutional Scholar?”  My A$$

Obama is pushing the envelope because he is a radical, Communist. Period.

Gun control will not stop the sons of Obama from murdering whites and each-other; It will embolden them. Gun control will make us into a 3rd world ghetto with all people’s in USA running wild, murdering each other.   If Obama has his way, you will be victims on the streets to criminals, murderers, rapists.  So, why is he going after guns, again, being his presidency is in the ashcan??  Because Obama is a COMMUNIST.   He has to create as much havoc as he possibly can to start a bloody, Bolshevik Revolt & then, declare himself defacto dictator.. How you “Liberals” gonna REALLY like that?  Please…

Barack Obama is also setting himself up to be a martyr:  He has thrown his own base under the bus because they thought that Obama-care would not affect anyone that was poor or middle class.  It is ONLY affecting the poor and middle class.  This will turn bad for Hussein, one of his own supporters will possibly ‘take him out.’  Oh well. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

See the story here about this idiot vamping up G.Control, again….


US Senate Website Says “No Right To Own Guns” ~ #MOLONLABE.

US Senate Website Says “No Right To Own Guns” ~ MOLON LABE.

Gun control is the worst thing that could ever happen to a female, let alone a nation.  I can’t understand why so many women are against guns.  They must believe that if they are raped or beaten, a cop will suddenly appear…

Imagine if Obama was a Republican and the Senate was all GOP?  Can you hear the “Liberals”, screaming?  I can.  I would scream with them (Does not mean I would ever respect them or their ideology)  They hardly ever open their mouths about OBAMA because they are afraid that Obama’s Commie pigs will call them racists.  And, in America, racism is worse than murder.  Even though there are no laws if one is an inward racist.

Here we go, again with Obama and the Commies push for gun control.  Get more guns, get more ammo.

Click-US Senate Website Says There’s No Right To Own Guns

Come and get em.  Put up or shut the fck up.

Robber Tries To Stick Up Clerk, A Vet Who Turns To Shove A Pistol In his Mouth

Robber Tries To Stick Up Clerk, A Vet Who Turns To Shove A Pistol In his Mouth

Best news I’ve heard all year:



Jon Lewis Alexander, 54 year old veteran and eminent badass!

Bethel Park, PA: Club-Wielding Man Shot To Death By 72 Year Old Music Store Owner

Bethel Park, PA: Club-Wielding Man Shot To Death By 70 Year Old Music Store Owner

Hat Tip, Sandy:

After a brief and violent struggle, a Bethel Park business owner on Saturday shot to death a club-wielding man as he attacked the owner’s wife inside the couple’s music store, police said.

1. Police say attacker shot to death at Bethel Park music store | TribLIVE

2. Police say attacker shot to death at Bethel Park music store 

And, this is why we have guns; To protect ourselves from club-wielding crazies. Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.


PS:  Gateway Pundit posted this story.  This happened in our friends neighborhood.  Sandy called us this AM with this new from PA, we hat-tipped her.  Gateway not only uses our stories, but also BANS us from their website. 


“MDA” #Communists Engage Subliminal Racist Message In New ‘Gun Control’ Ad: White Kids As Aggressors

“MDA” #Communist Feminists Engage Subliminal Racist Message In New ‘Gun Control’ Ad-Whites As Aggressors

The root of almost every single problem we have had in America is because of #COMMUNISTS. AND, most ‘Liberal’ females are dumber than a sack of rocks re. our laws.

First of all… I must say that kids with guns for protection in the world that the #Commies created, complete with violence, rape, murder, kidnapping etc does not look bad to me at all.  But in school? Where I believe the teacher should possess the weapon?  My teachers did when I was a kid.  They carried switchblades nun chucks, mini Louisville sluggers to protect us and themselves from the influx of possible violent kids from NYC in the 1970’s. (They never had to use these weapons because I lived in a patriotic town where kids were good)

We NEVER had this type violence when I was a kid.  Of course, #Communists had not hijacked the nation, yet.

Notice the pictures, below?  All of the children without guns are ‘minorities.’  The children with the guns are white.  Is there ANYTHING that the #Commies put out that is NOT racist?  Is that all they focus on? Racism? Making out ‘evil’ white children to be the aggressors?  Which is a LIE.  

If you want to know why racism exists, look no further than the Demo-Dixie-Crats & #Communists.   We live in a racist world, American patriots.  Whether you are white, black, brown, yellow, whatever.  The racism is against white people, now.  Anyone that is educated and well-read knows this.  Teach your children how to handle guns, especially whites, because you ARE the target.  Need proof?

 Fine, here: New Nation News

gun control psas moms demand action


gun control psas moms demand action


gun control psas moms demand action

Moms: Pass common sense gun control legislation – Video on …

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Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America Ramps Up Efforts 

By the way, during the Rodney King riots, the ONLY people who used the 2nd Amendment to protect themselves were Asian immigrants: