Hillary Clinton, The Most Murderous Woman In The World Calls Vladimir Putin “Dangerous”

Hillary Clinton, The Most Murderous Woman In The World Calls Vladimir Putin “Dangerous”

If this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black–I don’t know what is.  Here, we have the most murderous woman in the world calling another leader (Putin) “dangerous.”  I am sure every neo-con will love that..  But, that’s besides the point.  Under the Clinton regime, there were over 80 political friendlies dead.  80 people around them ‘died’, just like that.. I have friends for over 35 years–nobody dead.  Clinton’s are in politics, and over 80 are dead?  She’s a murderer. Both of them.   Period.  Even the liberal sites admit that there are over 80 dead around the Clintons:   Clinton Body Count-Clinton friends who’ve ended up dead

Putin’s dangerous and Hillary is so innocent… Sure..

Seriously.. I can’t get this much entertainment from TV, anymore.

The Clintons are evil. They are the most self-serving, narcissistic psychopaths this country has ever encountered. They will stop at nothing to get what they want. Neither Hillary nor Bill has a sincere bone in their body. It baffles me that fools still believe a word that comes out of their lying mouths. Wake up fools, it’s all about them, not you.

Filthy Hillary Clinton Already Attacking Independent Media & 2nd Amendment. WHY?

Filthy Hillary Clinton Already Attacking Independent Media. WHY?


Because evil likes to hide. Evil does not like to be spot-lighted.  Face it, Hillary.. We are moving on.  You just want to silence us.  You’re NO different than Obama–probably worse. She attacks the 2nd Amendment so she can continue the Communist plan to destroy all of us.  Plus the rest of the planet.  Remember now, it was Hillary who demanded Mubarak, Gaddafi & Assad ‘step down.’  She will ‘move forward’ with Obama insanity.  Period. 

Remember this vulture: Clinton on Qaddafi: “We came, we saw, he died” – CBS News.  She’s just a murdering psycho.  NO remorse for assisting in murdering an elected leader. Bad or good, it is against the Geneva convention to assassinate leaders. (Or, at least against American policy) But, that didn’t stop her!

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CNN’s Prez Jeff Zucker Refuses To Cover #Benghazi. So? Don’t Cover The Murder Of The Fag, Chris Stevens, Etc

CNN’s Prez Jeff Zucker Refuses To Cover #Benghazi. So? Don’t Cover The Murder Of The Fag, Chris Stevens, Etc


So, is this what Jeff Zucker believes is Tikkun olam? (Kabbalah term for ‘healing the world’ For who, exactly? Mrs. Smith?  The mother of slain Sean Smith?  Are they refusing to cover it because poor ‘ol Hillary’s campaign might be in danger if they DO cover it?  Oh the pain…Boo hoo..       Or, is Zucker sucking Obama’s noodle?  Who knows.. The way us evil, right-wingers see it:    So what if they leave the ambassador out to dry and not investigate this murder.. So what if some emails were found that accuse this administration of lies.  Stevens was a fag.  Good riddance to the drek.. Is that how you liberals are gonna roll?  Well, I must say….we finally have something in common..

CNN President: ‘We’re Not Going To Be Shamed’ Into Covering Benghazi

Read more: here

The slime got what he deserved..

And, this man was a friend of Hillary Clinton… And, with friends like this, who needs an enemies……

I hope you all realize this post was sarcasm…But, since this administration is supporting Nazis in Ukraine, it only sounds natural that they wouldn’t give a shit for Chris Stevens and the other 3 slain… 

Is Hillary Rodham Clinton an Accessory to Murder? Is Benghazi Just the Tip of the Iceberg?

Is Hillary Rodham Clinton an Accessory to Murder? Is Benghazi Just the Tip of the Iceberg?

Synopsis by The Lampoonist American:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shared a laugh with a television news reporter moments after hearing deposed Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi had been killed.  “We came, we saw, he died,” she joked when told of news reports of Qaddafi’s death by an aide in between formal interviews.

Story;  here

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Hillary Can’t Even Control Bill. How The Hell Can She Control the Country?!

Hillary Can’t Even Control Bill.  How The Hell Can She Control the Country?!

First, it was Paula Jones, then Monica.  Now, its Elizabeth Hurley??  Bill is a womanizing slob.  I was listening to that hag, Julie Roginsky last night on some Fox news panel…Roginsky claims to be a feminist.  What a joke.  She does not care if Bill was having a sex-life outside of his own wife.  What type feminist is that?! What a crock!

At any rate, Bill has his pecker stuck in every hole he can find.  Hillary cant even control that, how the hell will she be able to control this screwed up nation?  Answer is, she can’t.

NO TO HILLARY!!!  Because it DOES makes a difference!

They are saying ‘it never happened.’  (Hurley/Clinton)  Whatever, she still can’t control her husbands wondering schvantz: Elizabeth Hurley — Bill Clinton’s Marilyn Monroe? – Washington Times

She should take the Mad Jewess’ advise:  Stay at home, dress sexy for her man 😀

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See? She’s be half good is she wasn’t half bad

St. Dept Revealed That Hillary Clinton Rcvd 500K In Jewelry From Saudi King

St. Dept Revealed That Hillary Clinton Rcvd 500K In Jewelry From Saudi King

So, I thought us Joos owned Hillary…?  This woman is evil.  She wants to be Queen of America.  If any idiot votes in this filth, it is evident that they love Obama’s policies because she will continue them.

The Constitution prohibits U.S. government employees from keeping presents worth more than $350.

Read more: Here (NY Daily News)
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Tip from a twitter:

Hillary Clinton ‘Regrets’ #BenghaziGate – TELL IT TO THE MARINES, B*TCH!

Hillary Clinton ‘Regrets’ #BenghaziGate – TELL IT TO THE MARINES, B*TCH!

When someone deeply regrets their wrongdoings, they confess what actions they did wrong, publicly.  That would include…


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I’m so sick and tired of these lying politicians.  Tell it to the Marines, Hillary Clinton.  The ones you refused to send to Benghazi:  Colonel: Hillary Made Decision Not to Post Marines at Benghazi

These Democrat/Communist monsters use our men as cannon fodder on behalf of Muslim terrorists.  They won’t protect our men, but they’ll cover their a$$es to save face for Muslim radicals.


Story about that here:   Hillary Clinton: My Biggest Regret Is What Happened In Benghazi…’

#Benghazi If Chris Stevens Had Made It Out Alive, Would He Vote Hillary Clinton In 2016?

#Benghazi If Chris Stevens Had Made It Out Alive, Would He Vote Hillary Clinton In 2016?

I certainly would not vote for this witch had this happened to me when I called for help from my ‘friend’, Hillary Clinton.  But, I dont like to be screwed over..

HOWEVER: It’s something to pause and think about.  Most of the Communist “Liberal” pundits are saying that it’s all Steven’s fault he got himself murdered.   While all of this is possible, (because we were in a place we should not have been in because of Obama/Hillary & the left would never bring THAT issue up)   Why did he call for help if he was responsible for his own murder? C.S. pleaded for help .

Hillary is said to have been chummy with Stevens. 

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Anyway: This is what I believe-Stevens was a Communist.  So, it was for the cause. He would have voted for her even on pain of death.. What do you think? 

If he had made out out alive, would he have had a change in heart??

Bottom line:  Had we stayed out of the middle east, we would not have the Benghazi issue.  But, American Communists are fascists and cannot leave well enough alone.   Much like their GOP counterparts.

I Loathe Chris Christie, But I Believe Hillary Is In On This Scandal (Hit List)

I Loathe Chris Christie, But I Believe Hillary Is In On This Scandal (Hit List)

We are not going to ‘take up’ for Christie on this website or feel sympathy for him.


At any rate: The other day, I wrote a short post regarding Hillary’s footprints on this Chris Christie scandal.  Not much, just a tidbit: ‘Was Hillary in on the email scandal‘ (re. Christie) 

And, now this morning, “The Hill” has 3 pieces entitled with “Hillary hit list” or just ‘list’ – Clinton adviser plays down hit list , Hillary’s hit list  & Kerry, Kennedy top Clinton’s traitor list

If there is one thing I know about politics…it is the fact that the left and the right continually throw out words that coincide with what they are conniving and conspiring.

This is what I believe: Chris Christie is finished for a Presidential run, but I believe that Hillary Clinton had people on the inside that took Christie down.  Why debate opponents when you can just crush them…Obama did with Alice Palmer in Illinois: See.   And, we all know that Hillary Clinton has NO skeletons in her own closet…Sure.. The Clinton Chronicles

The only way a Republican can defeat Hillary Clinton is to sucker punch & crush her own evil politics and not play softball as Mitt Romney did in 2012..

#Benghazi: Andrew Rosenthal @andyrNYT Says “We (NYT) Didn’t “Choose” Hillary Clinton.” Ya DID In ’08!

#Benghazi: Andrew Rosenthal @andyrNYT  Says “We (NYT) Didn’t “Choose” Hillary Clinton.  Ya DID In ’08!

And, we all know…Once a Commie, always a Commie.

Leopards don’t change their spots, Rosenthal.  We ALL know after that lying, rag piece, 5,000 characters long that the NYTimes submitted about the consulate attack was written just to prop up the bitch of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton.  It’s time to stop the bs.

We endorsed Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries in 2008′  -NYTimes Andrew Rosenthal December 3, 2013, The Princetonian.

Click here.

‘On January 25, the New York Times endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton. At the time, the 1,100-word editorial stood out for both its tepidness and early appearance, coming near the front-end of the primary season. The piece ran in the paper the Friday before Super Tuesday, instead of in the Times’s symbolically-important Sunday edition.’
-The New Republic Feb 28, 2008

NY Times Endorsement of Hitlery Clinton back in ’08: Click to read.

New York Times editor (Rosenthal) denies ‘newsroom conspiracy’ for Hillary Sure.. And bridges in Brooklyn are for sale..literally..

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NY Times: Needs To Apologize For LYING About #Benghazi. We All Know It Was Al Qaeda