HAITI, HAITI, I am SICK of hearing about HAITI

I am, I am so sick of hearing about Haiti. 

 Our nation is falling apart, and all that we hear about is $5- for HAITI… Pat Robertson was ‘mean’ about HAITI, Israel didnt do enough for HAITI, America needs to do more for HAITI.  ENOUGH with HAITI.  Where were all of these people when we had Katrina?  Huh? They were too busy with ‘BUSH DID IT!’  Well, Bush didnt do HAITI, OBAMA DID, hows that for ya?  Yes he did!

This IS Obamas WAG THE DOG!

WHY THE HELL are we not funding for Americas Economic Earthquake?? WHY?!

ALSO- just a question about Pat Robertson… Did anyone REALLY expect him to say different?  But lets get to the truth.. Does Haiti practice Voo-Doo and Witchcraft?


So, what was SO WRONG about what Pat Robertsons comments?  IS it that you jerks put our God in a BOX, and evil nations do not suffer ramifications for SIN? 

 WHAT is this world coming to?  Now they want Haitians to COME HERE!!! Are we INSANE? 

 I am soooo to the point, that I believe that we just get what we ASK for.

Haitians want U.S to ‘take over’