Fuckestine Is Now A State. This Means There Should Be NO MORE Rockets From Bomb throwing Palis, Right?

Fuckestine Is Now A State.  This Means There Should Be NO MORE Rockets From Bomb throwing Palis, Right?
If you actually believe that these people will stop the rocket attacks, you are a stupid moonbat.  This news also makes Jew haters (UN LOVERS) wrong….AGAIN!!!  Jew/Israel haters can pretend they hate the UN, etc.. But, its all bullshit.  They LOVE this news AND love the UN–They LOVE IT….!!! This means that the ‘anti war, anti government, anti NWO’ Libertarians are now UN Lovers? Yuck.
  There MAY be a cease-fire for a little time, but a very little time.  This is prophesied of, by the way.  In the end ages, this is in prophecy.  This also means there is a satanic devil man & regime that is alive and kicking.  Probably Barack HUSSEIN Osama.  There will NEVER be a real peace until the Messiah shows up in POWER and authority to save the Jewish people.
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  • Haha, this is like giving an out of control kid a lollipop to shut them up for 15 minutes. Nothing’s changed except the UN, whoever really cares what they think anyways, has allowed you pathetic Palastininan losers to call Gaza a state, now what? They will never have economic power, millitary might, or influence on anything significant in the world, they breed violence and stupidity…nuff said.’

Glenn Beck FORCED To Apologize To Some COMMUNIST Reform ‘Jews’ For Accurate Statement He Made

(Just an FYI, I HATE writing these type posts. My own people have swallowed me up with terrible sadness for their treachery. I deplore Jew-hatred, but the truth is the truth.)

   Come on… Stop being liars, some of  you reform ‘Jews’.  You know what many of you are: COMMUNISTS. And you use your synagogues to preach and teach COMMUNISM, and multi-cult worship. The end result of COMMUNISM is death. The end result of Islam is the SAME; DEATH. Orthodox/Hasidic/Lubuvitchers are the REAL deal, NOT YOU.    I have been to PLENTY of your ‘reform, and even conservative’ synagogues in NYC & CA to see the TRUTH-Many of you are un-ashamed COMMUNISTS.   Most of your synagogues  hardly ever talk about  holiness-nevermind how you eat, nobody cares.  It is your TREACHERY that people care about and are angry at.  What a laugh you are.  Where were you when Chris Matthews said that “Fundamentalist Christianity is like radical Islam?” Where were you, you filth? Now you are upset? ROFL!   Even Christians that have supported you sick traitors to freedom and America know what you are:

 Douay-Rheims Bible from one of the oldest translations of the Christian New Testament:
Behold, I will bring of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie.

Behold, I will make them to come and adore before thy feet. And they shall know that I have loved thee.


  Thats what Christians see in you now…Christians that have been nice enough to support you, now know what you are all about—-voting in Obama, the MARXIST/Muslim, Jew-hating, America-hating, Christian-hating, Israel-hating subhuman…If Media Matters has you linked, you are GUILTY of treachery by association. Sticking up for NAZI colloborator, COMMUNIST Soros makes you GUILTY of treason against America.  Well, that’s the truth, right up there- anyone with a BRAIN knows this, even if they are not a Christian…How evil can you be? If you hate people criticizing your sick, demented views, MOVE OUT OF AMERICA- America is for FREE SPEECH.  You hate Beck, because he EXPOSES the left-wing and YOU KNOW IT

Rabbi Lapin who was on Beck last night told the truth about you.  THE JIG IS UP.

 If you are not that way, then CALL OUT the ones that are for crying out loud!!!!!!!

  Look at this trash on the Commie-run, Soros site, Media Matters…BTW: Media Matters, who the hell are you kidding? Anyone that has read Horowitz’s book, “The Radical Son” knows your game: destroy America, make it Commie. Your time WILL come to and end. Commies always get killed by their own. I can’t wait 😀

 Whats the matter, you FAKE “Jews”? Afraid of this? You better be, because people like me, are coming after YOU first. YES WE CAN. You have ruined the rep of good Jews that love America, you rotten TRAITORS!


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I Hope ALL Jews that voted Obama are having a LOUSY Hanukkah

I do. I hope that you ALL are having the worst Hanukkah EVER.  Just think you stupid morons, you voted in, and are protecting a NON-president that hates your guts, HATES you.  That never stopped you before, though, FDR ring a bell, dipsh*ts??–  44 of your blood brothers are TRAITORS in the house and senate, you REALLY think this nation is not onto your communistic ways?  Well, they ARE.   Even LIEberman has turned against AMERICANS like the piece of excrement he IS.

  Just think of all the things that you have helped, and are helping accomplish:  The 1st MUSLIM non-US President, 44 of you lousy left wing, asonine lambs to the slaughterhouse have helped manage to get rid of “Merry Christmas” in America, just by saying “THAT OFFENDS PEOPLE.”   One of your very own blood-commie brothers, CASS Sunstein wants to OUTLAW marriage, and give a pet a right to sue its owner, but you are OK with: 

Cass Sunstein Quotes on guns, and how God fearing Americans wont even be able to protect themselves, by their American given right to carry a gun.  You are OK with our disgusting, sick, abominable, non-Pres. celebrating,

Islamic Holidays and Observances

You are also OK with the NON-US-Muslim, Marxist President SHOVING deathcare down our throats– but ‘Merry Christmas’ makes you gasbags foam at the mouth.

 Well, here ya go, straight from your SISTER, that is worried about America, and your EVIL plans of totally siezing control and planning a holocaust of American Christians, patriots and right wing Jews. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS you baked-wind destroyers!

In all different languages.

THIS is what is ahead for us, (below) because of YOU, but dont you worry, you enemies… Guess what?  The non-President HATES the Jewish people, and he will send you animals to the ovens before some of us.


You will cry to HaShem, he will NOT hear you.  You are FINISHED.  You have angered God, and he will NOT relent on this;  

 “But the children rebelled against Me; they did not walk in My statutes, nor were they careful to observe My ordinances, by which, if a man observes them, he will live; they profaned My sabbaths. So I resolved to pour out My wrath on them, to accomplish My anger against them in the wilderness.

כאשר נשפטתי
את־אבותיכם במדבר
ארץ מצרים כן אשפט
אתכם נאם אדני

This is what is ahead, this is what YOU have created.  When you get to hell, dont say I didnt warn you ENEMIES over and over again.