As Americans Are Homeless, Obama The INSANE Delivers Illegal Occupiers To Homes

As Americans Are Homeless, Obama The INSANE Delivers Illegal Occupiers To Homes

This is just what we get when we allow a militant, monster, minority to be the CIC.  In the book of Deuteronomy 28, from the bible – it is written that the alien shall rule over the land owner in a cursed country (paraphrasing.)  ALL of this can stop if Americans will turn to GOD.   God is warning Americans to turn to him–because failure to do so will enable more evil, disease, pestilence, gangs, disrespect.  

America has homeless Vets that die, daily.  USA has Veterans that cannot even get their proper care…But, illegals are bused in to their families and they DO have diseases.  All I can ask is that the people of Murrieta pray to God to help them, there.

New York Times article reports revealed that officials have caught an additional 240,000 Central American migrants since April, and are transporting many of them to their destinations throughout the United States.

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This is how much they love you DUMB, white Liberals, btw.. “Evil” whitey built the country that they are squatting in.  

YES, we have caused evil in other countries, but we kiss Mexican ass.  Its insane.   Imagine going to Mexico and burning their flag and screaming; F’CK YOU MEXICANS!

Many Mexicans HATE white people.  Not the vc versa.

We have been putting up with these squatters on our land for decades…Mexico SOLD land to America in the 1800’s. They’re NOT Native Americans.  They are natives of MEXICO.   they’re DUMB.     AND:  They can’t even let ONE Marine go free from a Mexican prison and call YOU the ‘haters….?’  AND: YOU believe that sh’t!

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YAY! Mississippi Gov Is Cutting Off The Illegal Slime From Freebies



YES! Executive Order from Governor Jan Brewer blocks IDs, benefits for illegals

NO ID’s FOR YOU! HAHAHA…Watch Obama the bastard come to sue her, again.  The SOB should be forced to live in Nogales.

Keep saying that ‘this is “Aztlan”, you disgusting, little moochers.


Way to go, Jan Brewer.  I am so happy I live in AZ.

NO ID's For You, & Take Your Kids & Get OUT Of AZ


After the order was issued, supporters of the program and the DREAM Act took to the streets of Phoenix in protest. Video from Air15 showed the protesters carrying signs and walking down Central Avenue toward the State Capitol.

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Texas: Illegal Alien Forces Pre-School Aged Sisters to Drink his Semen

Obama’s ‘dream act’ is a dream for illegals and a nitemare for Americans. Left-wingers adore child abuse.

RIO HONDO, TEXAS – A Rio Hondo teen is behind bars following a sexual abuse investigation where he allegedly confessed to making his victims drink his bodily fluids.

Cameron County Sheriff Department deputies arrested 19-year-old Juan Henoch Mejia on Wednesday.



Anaheim, California: Protesters Attempt to Invade City Hall

SEE THAT Mayhem in Anaheim as protesters clash with police…

& This:  Mobs smash windows, set fires…

The latest:  

Anaheim #ANACRIME: 4th night of riots, tear gas, smashed Starbucks, fire … and fireworks

I don’t know if you’ve heard about the gang member that got shot by a cop in Anaheim… No doubt the gang member was sooooo sweet and innocent…I heard about this yesterday from QV.

 If you have never lived in California, you have no clue of what goes on in the cities all around the ‘golden state’.   There are millions of gang members that would love to kill all cops.  Many are illegal-occupiers.    Since the people in this video believe they ARE the law–I say take the law FROM them and let them kill each-other and save everyone the hassle.    I am sick and tired of this crap.  If you don’t agree, I don’t give a damn.  IF you think your precious illegals are so wonderful–move to a sanctuary city, ‘liberal’ jackasses.

You deserve what you’ve got coming.



SCOTUS Ruled, Illegal Immigrants “Exempt” From Individual Mandate-Americans Are Suckers

SCOTUS Ruled, Illegal Immigrants “Exempt” From Individual Mandate-Americans Are Suckers.

Quite a few people were upset with me yesterday and emailed to tell me so.  I was indignant that Americans were celebrating the 4th of July.  Perhaps after seeing some of this anti-American news today, you can understand why we were enraged.  Probably not.  We get the gub’ment we deserve.  My wife may be an angry woman, but she is right. She certainly was right about illegals getting free health-care all these years, blogging about it.

-David Ben Moshe

HUGE Revolution In Mexico, MILLIONS In The Streets~So? GO HOME Illegals

HUGE Revolution In Mexico, MILLIONS In The Streets~So,GO HOME Illegals.  Why in the frick cant these people just GO HOME. We are brewing up our own revolt here against our government.  GO HOME and mooch off of your own people!!! Go revolt there, just get the hell out of here.

The largest public protests, rallies and demonstrations that the world has ever seen are happening right now – with almost no media coverage. Not only is there a blackout on these events in the media, but youtube is frequently removing footage of these mass rallies and events when requested to do so by governments: ‘Google, the owner of You Tube, has complied with the majority of requests from governments, particularly in the United States and the UK, not only to remove You Tube videos, but also specific web search terms and thousands of “data requests,” meaning demands for information that would reveal the true identity of a You Tube user.’ These events are truly inspiring and should be front page news! Yet mainstream media is working with governments to keep people uninformed and disempowered.

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Marco Rubio; Illegal-Firster, Can Kiss My Ass.

Marco Rubio; Illegal-Firster, Can Kiss My Ass.  These politicians dont know a damned thing about these illegals, (they are protected in their ivory towers)  and yes, most are from Me-hi-frickin-co.  They murder, rape, and rob Americans.  These people dont want to ‘become’ legal.   How dumb can these idiot-politicians be?   The ILLEGALS PAY NO TAXES.   So, Marco Rubio can kiss my flat Jew ass.  I lived in a sanctuary city. IT IS HELL.   HELL on earth.    Helicopters every 15 minutes to stop these violent Mexican ‘laborers’. MY ASS, laborers.   Bullshite.    A labor is worthy of his wage…And, why?  Because a REAL American laborer will pay his share in tax.  


I HATE politicians.  The snot, Ann the MAN Coulter is kissing Rubios ass…and so many idiots bought her books.  Dumb sheep.  she also, has zero clue what a sanctuary city is like to live in.