Holder’s Mexican Children Mandate IS Amnesty. Proof Obama Admin Already Gave Amnesty.

Holder’s Mexican Children Mandate IS Amnesty. Proof Obama Admin Already Gave Amnesty.

Mexico does not just ‘allow’ people to come in to their country.  They are not as stupid as we are.  Yet, thousands of illegals are traveling through Mexico.  It’s because Mexico has been given the word from the Negro in charge to let them through to America where they will become immediate citizens – courtesy of the trash that occupies the White house.

In May, Eric Holder forced schools to give the children of illegal aliens a ‘type’ of citizenship: Obama Admin to Public Schools: You Must Enroll  Illegal Children (TOWNHALL)

SO- These sonofab’tches may not have signed amnesty into law, but they have already granted amnesty.  You look at the news today and tell me they didn’t.    Look at these pictures from the last few days.   The FACT that this sick, insane government wants to send the DHS to Central America to ‘process’ illegals means:


Hundreds of thousands of these greasers are on trains to come to the broke USSA.. This started in droves after Holder’s May statement.

illegal immigrants to US

TWENTY SEVEN THOUSAND Illegal invaders flood the Rio Grande:

Listen to this:

It’s time for war.  It is time to start shooting.

#Murietta, California Town Hall Meeting: “Secure Our Borders NOW”

#Murietta, California Town Hall Meeting: “Secure Our Borders NOW”

Go home illegals.  Go back to your own country and take Pill O’Reilly with ya.  People are so sick and tired of this invasion, they are spitting on illegals.  I would too.


Protesters block buses bringing illegal immgrants to Murrieta, California

Children Crossing Border Without Parents? Remember Holders Mandate! Defacto Amnesty Through Childhood

Children Crossing Border Without Parents? Remember Holders Mandate! Defacto Amnesty Through Childhood

  Don’t you remember that Holder crafted a mandate that would grant children a resident ‘type’ of status?  Do you recall that he mandated these children can go to our schools?  The OBAMA Admin is allowing these children in the country–no one else.  Defacto amnesty by childhood

I don’t know how many of you have been down near the border of TX OR AZ.  But, I’ll tell you right now, it’s 120 degrees. Thousands of children have crossed the border and made it?   I don’t believe it.  There are rattlesnakes, scorpions, tarantulas and all sorts of deadly bugs and animals.

Let’s look at this from Newsmax:

Wilder said a total of 432 unaccompanied minors detained in Texas arrived in Nogales on Friday, with 367 more expected both Saturday and Sunday.

So, 432 children are just walking around in the desert–no parents, no Aunts, Uncles, just themselves.  Their parents just ‘let them go.’  Their mothers just abandoned them, just like that….

THEN, they go on to explain:

“The adults, the adults with children, families — that continues unfettered and we have no idea where they are going,” Wilder said.

Ah, so, now we get to the rub… Their parents are with them.  The MSM would have you believe that these children are all by their lonesome to get us to cry…

Then, they go back to this piece of propaganda:

Homeland Security started flying immigrants to Arizona from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas last month after the number of immigrants, including more than 48,000 children traveling on their own, overwhelmed the Border Patrol there.

Back to tens of thousands of these children….What is the truth and what is the lie?  The insane US Govt is counting on people like you who feel sorrrry for the children, hence all of them are poooor children in need of help.    We have no obligation to take these people in.   No other country would you can bet on that.  But, something else far more nefarious is going on..

I notice the pictures also…. 10-12 kids..

Here is another one. They don’t look hungry, they look like a typical wetback child. Dirty.  Since when are children more important than everyone else????

Migrants are released from ICE custody at a Greyhound Bus station in Phoenix May 28, 2014. The Border Patrol says about 400 migrants were flown from Texas to Arizona because of surge in migrants being apprehended in Texas. This group was from Texas and Georgia.(Photo: Michael Chow/The Republic)

By the way….Nobody can seem to find me a picture with more than 100 kids.   I smell a rat.  I believe that Obama and his miscreants are trying to overwhelm YOU.  REMEMBER: No school choice: Holder mandates schools must enroll illegal alien children…

Mexico got wind of our schools opening up to any old child from their dysentery-infected hell hole..Thanks to Eric Holder and Barack Hussein Osama.

By the way…As these dirty, little kids are here in good ole AmeriKa, this man is locked up in prison IN Mexico…

Andrew Tahmooressi/Courtesy Facebook


Liberals…push and push to the point of NO return.


Scandal Plagued Obama To Sign Exec Order Stopping Deportations? Hey Blacks, Say G’Bye To JOBS

Scandal Plagued  Obama To Sign Exec Order Stopping Deportations? Hey Blacks, Say G’Bye To JOBS

Obama’s father was NEVER an American citizen, making his presidency a total sham.  Every US president had American citizen parents.  But, not Obama, he does not have to because he is BLACK=Privilege…

Blacks who still support this piece of trash ought to be sent to a state hospital.  And, it is racist what he is doing:  Obama knows that the majority of illegals here in USA are Mexicans.   He knows most Mexicans from Mexico hate white people.   In fact, on Mexican Marxist television, they indoctrinate their people to believe that America is part of Mexico and they must come and claim it back: “Reconquista.”    Liberal Communists also believe that to complete their phucked up Communist revolution, an exec order to keep the Hispanians here is a must.    This is also why they tout that phony “White Privilege” crap: To guilt idiotic whites to believe they stole the land of America when they actually bought it.  Even the American Indian does not guilt up whites for the 1870’s.

SO: Congress….You are nothing.  The people are nothing.  Obama does what he wants as we have witness’d for 5.5 years, overseas and at home.  Why ramble on and on about Putin being a ‘dictator’ when we have this sonofabitch who IS the dictator of America??    When do men go to DC and take out the trash?  After your daughters and wives are raped by greasy, little 4’2″ wetbacks??

If you disagree with the illegal Obama & his exec orders….you’re a racist, hater, xeno, etc..



Bring In More F’n Illegals! Mexican Cartels Hired MS-13 To Carry Out Torture Operations In MN

Bring In More F’n Illegals! Mexican Cartels Hired MS-13 To Carry Out Torture Operations In MN


Honestly, is there any country that is acting more insane than our country at home and abroad?  Illegals are already a menace, they are ILLEGAL.  Meaning: Not here legally.   Yet, we just keep allowing them to come on in with their diseases, kids, bacteria, tacos and now torture.  What the hell more do people need before they wake the hell up??  See this story!!!  More here: MS-13 Cartel Enforcers Kidnap & Torture Two Youths In St. Paul, Minnesota

America used to be a land of great opportunity, but now its a land of insanity and borderline fascism.  Stay in your own country. We can’t afford you, we’re too busy paying to continue wars and killing everyone.  You really want to come here? They’ll kill you morons too.  Bank on it.  STAY HOME.

#AMNESTY Obama Promises To Totally Destroy America Before End Of His Reign Of Insanity

#AMNESTY Obama Promises To Totally Destroy America Before End Of His Reign Of Insanity

How long are good men going to put up with this insanity?  Huh?  11 million illegals will be ‘made legal’ because they are too fcking lazy to go through the citizenship process like all of our relatives had to go through to become Americans.  See the big mouth, Communist pissant today.

It may just be time to start shooting the foreign invaders.

Granting amnesty to these occupiers means the end.  Do you get this or what?

This Is Who DNC/GOP Want To Give Amnesty: Mexican Theives Who STEAL Your Target C. Cards/Info

This Is Who DNC/GOP Want To Give Amnesty: Mexican Theives Who STEAL Your Target C. Cards/Info

Now, do some of you understand why I friggin hate “Liberals” guts?  You really can’t blame the thieves because these robbers are enabled by white, liberal, left-wing drek. NO amnesty.  Not now, not ever.  IF they grant amnesty, we need to go ‘hang em high’  just like Florida candidate who said:  ‘I’m Past Impeachment. It’s Time To Arrest Obama And Hang Him High‘. Yeah, Obama and the leftists in both parties.

And no, I don’t give a damn if they’re ‘all not like that.’  They can just get the hell out of my country.

Mary Carmen Garcia, 27, and Daniel Guardiola Dominguez, 28, had 96 cards that were used to buy tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise. The information was linked to South Texas residents.  Read more: here

And here:

Two Mexican citizens who were arrested at the border used account information stolen during the Target security breach to buy tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise, according to a South Texas police chief.

It’s Time To Fast & Pray Against Mark Zuckerberg’s Illegals-First Lobbying.

It’s Time To Fast & Pray Against Mark Zuckerberg’s Illegals-First Lobbying.

I have really had it with this insanity.  I am sick of it.  Another left wing “Jew” to make my life miserable..

Zuckerberg wants to campaign for illegals.  He calls them “Immigrant workers.”  An immigrant worker would be someone who is in the process of becoming an American citizen & loves America-(Whatever is left of her)  This piece of garbage (Zuckerberg) has *NEVER* lived in a sanctuary city for illegals. It is hell on earth.  Its like living in Tijuana.  I lived in Salinas, CA for 15 years while taking care of my grandmother, right up to the day she died.  I watched our town go from being a nice, blue-collar, working town to a city with 72% Mexicans/Hispanics with more than half of them being illegal.  The other 15% or so being honest, decent people.   With the illegals & gangs – we had homicides, kidnappings, rapings, helicopters flying above every 15 minutes, ambulances, fire trucks all hours of the day.   This is what living around illegals is like.   They are from south of the border, not just Mexico.   Many are from Columbia and are drug dealers, MS 13, Nortenos, Sorenos.   It is HELL.

Repent America. Pray. Get in sackcloth and ashes.  Pray that his funds would be depleted in the NYSE and that Twitter eats up his stocks, whatever it takes. Ask God to take his finances. 


Zuckerberg to use Facebook to boost immigrant worker bill. Read more: here

Did you know…..