Is This Police Brutality? Policeman Tackles Teen, Then Tazers Him

Is This Police Brutality? Policeman Tackles Teen, Then Tazers Him

I don’t know what to make of it.  I have seen so much crime, beatings, murders perpetrated by black Obama voters that I don’t even feel sorry.  So, I am asking my friend, Brit what he thinks.  He is a former NY Police officer. What say you, Brit??

See-Damn: Teenager Gets Rocked After Police Officer Football Tackles Him On The Floor Then Tazes Him!

Letter To Barack Hussein Obama, From A Christian Prophet

Letter To Barack Hussein Obama


Jer 50:31 –

“See, I am against you, O arrogant one,” declares the Lord, the LORD Almighty, “for your day has come, the time for you to be punished. 

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This is a letter Cliff  wrote to Obama in March of last year, a letter which Obama read but disregarded. The time has come for these words of the Lord to be fulfilled.
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The “CHANGE” Americans Will Want 2 C, 2012 Is: “ANYONE THAT CAN STOP THE NATURAL DISASTERS, 2012!”

You think I am joking?  We have turned over to debauchery run amok, sin run rampant, cloaked liberalism, which is satanic, using the name: ‘tolerance’.   We defy GOD–day after day.  The MSM reports deceit. The Churches and Synagogues rule by their own power and the American people LOVE to have it this way.  They want to hear ‘peace and recovery’. We are stupid, dumb, sheep- not knowing GOD.

Look at what is happening with the weather, and now the latest:

Rainbow flag dresses up Richmond federal building for LGBT month

We have turned from the HOLY ONE of Israel, we have an unrighteous ruler that is a plant for Communism and catastrophe. We have a Republican party that lacks any morals or ethics to can the usurper with his fraud docs of proof of his birth-place. We have embraced disgusting ‘life-styles’ that are an ABOMINATION to GOD.  I say we will suffer, immensely.

Here is another fiasco of filth:

EVIL people helping HAMAS/TERRORIST against our troops in FAKEstine–they are on a ship called “The Audacity of Hope”. On a pretend mission to Gaza to help these ‘peace-filled’ palis. Who are not peaceful in the least bit.….AND DO NOT fight back Israel, or America, the MONSTER will bomb you next– We are EVIL people and GOD will not spare this nation: If we refuse to repent and turn to him NOW.

Obama Inspired Ship to Join IHH Gaza Flotilla


The cry in 2012 for the next KING of America will be:


But, If America refuses to repent, we will have diaster upon disaster, it will NOT end. And when we still refuse to REPENT;


The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end?  Jeremiah 5:31

Lady GaGa~An Evil, Dark, Satanic Person That Needs Help

I dont know what to say to implore people that love God to pray for this person to change her ways.  This is evil, personified.  This is the person that Harry Reid was so happy with regarding her appeal for DADT, and ‘gays’ to serve openly in our now, paganistic military.

See for yourself.  This is dreadful and people need to call out to GOD for these atrocities that are taking place.  Young girls listen to her madness and evil. She IS evil. Her soul is dark and satanic. Not just this ‘costume’, but these are the eyes of a demented person that has given over to satanic forces..



Lady Gaga dons weird horns for Jay Leno TV show - Mirror Online



Terrible, Nasty Sounding “Christian” Metal Band Called “Impending Doom”

View Image ARGH.. A friend told me about this wretched ‘music’. It is terrible. This ‘music’ honestly, to me, sounds like a person barfing to a car accident. These young Christians that listen to this absolute, vomitous crap, are sorely misled if they think this ‘music’ is ‘godly.’  These is nothing about God in this puke.

I have been fighting on Youtube about this dumb ‘music’, because they are trying to convince The Mad Jewess that this shit is ‘music’, that MY God will play in Heaven.  NO WAY.  I dont want to leave this earth, to go and listen to TRASH like this stomach-bile.  This absolute noise pollution reminds me of a bad dream.  Kinda like Harlem, NYC.. No