Why Is The #Gaza, ‘Anti-War’, #FreePalestine, Pro #Hamas Crowd Almost ALWAYS Violent & Nasty??

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click- Why Is The #Gaza, ‘Anti-War’, #FreePalestine, Pro #Hamas Crowd Almost ALWAYS Violent & Nasty??

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Dream I Had About The Coming Anti-Semitic Slaughterhouse That Will Become America

Dream I Had About The Coming Anti-Semitic Slaughterhouse That Will Become America  Read it here.

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The True Scoop Regarding The Israel/Pali Situation In A Few Sentences

The True Scoop Regarding The Israel/Pali Situation In A Few Sentences


The Pali Muslims kidnapped 3 Jewish boys, one was American. 

Israel begged the Arabs to let their boys go.  Asked them to not murder their teens. 

The Pali Jihadists didn’t listen and murdered all 3 boys. 

Israel retaliated–big. 

The Pali’s then began to hurl their rockets. 

Israel retaliated with their rockets & planes.

The End.


If you believe anything more than that, you’re an idiot who just hates ALL Jews and wants all of us dead.  Die first, then defend yourselves….

  • BBC reporter, Jon Donnison reported this the other day:

Only one problem: The photo was actually taken in Syria, 11/2012.   The BBC reporter didn’t even look at the time stamp from 2012.  And, THAT is how journalists report the news in the modern world.

There are 47 Muslim countries.  There are 250 million Muslim Arabs, add 80 plus million Iranians.  (Some say 410 mil, total)  There are 6.7 million Jews in Israel.  The Jews are not allowed to have ONE state without the world going nuts.  Among the crazies are Bolshevik Jews who support their enemies and people ask why so many of us Jews are nuts.

“Israel’s Fault” -Jewish Brothers Severely Beaten Outside Of Paris Synagogue, 4 Murdered In Belgium.

“Israels Fault” -Jewish Brothers Severely Beaten Outside Of Paris Synagogue, 4  Murdered In Belgium.

Jews that are beaten in Paris and murdered in Belgium is all Israel’s fault. (Eyeroll)


Here we have 2 Jewish brothers severely beaten outside of a Paris synagogue and it’s all Israel’s fault, no doubt.  Jews were murdered in Belgium and it’s Israel’s fault.  No doubt about that either.  I have heard MANY people tell me that they are not anti-semitic, they are ‘criticizing the Israeli government.’    Most of you are just Jew-haters.  Period. 

There are many governments in this world that do FAR WORSE than the current left-wing leaders in Israel.  But, you rant about Israel because you are duped by the Jew-hating media.  That’s the facts.  If the Jews take down their wall today – tomorrow, their coffee shops, grocery stores, buses, pizza places will be blown up by the poor Palis.  FACT.  

There is ONE state of Jews in the east, just one.   Muslims have 66 countries.   But, Israel is the devil in the east.   Israel is swallowing up Arab lands.   Israel is ‘ethnically cleansing the Palestinians.’  Yeah right.   If you truly cared about these Palis, you would wonder what Assad is doing with them.. Facts:  Many Palis are murderous psychos, indoctrinated with Islamic insanity—which is WHY Assad has them in refugee camps.  He knows what they’re like.  He’s not stupid.   Assad is starving Palestinians to death in a Syrian camp

Now, your Jew hatred is murdering off little Jews. It’s NEVER the big government “Jews” (JINO’s)  who hate God that get it–its ALWAYS the little ones…which you have always known.  And, you knowing this makes you guilty by association of their murders and beatings.

Keep blaming the Jews and Israel for your own apathy & loss of country, you idiotsWhile I am not a Netanyahu fan because he is a multi-cult jerk, he is right that your phony criticism has brought forth a climate of hatred against little Jews.

I will keep my gun, thank you very much. 

Three Killed In Shooting at Jewish Museum UPDATE: Four killed – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/#sthash.8a2Nuw4n.dpuf

NYU “Justice For Palestine” Group Is A Crock. American College Youth Care About NOBODY

NYU “Justice For Palestine” Group Is A Crock. American College Youth Care About NOBODY

 America’s youth do not care about anything or anyone, anywhere.  They only care about their Ipads, cell phones, Twitter and Facebook.  These kids are simply lead around by Marxist Professors who also do not care about the Pali-Israel situation–and only support the Communist cause.   They are basically teaching these kids to hate Jews & Non Jews who are pro-Israel.   After they get out of college, they won’t give a damn about this, they will only care about having intercourse, going clubbing, getting high and experimenting with gay sex.    At any rate:  Nobody in America really gives a damn about anyone.   HELL… most Americans don’t even give a rats ass about each other.  

It’s the same situation with Ukraine:  Americans didn’t even know there was a Ukraine until March 2014 and now pretend to care because the MSM leads them around like stupid sheep.    The reason there is Israel-hatred is because most Leftist/Communist, Jews and non-Jews hate God and want nothing to do with Him and the only thing they hate more than God–is Israel, because it is supposed to represent God & they must squash that at all costs…    This is why America, EU, Britain and Israel are nothing anymore–the west has forsaken God, and his statutes.   All were once God fearing and now, serve HaSatan.    Nothing but Communist sewers with rotten, corrupt politicians & Communist/Socialist ‘leaders.’

Their latest ‘Mock Eviction Notices’ from Thursday morning alleged that “Palestinian homes are destroyed as part of the state of Israel’s ongoing attempts to ethnically cleanse the region of its Arab inhabitants and maintain an exclusively “Jewish” character of the state.”   27,000 Palestinian homes have been destroyed since 1967.  The rest is here..

(Almost that many homes were destroyed in a week in Gush Katif, 2005.  8,000 Plus Israeli pioneers were thrust out of their homes by the Bolshevik government establishment in Israel with the help of GWB.   And, many Americans cheered that on.  We also were cursed with Hurricane Katrina less than 10 days after the expulsion of Jews from their homes, some homes there for over 50 years.)

There are 66 Muslim countries and one Israel.  Arabs live in Israel but Jews are not wanted in Pali.  There are Muslims and Arabs in the Knesset, but there are NO Jews in the P.A.   And these idiots want to scream apartheid?   Just more Communist jargon.  AND, the Commies have done very well in ‘transforming’ Israel from a God-fearing land to a Socialist hell hole.  Period.  End of story. 

If you support Israel with moral support, support the right wing movement:  To visit the Hebrew forums, click here.  You may not like many of their views but they are patriotic & moral.   I love them.     To those of you who support the Palis, please understand that they are not innocent as the main stream media makes them out to be.   They have an agenda also and rocket Israel, daily in Sderot and Asheklon (Southern Israel.)     I can’t tell you what or who to support..    BUT, just know this-either side:  There will never be peace in that region.  The Gazans (Philistines) and the Israelis have had this ongoing battle since the time of David and Goliath.    So, its really none of our business, in my opinion.   Let them fight each other and as Ms. Palin said:  “Let Allah sort it out.”

My last thought is that “Students for justice in Palestine” is nothing but a crock of crap, the youth are useful idiots… AND…


This is the recent article that Chaim Ben Pesach from the right wing Israel wrote yesterday:  TRANSLATED – CLICK

Fatah Terrorists are Worse and More Dangerous than Hamas Terrorists

After the reconciliation this week between Fatah terrorists and Hamas terrorists, the Netanyahu-Yaalon-Lieberman-Bennett-Lapid government announced that this might destroy the “give and give” talks with Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen).  Again the phony right and the self-proclaimed left are telling us that Hamas terrorists are not acceptable but Fatah-PLO terrorists are acceptable.  This policy is ridiculous.  Because Fatah’s goal is the destruction of the State of Israel and the people of Israel, no less than Hamas.  In fact, Fatah-PLO murderers are worse and more dangerous than Hamas murderers.  By Chaim Ben Pesach, JTF

Guest writers (24/04/14) 00:36

With the help of heaven

Again, a “reconciliation” between Fatah-PLO terrorists and Hamas terrorists.  Again, empty threats from empty Israeli politicians — they warn that this will be the end of the “give and give” talks.  Why?  Because Hamas does not recognize the State of Israel as a Jewish state.  But Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) also announced a million times that he does not recognize any Jewish state.  Yeah but Hamas announces that it is for the destruction of Israel.  Yet Fatah and the PLO also announce that they are for the destruction of Israel — in dozens of articles in their official charter.  And also in Fatah’s official media, they call for the destruction of Israel all the time.  And also on Fatah’s maps — Israel does not exist, Tel Aviv does not exist, everything is “Palestine”.  Therefore it is clear that both Fatah and Hamas are for the destruction of Israel.

So Netanyahu, Yaalon, and Lieberman will tell us that Hamas is an organization of terror and murder.  True.  But Fatah is not an organization of terror and murder?  Here Fatah-PLO terrorists have murdered many more Jews over the years than Hamas terrorists.  Even Fatah’s “police” have murdered many Jews.

Does this mean that there is no difference between Fatah and Hamas?  Actually there is a huge difference.  Fatah is much worse and much more dangerous than Hamas.  Fatah obtained the disastrous Oslo Accords, something that Hamas was not capable of obtaining.  Fatah has murdered thousands of Jews since the 50’s of the previous century.  Fatah obtained Israeli withdrawals from Judea & Samaria which is the heart of the Holy Land.  And only Fatah can obtain a “Palestinian” state which means withdrawal to 1967 borders, borders of only 10 kilometers, suicidal borders.  By the way it is worthwhile to point out here that there is no “Palestine”, and there is no “Palestinian” people, that is an Arab lie and an Arab bluff.  But historical facts do not interest the rulers of Israel who propose to create a terrorist state like that.

We should remember that the reality is the opposite of what the media, the Supreme Court, the leftist IDF generals, the corrupt politicians, and the various “experts” tell us.  Because an Arab enemy that lies to us (like Fatah terrorists) is more dangerous than an Arab enemy that tells us what he really wants (like Hamas terrorists).  A smart and crafty Arab enemy is a much more dangerous enemy.

If so, what is the solution that we from the Jewish Task Force – HaYamin HaAmiti movement propose?  The only solution is encouraging an Arab emigration from the land of Israel with compensations.  If we stop supplying to Arabs electricity for free, water for free, food for free, medicine for free, education for free, housing for free, in addition to the billions of shekels that we hand over to them every year — without all those benefits, almost all the Arabs will want to leave.  Especially if we also offer them compensations.  When they leave, with the help of God, we will have a safer, richer, larger, and more Jewish state.

Chaim Ben Pesach from the Jewish Task Force – HaYamin HaAmiti movement
The fascinating Facebook page of the Jewish Task Force – HaYamin HaAmiti movement

My Email To Global Research, CA Re. BDS Movement Against Israel

My Email To Global Research, CA Re. BDS Movement Against Israel

Attention vs. Privacy

Dear Sirs:
I am a ‘right-wing’, ethnic Jew. I support the PEOPLE of Israel who are fervent patriots, who also do not like their government but not because of the Pali/Israel problem – but because the far, left-wing, radical government in Israel locks up it’s patriots and treats it’s indigenous Sephardics badly.. However, I do not fit in to the category that the BDS movement WANTS me to fit in to.
You see, the BDS movement is filled with a bunch of propaganda as well as the Zionist movement. For eg: The Zionist movement supports the government of Israel no matter what, even if it is harmful to the Jews, themselves. Case in point, the expulsion of Gush Katif in 2005.
The BDS movement monitors Israel, 24/7 yet RARELY brings up what Israel does to it’s patriots and rarely does it EVER bring up the rockets that hit Southern Israel in Ashkelon and Sderot, daily.
Could YOU live with rockets hitting in your backyard every day? We in the west have NO clue of what that is like. And – NO, it is NOT propaganda, see the videos of the live action on that subject.
There are dead people on both sides of the issue. Nobody is innocent in any problem such as this.
However… here I am, just an ethnic Jew, who RARELY blogs on Israel, yet I am hit with such Jew-hatred regarding ISRAEL, daily.   Even though I don’t talk that much about Israel and even though I am AMERICAN Indian as well as ethnic Jew.  I do not even consider myself to be a ‘political Zionist.’  I am just person who supports right-wing and religious Jews in Israel with moral support, not money.
And, for this reason, I believe the BDS movement to be far worse than the ‘political Zionist’ movement at this point. The BDS, anti-Israel movement has turned into nothing but a Jew-hating movement, without discernment for the average Joe…Or should I say JEW.
NO, I DO NOT believe they should pass laws against people if they want to criticize other countries.   But, I also do not believe that ALL Jews, worldwide must be made to suffer for what Israel and Pali go through.  In Europe, Jews are persecuted and told to LEAVE EU because of Israel.   How does a European Jew=Israeli problem?
Pakistan was made a country in 1948. Pakistan is a human rights violator, yet we hear NOTHING about Pakistan “BDS” and the rights of women there or the monthly Jihad reports as well as the Pakistani government which is Islamic/fascistic.
If you want your cause to be respected, you might inform your people to stop dumping on ALL Jews, worldwide.
Thank you,
P. AsheDina

~ With political commentary contributed by NYC/QP Cable TV’s David Ben Moshe.

I wrote this email replying to this post:  Criminalizing Criticism of Israel in Canada

*Political Zionist:  One who wants everyone bombed in the middle east for Israel even if it hurts Christians and Jews in eastern countries.  We on this blog believe Elohim GOD will protect Israel not man.


#Communist “Jews” Like @MaxBlumenthal Almost Got Away W/ Passing A Bill To Give Israel Away

#Communist “Jews” like @MaxBlumenthal Almost Got Away W/ Passing A Bill to Give Israel Away

It NEVER ceases to amaze me: The treachery of the Leftist ‘Jew’.

And, this is the reason this type of “Jew” is hated where ever it/he/she dwells.  This type of “Jew” is a cancer to the human race.  This type of “Jew” wants the total destruction of, not just the west, but the whole world.  This type of “Jew” is the eternal malcontent, never satisfied.  Ever seeking destruction.

This type of “Jew” does not suffer “Stolkholm syndrome”, this type of “Jew” is just a child of satan.

Do you find yourself supporting this “Jew?”  Then, face it: You enable evil.

See the story about these Insane Liberal “Jews” 

This type of “Jew” is like Edward G. Robinson from “The 10 Commandments”


Calling ALL Lefty “Jews”, Your Dream Come True: Tel Aviv Is Now An African City. So MOVE There.

Calling ALL Lefty “Jews”, Your Dream Come True: Tel Aviv Is Now An African City. So MOVE There.

…But, they won’t move there.  Here is a fact about most Jewish Liberals:  When a black moves into their neighborhood, they crap their pants and sneak out in the middle of the night as the rest of us are/were left to live in the neighborhoods they helped turn upside down.

Communist, far-left wing Jews & Leftists in general are a cancer in this world.  Sorry, it’s the truth.  Just a question…Many blacks turn into serious Jew haters.. How’s this going to work out for you stupid, Liberal Jews who want to practice your Judaism in Israel?  Good luck.  Think I’m joking?  Just ask the Jews in Crown heights…

So, you were NOT content in helping screw up America, now you even screwed your homeland.  You cannot be trusted. In any place. At ANY timeThese people below are not Jews, they’re just illegals.  Same issue here in America.  Yet, Blumenthal calls Israel ‘Racist”.  F’n lunatic.

Tens of thousands of African migrants take part in a rally in Tel Aviv, Israel, protesting against a law allowing authorities...

Tens of thousands of African migrants take part in a rally in Tel Aviv, Israel, protesting against a law allowing authorities to keep them in open-ended detention

 “Infiltrators”, as authorities call them, were encouraged by “anti-Zionist human rights organisations”.He told the website of the Maariv daily that Tel Aviv, where many of the migrants live “long ago became an African city.”

Click to read  (Hat tip: @Juliet777777)`

Is it still your ‘hope’ now, Miss big mouth Babs?