It Really Would Be A “Dark” Day If Negro Obama Is Bound For Mt Rushmore As Rumors Suggest

An internet rumor is going around that Obama’s ugly black face may be headed for Mt. Rushmore.  If this is true, it will be a mighty dark day—in all ways.  Just what did the boy do to warrant getting on Mt. Rushmore?  If any 20th Century President deserved it, it was Ronald Reagan.

Some ask where the KKK is when you really need them.  The white supremacists said that ‘There would never be a black man in the White house.’  But, now it looks like the boy wants to be alongside Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln..

-David Ben Moshe

I like the youtube video parody from Blazing saddles..

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Black Teen Terrorists “Flash Rob” Albertsons store in Troutdale, Oregon

Black Teen Terrorists “Flash Rob” Albertsons store in Troutdale, Oregon….They have a brotha in the W.H., with an Attny Gen that lets them get away with anything.  This is their revenge for oppression, even though they were born in the late 1990’s. Boo-hoo for these little bastards. 

(KATU) TROUTDALE, Ore. — A group of around 30-40 black teenagers stormed into an Albertsons grocery store in Troutdale on Saturday night, stealing merchandise and trashing the store, according to police.

Vid by: GCrowdy

BOSTON: Brockton High School~Sons Of Obama Yelling “NIGGA We Be Graduating”, & Get Into Rival Gang Fight

BOSTON: Brockton High School~Sons Of Obama Yelling “NIGGA We Be Graduating” & Get Into Rival Gang Fight

Things escalated quickly after a confrontation at the Brockton high School graduation on Friday, leading to the arrest of seven men.

According to, Brockton police arrested Anthony Carvalho, 19, Luis Resende, 20, Rayshawn Dacruz, 17, and Shane Simms, 18, all of Brockton, on several charges including disorderly conduct.  More here click.

Move along. Nothing new.  Blacks beating each-other up this time. Just 1 question…How in the frick did these kids graduate?  Oh yeah..just more of that lowering standards so we raise a nation of dummies…More ‘liberalism’ at work to destroy ALL of our kids.

Finally, The Truth! Samuel Jackson; “I VOTED OBAMA, BECAUSE HE IS BLACK!” Uh, Hello? Obamas Mama Was WHITE

Samuel L. Jackson must be the only liberal black person out there that has finally told the stinkin truth. I have been saying it for YEARS, but I’s a WAYCIST!    Bullshit…You want to know WHY I didnt vote in this IDIOT?  The #1 reason?  His name, Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  What kind of an American would actually vote for a person with a name like HUSSEIN!!??  I couldnt care less what the f’k color Obama is….But, it just so happens that Obama is not black, he is a HALF BREED,  just like The Mad Jewess. Obama came from a WHITE WOMB. Jackson also says that he hopes ‘Obama will get meaner and more of a nigga’.  Imagine that

Obamas Mama, and ya cant get any mo white than this:

AZ Sheriff’s On Both Sides Call Holder & Obamas “Fast & Furious”~BETRAYAL OF LAW ENFORCEMENT

Where is the lynch mob?  At least with  Nixons Watergate, nobody got killed. But, you all just mark my words…NOTHING will happen to either Obama or Holder, and it has nothing to do with them being Marxists/Progressives, Leftists, Liberals, Radicals, etc.  It has to do with the COLOR OF THEIR SKIN.  Black Supremacy rules America, now. Even left wing Jews can’t top that.

H/T DONNA: AZ sheriffs slam gun-smuggling operation

See this link over at my friends website, as well:

Obama Ordered Operation Fast And Furious


JAIL-BIRD, TERRORIST: Van Jones To Go On VIOLENT Offense Against Tea-Party…Uhhhh, For What?

Ex-Obama Jail-house czar, Van Jones warns ‘Arab Spring’ coming to U.S.

What can one expect from a common, jailbird?   If anyone will notice…there is no real leadership amongst the Demo-fascists. They have been waiting for the opportune time to  murder Americans ie. Bolsheviks/NAZIS.  Van Jones has already been linked up on this website as the head henchman for the black, terrorist, flash-mobs.  He should be arrested, not preaching violence.

  If you look at this asshole’s website, you will see that he is ‘for’ the middle class. Just what the hell does this animal think the T-party is?  We are the remaining middle class, (right wingers as well).  Van Jones should be sent back to the CAN and the key thrown away.

Obama Screws Native-Americans~Gives Negros Cherokee Sovereignty, Says “Negros Are Cherokee Indians”

Obama is a racist, disaster. This is how he treats the indigenous peoples of America.  Obama HATES America, this is 100% PROOF.

   EXCERPT: The Negroes won, again. No human beings on earth will ever be allowed to deny the Negro anything–even the fact that he’s not Indian. And no Indian nation is sovereign now. Negroes are Indian, by federal court fiat.

READ WHAT Native American Indian, Dr. David Yeagley says, in the orange highlighted link below:

American Indian Sovereignty Is Over: US Government Says Negroes are Cherokee Indians

Diane Humetewa (Hopi), first American Indian woman
appointed as a state Attorney General (Arizona),
December, 2007. Fired by Negro president, Barry
“Obama” Soetoro, August, 2009

Join Mr. Yeagley’s Forum:

Youtube Hit ‘Celebrating Welfare Cards’- ‘It’s FREE, Swipe Yo EBT’ (Food Stamp Card)


16 September, 2011 @ 19:31 by themadjewess

Sickening.  Swipe dat EBT

Rated R

‘Keywanda is having the time of her life. Her job is raising her family of 10 children while dealing with the drama and stress of the childrens fathers. Thanks to the great state of California, Keywanda can support her lifestyle of having fun, getting “Turnt Up” and the kids can even get to eat from time to time.’