TERRIBLE Prophetic Dream I Had In March 2009 About America Under B. Hussein Obama

I had this dream in ’09. No telling if this will happen. I don’t know. Gods knows ALL. Ponder on this, though; We are under the ‘mercy’ of God. Which is a last resort. God wants repentance from America.


  I was out to eat, with friends, just eating, nothing more… I looked into the sky, and I saw 5 planes, it looked like a night time air show, but as I looked, they looked like foreign planes- I told the people I was with (friends) that they were foreign planes.. but these planes were NOT foreign. 


Time passed, and my friends and I went out to eat.. As we were eating, there was a LARGE some type of Aircraft that I had not seen before in the sky- it had 5 points and there was 5 rockets, I said: “LOOK AT THAT THING!!! IT IS GOING TO SHOOT DOWN AT US!!!”  It didnt shoot at US, but several rockets shot about 10-20 miles away, and we saw the fire and it BURNED homes down. We were becoming used to seeing bombs in our own nation. 
It was becoming COMMON-PLACE.

Then we were out… and this time, the rockets were above our heads, and in our paths, these rockets were setting fires all over, destroying everything in their path, everywhere.  People began to hide, hide wherever they could find a place, behind big cement walls, trees, ANYWHERE.

 People were dying everywhere in America by rockets. 

I, myself had gotten paralyzed by fear, for I never thought, in my life I would see rockets all over America- EVER. There was NO PLACE safe- NO WHERE.  People I knew began to run, hide, they were scared. 

   Somewhere, (I cant remember) if we didnt submit to something, all of the sudden we were placed at workplaces.  I was at this workplace, for what seemed like months…I started to question… When am I going home?!?  We had people that were called “TASKMASTERS” -They were not ‘bosses, or employers’ they were taskmasters and that was what they were called. 
The one that was my taskmaster was an American of African descent, she looked so saddened, and I knew why.. I knew that the poor woman voted for B.H.O., she was so filled with sorrow and regret.. I remember her looking at me, she was showing me how to make this weapon, I cant remember what it was, but she was a Christian, and she then told me that;  YOU MUST CONCENTRATE ON SURVIVING- this lady was really nice to me.. she directed me to a place where I cold make some trusted friends, but others she didnt help- these others were whites supremacists and they were being tormented with NAZI flags hanging on their torso’s.

  Some time passed.. I saw PROPAGANDA of the worst sort, it was ALL AGAINST ISRAEL, Obamas face was on so many billboards, it was ALL OVER the place…then as I was trying to make friends, BOMBS came into this place where I was, and I started running, day turned into night, BOMBS BOMBS BOMBS- fire everywhere, then there was NO PLACE to hide, NONE.  I got paralyzed with fear, because I thought for sure that they would get me- I thought they could detect EVERY PLACE we were at, I could hear this EVIL “ARMY” yelling “WHERE ARE THE CHRISTIANS AND THOSE THAT SUPPORT ISRAEL?!” I could hear the biggest usurper of all, B.H.O. on top, leading this evil army, Jews were hunted, Christians were HUNTED- but most of all, Jews were HUNTED.

  I was running, running… I stopped in some place, and there this lady or female was there, she seemed nice, but I looked at her again, she had on Eastern clothes, she was FULL of BLASPHEMY, she asked me to take a picture of her, and to ‘come and be friends’  I just acted like I was stupid ort something…but a ‘friend’ said “I will take her picture’ I thought, well, I BET that she will do something terrible.. he went to take her picture, and he got blown up.  But…I saw payment in full against this lying female, a bomb hit her or some grenade, and she was burned and screaming.

 Time had passed… and nowhere to hide as bombs rained down on the USA, it was so hard to find a place to hide- the people I was with were not smart in survival tactics.
I was then in a place like a garage, and I was so scared, I couldnt hardly move, and began to cry HARD.. Then a little girl showed up… she said, come this way!!
She began to tell me… ‘They cant hear and see everything you say!!’  I didnt believe her at first, then I remembered that the satan has NOT the power to know whats in your heart, God KNOWS US psalms 139. Then, I saw… a temporary hiding type place- many people were there, they were people that would NOT turn their backs on God.


CNN: “Obama Could Have Met W/ Netanyahu, Schedule Was Free’. We Say Obama Is A Muslim Jew-Hater

Obama is a Muslim.  Muslims are commanded to kill Jews according to their Koran.  G’head, left-wing Jews– Help put Obama in again and watch him go Stalin on you.

POLL: Obama Jewish support at 65%…

Liberal/Democrat Jewish Jackass At Synagogue In Philly Harasses & Pushes Tea-Party Lady

Left-wing Jews create anti-semitism.  The lady that was being pushed by this kike was Jewish, herself.
“One thing we can learn from history is that Jews never learn from history”
Rabbi Meir Kahane

-David Ben Moshe

Hat tip: echofoxtrot

My Heart Is SICK Over The Muslim Murderer Of Jewish Children in Jew-hating Toulouse, France

I am sick in my heart.  Little Jewish children, just going about their day-murdered by a Muslim.  Same thing that is happening in Egypt that the world refuses to show. Libya as well.  Muslims murdering people all over this world and no remedy for the pain they inflict on human life.  Just screaming about bogus “Islamo-phobia”.  They can kiss my ass with their “Islamo-phobia” crap.  Their ‘religion’ is death.

May the prayers and supplications

Titqabbal tzlothon uvaʻut’hon

of all Israel

d’khol bet yisrael

be accepted by their Father who is in Heaven; And say, Amen

qodam avuhon di bishmayya, vʼimru amen

Satisfaction, help, comfort, refuge.

vesava vishuʻa venekhama veshezava.

My heart is grieved...

Read about this Muslim massacre:

Video: Funeral of Jewish Victims of French Jihadists Who Opened Fire and Murdered Jewish Children and Rabbi at Jewish Day School

Mourners attend the funeral in Jerusalem of Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, 30, his 6-year-old son Arieh, his 3-year-old son Gabriel, and 8-year-old Miriam Monsonego killed a few days ago when a gunman shot and killed the four at a Jewish school in Toulouse, France. March 21, 2012. (Credit: Flash90)

Mourners stand around the bodies of the victims of Monday's shooting in Toulouse during their joint funeral service in Jerusalem March 21, 2012. A gunman, suspected of killing three children and a rabbi at a Jewish school in the name of al Qaeda, said on Wednesday he would hand himself over to police after an hours-long siege in which he wounded three officers. (Credit: Flash90)



Time for the Jews to do what the Irgun did. If you dont know, time to read on how we can get meaner.

Toulouse-Killer: “Sorry I Didn’t Murder More Jews”. Muslim Nuts: SHUT THE HELL UP YOU MURDERERS

25 Signs That The Nazification Of America Is Almost Complete

See this and wake the hell up.  National Socialism and Communism=SOS, just different assholes… 25 Signs That The Nazification Of America Is Almost Complete


Steve @ “Cry & Howl”

The “CHANGE” The ‘Zionist’ Obama Has Brought: Attackers Blow Up Gas Pipeline To Israel

If you are still a stupid idiot and really believe that Obama is pro-Israel, then you seriously need your head examined.  Well, you always needed your head examined…but, by now, you may need a lobotomy..


Attackers Blow Up Gas Pipeline

Solution for Israel haters:



Hitler Was A Leftist~He Fought For “Peace & Equality”, Just Like Obama & The “Progressives”

Click Here: Hitler Campaigned on “Peace” and “Equality” too, just like ‘liberals’ and this is why I HATE liberalism, it is ANTI AMERICAN TO THE MAX. My Grandfather and his father fought this fascist CRAP

I tell people over and over that Hitler was a leftist.  National Socialism, the same thing the ‘liberals’ want to impose on us.  Bunch of NAZIs.  This is why the ‘liberals’ and the Nazis are madly in love with each-other.  When you see these Nazis, just know this; They AINT Christians.  They use Christians.  In fact, they do what evil Jews do with Christians.  Bolsheviks+Nazis=SAME. 

IF they agree on Israel-hate & God-hate, they will join together on ANYTHING.

Israeli Liberal-Jews & American Liberal-Jews Back-stabbed Again By “Gays” & Lesbians..

Jews that help homosexuals: What in the hell did you think would happen? Huh? You support and encourage a very sick, degenerate ‘lifestyle’ and what happens? You have a bunch of people that hate your guts. You are supposed to tell the truth about homosexuality, NOT encourage it, that is all that is required. Leave the rest up to HaShem..

American Liberal-Jews, AND Israeli Liberal Jews need to turn back to the Torah.

Go back to the synagogue, take HaShem at his word. There is *NO* safety for a Jew outside of God, period.  And to be patriotic in the nation which you are in. Leftism is anti-American, anti-Israel, Anti-Western. You can’t live in a nation and be against that nation and her allies.

See these links, below. These ‘gay’ people hate the Jewish people and Christians too. If one hates Israel, they are flat out saying they hate Gods people, period. 

Your liberalism will not save you. Liberals (leftists) HATE God, Jews and Christians.

They HATE God, do you GET it yet? WAKE UP!!!!

 “Apartheid” Israel…..MY A$$:


Stand on the truth of the word of God:

22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind; it is abomination.

כב  וְאֶת-זָכָר–לֹא תִשְׁכַּב, מִשְׁכְּבֵי אִשָּׁה:  תּוֹעֵבָה, הִוא

Well, Isn’t THIS Special…. Barack HUSSEIN Osama Puts ISRAEL On “Terror” List…

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  We are in a time when we will see all over; “NO JEWS ALLOWED”…. I wonder how the hell they will figure out who is a Jew: Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, Messianic, J4J, Jewish-Christian, Christian-Jew.. etc…

Well, when we see more tornados, floods, maybe even a nuke disaster, or Chinese troops on our soil, ya all can thank yourselves, left wing Jewish IDIOTS.   You helped put the monster in, and this is how he deals with ‘allies!’

Imagine how this dictator, God hating drek deals with real friends!

Prepare for the worst. More natural disasters…

U.S. puts Israel on terror list