Must Read-The Lampoonist’s Flog Of Bill O’Reilly, Fox News… ETC

Must Read-The Lampoonist’s Flog Of Fox News…

Mr. Baker (The Lampoonist) is my personal mentor.. He is the most brilliant man in politics, today.  Almost everything I know about these rat-bastard Communists, I learned from Mr. Baker.  

Feature Story Fox & Folderol –  Debating Ivy League Bolsheviks 101

By  David C Baker 11-03-13

Contrary to the Constant Harping on the Topic – “Obama Lied” or the Bogus Website,

Obama Care is the Tip of A Poison Tipped Stake. It is the Most Potent Weapon in the Hands Of One Barack Hussein Obama. It Has Pierced & is Embedded the Outer Layer of The Heart of America.

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Reality Check: This Is What Mitt Romney Won’t Say At Tomorrow Night’s Debate

We have a Chicken in the White House ripe for plucking, but sadly, these will not be Romeny’s opening remarks at the debate..

Theme Mr. President, “the abysmal & desperate state that this nation is not about me.”

SEE: The Opening Statement Romney Won’t Make On Debate Night…


McRomney McRyan Redux…

While on the stump, Romney’s response to a month long pummeling, and absorbing like a punching bag, a barrage of attacks from that bi-sexual, racist, buffoon, Commie Dictator Obomo calling him everything from a murderer, a woman hater, a wimp and a snake is standing on the stump in a washed out, pasty shirt, looking for all intents and purposes like a wooden statue, with a goofy painted-on Carteresque smile on his face, yammering, actually pleading, about taxes..  
So what does Romney do? he appoints Ryan, another pasty white-fop and empty-shirt bean counter with all the political fire in his belly of a wet sock…
Ryan that stupid the son of a bitch who Trump called a moron and worse yet, a jackass for back-handing seniors across the face on Social Security and Medicare, and in an election year no less!
And worse not the 150+ million foreign illegals and domestic  parasites draining those funds dry….and politicians stealing what’s left..
Talk about tone deaf and clueless. Pat Cadell put it best, “you can’t doubt the capacity of these morons [Republicans] to squander a sure- bet opportunity within their grasp, to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.” They have done it!
This is the solution to 8 weeks of pummleing will be another 12 weeks of ass whippings….We have ’08 McCain, redux, except this time it’s a 2 ‘fer – it’s a matched pair McRomney and McRyan!

The Parade of RINO Relics & Why I despise Romney.

What Romney should say according to the Lampoonist American:

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EXCERPT:  Correct response as per your brilliant Lampoonist:
I’ll release the f’cking things when you release your college transcripts and Harvard Law Review.” “Then we’ll discuss your qualifications to be the President of anything and then the validity of that Birth Certificate.” Also, in America, how I make my living and how much is nobody’s business as long as I did it legally, honestly and paid my taxes..

Obamas “Lost” records? Not to be concerned, Romney is on the case!

Not to be concerned, Romney is on the case!

He’s on the stump everyday about Obama’s failed economic policies…
Everyday Obama attacks Republicans, attacks Romney saying he’s secretive about his tax returns…
Don’t worry, soon Romney is going to attack Obama and demand that he release his college transcripts, Harvard Law Review, and explain his lifelong associations with America Hating radicals and the ones in his administrations. He’ll have Chief Arpaio make a statement about the bogus BC.
And just wait till he gets up on the stage and addresses Obama’s side-stepping Congress and reads a list of OB’s un-Constitutional Executive Orders.. Especially the which he gave Amnesty to 1.2 million Mexicans and how his Attorney General is suing states for enforcing immigration laws and protecting their borders….
Watch the country flock to the Republican party when he announces that Obama and his administration is the domestic enemy of the Constitution….Don’t hold your breath. 
By db c. 2012 

The LampoonistAmerican (site shut down by leftists)

Funny, Satirical Read: “March Of The White RINOS” By The Lampoonist American

Funny, Satirical  Read: “March Of The White RINOS” By The Lampoonist American:

‘Negro Gate- America is Going Bananas: Brought to you in Ebonics by Black Issues Editor Bro’ Rufus Ali… Government by Negro in Africa-‘Merica & African System

o’ Justice in the Western Hemosfere’s Newest Banana Republic.

Meet The most stupefying collection of black racist, 3rd world jackasses ever to surface in the in the parliament of a nation in the developed world…’

The rest here: You Will LOL…