Blanche Hudson; Truly A Passive Aggressive Symbol-Story Of An ‘American’ Commie/Liberal

For my friend, “Redeemed hippy”

If you watch the movie “Whatever happened to baby Jane”, you will immediately believe that Baby Jane is the ‘bad guy.’  It’s not that she is ‘good.’  Not by a long shot.  In the beginning of the movie, as a young girl- she acts like a brat.  But, this is to be expected from a little kid in show biz.

Blanche, Jane’s sister is a passive, aggressive, liberal FREAK.  She pushes Jane over the brink.  In the scene I have posted below, you need to really watch it; Baby Jane is crying over lost youth. Lost beauty.   But, Blanche just can’t take that.      In the story…Blanche is getting ready to send Jane to an old folks home (Back in the day, this just meant ‘going to die’.)      ..So, Blanche is getting ready to send Jane, basically to her death.  Blanche only cares about Blanche  and how Blanche must be coddled, taken care of, ass kissed.. Miss Blanche is a liar.  A nasty, evil, destroy-your-life bitch. She won’t even allow Jane to weep over her loss and getting older.   Just like the bastard, lunatic, psychotic left-wingers won’t allow us to mourn our loss of country.

We were beautiful as young America.  Blossomed into patriotism and love for country. The 40’s and 50’s being the most vibrant of times.  The 1980’s, having that patriotism back again, only to have the Commie cabal of liberal progressivism shoved in our face; calling us inbreds, flag waving dummies and all sorts of traitorous bs.  

If you ever watch this movie.. Look at it in a different perspective. I view it as a story of America.   No, we were never perfect.  But we did have a country, just as Jane once had beauty, youth and talent.

At the end of this movie, you will see how Blanche finally owns up to the fact that SHE pushed Jane and made her ugly–pushed her to the point of murder.

THIS IS WHAT SICK “LIBERALISM” TO A PATRIOTIC AMERICAN.  Forcing their debauchery, evil, intolerant filth all over us–inevitably thrusting us to the point of doing have to do something we don’t want to do.

Shocked Over CNN Candy Crowley’s Sympathy With A Rapist? She’s A LEFTIST. Lefty’s LOVE Rapists

Shocked Over CNN Candy Crowley’s Sympathy With A Rapist? She’s A LEFTIST. Lefty’s LOVE Rapists

I can’t believe how shocked everyone is over Crowley sympathizing with a rapist over a victim.  She’s a leftist.  They LOVE rape.  They LOVE rapists.  They always take up for the aggressors & bullies.  Why the shock?  Their stance is always sick, demented and disgusting.  How many times have we seen this with the left?  Every day. 

It’s always the same old song and dance with these creeps. They love illegals over Americans. They adore bad blacks over good white victims.  The courts are screwed up 6 ways to Sunday because of left wingers (Communists)  Some day, read David Horowitz’s book “The Radical Son”.  You’ll see these vicious, evil, animals in action.  They don’t even want women to protect themselves with a gun.  Women can use ‘humor’, a ‘pen’, a ‘whistle’.. instead of a gun against a rapist.. Leftist ass hattery..


CNN earned the ire of thousands over the weekend when it aired coverage of the Steubenville Rape trial that was shockingly sympathetic toward the rapists.

This nasty bitch can’t get a man, no wonder she thinks like a moonbat.

The BEST Picture Of Harvey Weinstein I’ve Ever Seen

This is the face only a mother could love.

Harvey Weinstein Has Risen From the Grave to Feast on the Bones of His Enemies

A sucker punch is what this asshole deserves for putting out that Commie-freak show, Project Runway..

I just read how this dipshit extraordinaire painted Mitt Romney as a ‘villain’ in his latest Bin Laden Movie.  Mitt Romney?  He has not even been part of the political scene re the middle east when Obama supposedly caught Bin Laden.  there are NO pictures to this date of Obama’s capture of Bin Laden.  Most Americans actually believe he caught him. I don’t.

I am not even a Mitt Romney fan at all.  Would he be better than Obama? I don’t know anymore folks.  But, the lengths that these Bolsheviks will take never ceases to amaze me.  What sickens me even more is that Weinstein is so obviously a Jew.  Which paints myself & people I love that are Jews in a horrible light.  I’ve always said that left wing Jews create Jew hatred.

Weinstein’s Bin Laden Film Cast Romney as Villain

SNAFU USA: Zakaria Suspended For Plagiarism~Why Not FIRED? If It Was Fox, He Would Be FIRED

News: CNN and Time Suspend Journalist After Admission of Plagiarism (Just suspension?)

This creepy, left-wing psychopath and anti-American slime (Zakaria) wrote a piece against guns and admitted plagiarism.   Why are these sobs even on the Television?  Larry Parks, an actor from the 1940’s was tried before the house for ‘anti American’ activities in 1952..His career was finished.

Today, he would be hailed a hero.  

When is the madness going to stop?  All of these hacks on CBS, MSN, CNN, ABC and now FOX push out Communist propaganda, 24/7.  Not only are they shoving out Marxist dialect everyday, they are pushing for a war against Russia, China and Syria.  In a sane world, these people would all be executed. Period.

Meanwhile, if this was Faux news, this Eastern mutt, Zakaria would have been fired.  If I was in charge, this would be the bastards fate for treachery against our 2nd Amendment:

More Jew-Hate @ #OWS~Obama & His Goons (Bolsheviks & Nazis) Heart This Phoney Movement

~Here, feel the LOVE, left-wing Jews…YOU voted in the disaster-man, and now even the dumbass ADL says “No criticism of Barack Hussein Obama”. DUMB.  DUMB. DUMB.  Truly, most, no, not all, but many ‘Jews’ love either martydom or persecution.  Left-wing ‘Jewish’ idiots love helping screw a country up so they can whine a hundred years.  Thats my opinion, thats how I feel.

Listen to the MARXIST/NAZI Simon says shit…Actually, its a riot listening to these people mimic the fat OLD bitch in the wheel chair…. LOL


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See this:

Video: OccupyChicago anti-Israel rant

*What Jew haters *NEVER* bring up, is the fact that Egypt gets 2.3 billion USD every yr from Carters bogus ‘peace’ deal from 1979. Which included 2.3 billion for Israel, 400 million for fakestine, and 2.3 billion for Egypt to ‘keep the peace.’  Obviously, this does not work now, because of the Muslim bro’hood taking over. This peace deal is now over and nobody should get any money.*

Leftist Democrat LOSER SLIME, Alec Baldwin Tweets The Holy Grail “N” Word. Not A Peep From The MSM

SEE: Alec Baldwin tweets about N****s in Paris

“Watch them shufflin’ along….see them shufflin along….’ 

    Anyway, here we are, (Me and Donna) trying to deal with racism against white people, and ‘black rage’… We get it 24/7 from “Neo-Conservatives“,  Politically-Correct dupes, dopes & of course,  leftist slime saying we are racists, just for telling the truth about black, terrorist flash mobs.  Blacks beating up grandmas, beating up white people- (whites  are victims in massive amounts of black crimes…)

…BUT-Alec Baldwin, Democrat-leftist tweets the holy Grail “N” word and its OK. I guess all this is all OK as long as we are uplifting black, Obama-morons to be better rappers….

He sho has gottin UGLY!