Hoax? White-Hating, Genocidal Website On Tumblr Called “F*ck Yeah, Dead White People”

Hoax? White-Hating, Genocidal Website On Tumblr Called “F*ck Yeah, Dead White People”


[This could be a hoax website, but one never knows on the net.  We have filed a complaint with the Internet crime center]  It has been brought to my attention that this person who wrote this website might be Jewish.   Since he wants the death of whites, may we advise that he kills himself first? American Jews are white.   Since Hitler murdered more white people than any other dictator in history including Stalin, we suggest he start his own Neo-Nazi, Totalitarian party.    On the other hand, he could be a Neo-Nazi himself, posing as a Jew.  Regardless, turn it in with the information at the bottom of this post.

Click to see:  “Fuck Yeah Dead White People”


 Knoxville, TN’s top Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom murders news stories. Current Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom murders news for Knoxville, Tennessee and its surrounding communities from Knoxville News Sentinel.  I love this story.  I masturbate to the details of it every day.


White people where never legitimately alive.  Their very lives are abominations and acts of theft and murder.  To kill them is to right a wrong.

Most people actually agree with me on some level.  No one is going to do a motherfucking thing to me.  But they’re not going to find me either.  It is impossible to be racist against white people.  The world now accepts this.  Singling out and murdering white people en mass is not racism.  It has nothing to do with race.  Its perfectly fine to kill white people.  This is widely accepted by the civilized world now and its certainly accepted and encouraged in the the 3rd world.

He seems to take delight in the deaths of white, American people—posts & gloats about it:

G-d I just love it when people get what they deserve.

As you have read this posting, hoax or not,  I ask you to take a good look at the murdered white people above & then ask yourself if there is not a genocide of white people in America at the hands of Obama’s sons.

To turn this website in:  Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | Home

-David Ben Moshe

YAY! Pinko, Cali Dem, Henry Waxman To Retire!

YAY! Cali Dem, Henry Waxman To Retire!

This is a great day for right minded Jews and sane Americans.  Good riddance pig snout!  A-dee-os!

Rep. Henry Waxman, California Democrat, will not seek re-election this year, becoming another member of a growing list of long-tenured congressmen who have recently announced … read more >

All Left-wing Jewish Reps, GO HOME.

My buddy, Doug on the same page as me:

Entrenched Democrat Henry Waxman to Retire From Congress

Producer Of Schindler’s List Fears Obama’s Govt. Left-Wing Jews Will Ignore It, As Usual

Producer Of Schindler’s List Fears Obama’s Govt. Left Wing Jews Will Ignore him, As Usual

It’s true.  Liberal Jews will just walk straight into the FEMA camps without a peep.  Even Haaretz was rebuking the Jews that fought the Nazis at the Warsaw Ghetto (Haaretz Shames Itself on the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising)  Koo koo, koo koo

iOwnTheWorld has the story: here

An art collage from November 2013

Harvey Weinstein Wants American People To Be Unarmed & Gassed Just Like Jews Were In NAZI Germany

Harvey Weinstein Wants American People To Be Unarmed & Gassed Just Like Jews Were In NAZI Germany

Harvey Weistein is putting out a movie attacking the NRA. Left wing Jews create Jew-hatred.

This scum produced the movie “Inglorious Basterds”, a very lousy movie about Nazis.  Obviously, Weinstein is a Jewish man.  But, the sick part about this cat is that he is for the same gun control laws that killed off the Jews in Nazi Germany.

This piece of crap flick will attack the NRA.  You know, the same group that supports gun safety.    It is evident to me, that ANY Jew that supports gun-control is just a sick, demented lunatic, hell-bent on seeing people in our nation suffer at the hands of a tyrannical government.  I believe it would be Harvey’s personal heaven watching Americans get gassed just like the Jews were in Nazi Germany.

click:  Harvey Weinstein and Meryl Streep making movie attacking NRA

Harvey Weinstein Is Jewish.

This is what Weinstein supports:

Nazi Weapons Act of 1938 (Translated to English)

  • Classified guns for “sporting purposes”.
  • All citizens who wished to purchase firearms had to register with the Nazi officials and have a background check.
  • Presumed German citizens were hostile and thereby exempted Nazis from the gun control law.
  • Gave Nazis unrestricted power to decide what kinds of firearms could, or could not be owned by private persons.
  • The types of ammunition that were legal were subject to control by bureaucrats.
  • Juveniles under 18 years could not buy firearms and ammunition.


How is all of this gun control crap going to work for you “Liberal” idiots when the far right wing takes over?

Hey @MaxBlumenthal EU Union Auditors: Stop Paying Lazy Pali’s In Gaza Who Don’t Work

No Outrage @MaxBlumenthal? EU Union Auditors: Stop Paying Lazy, Pali’s Who Don’t Work.

It’s all Israel’s fault that these Gazan’s don’t work, right Max?


The Palis are so oppressed that they’re getting paid to do nothing while they are oppressed.  Friends..We’re just in the wrong business.  Why work when you can get paid to sit on your ass?

Where is Max?  Hello?  Crickets and Retweets only.  Never a refute.

Maybe they are eating some candy at a local market in Gaza where they’re starving to death, Max?

Or playing on the beach in Gaza?



European Union auditors are recommending that the EU stop paying the salaries of Palestinian civil servants in Gaza who don’t work.(Wapo).

BRUSSELS — European Union auditors recommended Wednesday that the EU stop paying the salaries of Palestinian civil servants in Gaza who don’t work.

The findings were made public by the European Court of Auditors, which scrutinized how 1 billion euros ($1.3 billion) in EU financial support to the Palestinian Authority has been used.

Hat tip: MFS News.

I Urge Noel Trotsky Ignatiev To Please Commit Suicide. Expeditiously. Love, The Mad Jewess

I Urge Noel Ignatiev to Please Commit Suicide. Expeditiously. Love, The Mad Jewess

Here is my lesson for Noel-the Harvard, “Professor” who is a Genocidal, Commu-NAZI:   Just go kill yourself.  We don’t need any more Commie stench in America.  And, sane Jews have a bad enough rap without your existence. You’re a putz.  When you were born, they slapped your mother, which is why you are an eternal malcontent today.

A fashion look from August 2013

Lefty ‘Jews’ Helped Create Pigs Like Miley Cyrus, Now Complain She Said Something “Anti-Semitic”

Commie (Liberal) ‘Jews’ Helped To Create Pigs Like Miley Cyrus, Now Complain She Said Something “Anti-Semitic”?

“Liberal Jews” In America need to grow a backbone, they bring constant defamation to right-minded Jewish people with their compulsive whining.

Anti semitic/ism” in words, etc.. occurs when some pig says something intentionally, with hatred to the Jewish people.   Cyrus is a dumbbell, not even knowing what  the hell she is saying.

‘Liberal Jews’ (Commies) should have realized ages ago, that a godless society would create animosity toward themselves.  The Liberal “Jews” here in America could have lived in their shitty, little, Commie communities all they wanted and stayed to themselves…  They should not have helped push it onto our lives by FORCE.  That’s why “Liberal” Jews are not Jewish or liberal at all–they are COMMUNISTS.

The hag, Cryus said nothing really ‘anti semitic’.  These dumb, Liberal, gasbag “Jews” are always crying over nothing.  They don’t know what real Jew-hatred is–at all.  I deal with it, daily.  I endure being told to “Go to the ovens..I’m a Zio-whore, kike bitch, Hitler was right…” Mostly by leftists.  You name the nasty things that can be said to the Jews and I deal with it..   What the hell did this idiot say?  Nothing of any real relevance.  It’s preposterous.  She probably works with a bunch of Jewish exec’s, producers who help this tripe put out really bad music.. What the hell ever happened to my people?? They used to produce and write beautiful music.. You “Liberal Jews” really are morons, now.

The scum also said some really nasty things about Christianity-: Miley Cyrus Incites Rage After Tweeting About ‘Forget Jesus‘ Photo.  Christians probably just said: “She’s going to hell” and left it at that.

GET A GRIP YOU STUPID COMMIES!  All of this crying wolf is going to backfire on your lousy asses.

DEAL WITH THIS PIG, Liberal “Jews”, You helped to create her with your love for every evil under the sun……..


Liberal ‘Jews’ Are DUMB: Jarrett Is Iranian. Stop Bitchin About Iran-You Brought This On Yourselves!

Liberal ‘Jews’ Are DUMB:  Jarrett Is Iranian.  Stop Bitchin About Iran-You Brought This On Yourselves!


In 2008, 79% American Jews are reported to have voted in their pal, Barack Hussein Osama.  In 2012, the # dropped to 69%.  Some Jews got a clue about the the bastard in the White house, thank God.  Out of that 69% dummies, 15% are hard core Bolsheviks that should be hanged for treason.

NOW, the Liberal Jews and AIPAC are bitchin today about peace talks and Iran.  Netanyahu, the Socialist is crying about Iran being a ‘honey pot.’  Jarrett is an IRANIAN.  The Liberal ‘Jews’ know this and trusted in Obama, anyway. Proving that they are dumber than a bag of hammers.. who claim they are these ‘staunch supporters’ of Israel..  So, what war with Iran? Jarrett?  Ha Ha Ha… Sure..   Personally, I may be ‘naive’ about Iran, I don’t know, but I have not seen them as an aggressor in their part of the world.  Maybe I am wrong, who knows?   I don’t see why everyone is scared of them. I dont like them because of the 444 days of American hostages.   My husband says they have nuke capability.   Really?  But, it seems like that noise has been going on forever.  They want to wipe out the “Zionist” regime – Almost All Muslims would like to do that, ditto many nutty ‘Jews’ and NAZIs.   I dont know what to think anymore about Iran.  I neither like them or hate them. I think nothing OF them.

My thoughts are this:  If Israel is a God-fearing Jewish state, then wouldn’t HaShem protect them?  My answer is yes and amen.  So, why does everyone ALWAYS worry about Israel?  Because they lack faith in God.  I don’t.  HaShem promises time and time again, that when Israel obeys holy Jewish laws and fears God, HE will be with them–they need nobody IF they do just that.

Just keep doing what you do best, dumbbell Liberal ‘Jews’: Keep voting in the Democrats who hate you instead of being Independent like me.   Keep supporting your enemies while you scream ‘anti semitism.’  Who cares anymore, you create anti-semitism every time you speak….