Told You So: CO Shooter A Radical Leftist (Commie) Named Karl Halverson Pierson Who Was For Gun Control

Told You So: CO Shooter A Radical Leftist Named Karl Halverson Pierson Who Was For Gun Control


All of the recent (last 4 years) of mass shootings were perp’d by radical leftists. That’s the facts.  So, any way you look at it, ITS STAGED. 

AND: Another life  is snuffed out of America because of ‘progressive’ Communism.

 These shootings are perpetrated BY ‘liberals’.   Who then, turn to blame the NRA & patriotic people.  Talk about epic projection.. I am telling you that more of this will happen.  It is happening because they want OUR guns.  They are insane. They want OUR guns because of what THEY are perpetrating.  Communists (Liberals) are terrorists and will keep this up until we submit. Just like Islam. I will NOT submit to this lunacy.

  • CommenterAndrew Wixson:   I knew him and he was a self-described communist, not a democrat in the truest form. He was very intellectual and read a lot. His motives were described by his speech and debate teammate: “Karl half-jokingly threatened to kill Mr. Murphy, and Mr. Murphy got him suspended for saying that,” Redmond told the Daily News. “Karl wanted to go to the Air Force Academy and they don’t look positively on suspensions so (Karl) felt like Mr. Murphy had ruined his life.”

Karl Halverson Pierson was a far left progressive who mocked Republicans on his Facebook page  (Which the leftists have scrubbed) See the link, below for commenters who knew Karl:

More: Arapahoe High School shooter Karl Halverson Pierson – leftist strongly for gun control

More here how they are covering this up: SEE……..

Trying to keep it edited that he was radical:  Denver Post Edits “Socialist” Out of Description of Arapahoe School Shooter

Another story here:  I Own The World…

Arapahoe High School shooter Karl Halverson Pierson - leftist who was AGAINST gun rights

Progressive/Commie ‘Liberals’ ARE Terrorists: We Don’t Need Gun Control-We Need Liberal Control.

Progressive/Commie ‘Liberals’ ARE Terrorists:  We Don’t Need Gun Control-We Need Liberal Control.

First of all…they are not even ‘Liberal’.  What a lie!! Look up Liberal in the dictionary–they are opposite of the definition. They call themselves “Liberal” so they can HIDE their real motives..

Almost all acts of terror are committed in America BY Liberals.  They also enable Jihad Muslims.  Left-wing terrorists are everywhere.  When they call God fearing Christians and Conservatives ‘terrorists’, they are only projecting their own insanity.  These Liberals are in your neighborhoods, schools, restaurants, shopping markets, malls–plotting to kill your country.  Since the 1880’s, the left wing cabal of red terror has been scaring Americans.  They have no control.  They will even commit treason for the greater good: HISTORY OF LEFT WING TERROR ATTACKS.

They want our guns to terrorize and murder us.  So, we need to remove fire-arms from ALL Liberals.  They are not worthy to possess guns.  Liberals hate freedom, they hate liberty.  With a passion.  They are only for huge government fascism like the Communists and the NAZIs. Liberals MUST be disarmed. They abuse their power to the max when in control.  Even their idiot “President” Obama starts little wars all over the east to terrorize little countries with HIS guns.  We never see Obama threatening to invade China or Russia because he is a BULLY.  That is what Liberals are: BULLIES.  A bully needs his/her power stripped.


The FBI arrested 5 #Occupy Cleveland protesters for plotting to blow up the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Bridge in May 2012. The terrorists repeatedly tried to blow up the bridge: LEFTIST TERRORISTS.

Tim Wise believes you should execute whites who are Tea-party members (TERRORIST!)

We ALL know about Bill Ayers the LEFTIST/TERRORIST.

Black Panthers; TERRORISTS who want to murder whites and their babies.  They have Eric Holder (TERRORIST) who enables and protects them.

3 of these 4 terrorists are LIBERALS:

a62The list goes on & on of Liberal-terrorists. They must be stopped.  If a right minded person EVER gets in office again, we must strip liberals of their guns, expeditiously.

Liberals Do The Right Thing: 40 Tons Of #GMO Monsanto Beets Set Ablaze In Oregon

Liberals Do The Right Thing: 40 Tons Of #GMO Monsanto Beets Set Ablaze In Oregon

This makes me want to do a dance.  After what happened in West, TX, (GMO king had the plant in West, TX rocketed with 14 people or more KIA) I couldnt care less if the whole kit-n-kaboodle of the Monsanto fascist filth gets bombed.  Obama signed the Monsanto protection act and threw his Vege folks under the bus.  Too bad, so sad-now you know how we feel, all day, everyday.. Maybe the Monsanto NAZIs will help us unite our great divide:

Click: GMO crops set ablaze... – Democratic Underground

If we want to oust this government, we will need to find common ground with liberals who are more moderate. (I hate these labels)

Here is what a Lib said:

Seems like the people in our government who are beholden to nasty corporations like Monsanto forgot a few things…like someone said upthread, if you leave people backed into a corner, with no way to fight back, not everyone is going to lie down peacefully and let them trample over them.I think that our collective welfare is more important than the destruction of property. Food is so very basic, and their are huge problems with not just the GMO food itself, but with corporate control over our food supply. This whole business is a huge issue, including foreign companies coming in, buying up local farm land, and taking over the food supply through patent laws, pollution of the ground water, etc. I have had personal experience with being sickened from exposure to Round-up when I worked on a rhododendron farm back in the early eighties.

Leftist & Liberal FASCISTS Call For The Murder & Death Of A 6 Year Old Child

You still think liberals and left wingers are nice and tolerant?  They are not. They have been murdering people for over 100 years: Stalins Russia, Hitlers Germany, Maos China.. and the worst: 50 million babies in America.



Here is the young boys video:

MORE HERE: Leftists and Liberals Call for Killing of 6 year old Conservative!

Source @Patriot Update

2009 FLASHBACK: SPLC Praised Unrepentant Terrorist, Bill Ayers~The SPLC Has *NO* Credibility

2009 FLASHBACK: SPLC Praised Unrepentant Terrorist, Bill Ayers~The SPLC Has *NO* Credibility

The SPLC published an interview with Bill Ayers in an 1998 issue of “Teaching Tolerance” which is mailed to public school teachers for free. In 2008, the SPLC defended the interview and praised Bill Ayers as “a highly respected figure in the field of multicultural education.” Click here for the rest: SPLC praised unrepentant terrorist as “highly respected” in 2009.

Mark Potok:

RAT. Terrorist Enabler. Stalinist. Bolshevik. Enemy To America. Not An Ally. Evil. Racist. Marxist. Bad Jewish man. ERAV RAV.

FILTH! Chicago: Police Arrested 7 Protesters Who Were Caught w/ Bottles Of Human Urine & Feces. OBAMA’S Followers

FILTH! Chicago: Police Arrested 7 Protesters Who Were Caught w/ Bottles Of Human Urine & Feces. OBAMA’S Followers

If MEN do zero. I will just give up.  I will go into my room and not ever come out again.  MEN are allowing this SHIT.

Chicago: Police arrested 7 protesters who were caught with bottles of human urine and feces. ( This is the movement endorsed by Obama and the Liberal Democrats. And they have the gall to criticize the Tea Party Movement?

X-Black Panther Warns Conservatives Of Coming Liberal Violence, 2012 Elections.

Well….since the #OWS ‘liberals’ are scared to death of pepper-spray..Imagine how they’ll  feel if they have to stare at the barrel of a gun. 

  I really am sick and damned tired of these disgusting, traitorous, evil DOGS and their murder-filled rhetoric against people that fear God.  Americans that DO fear God had better start hitting your knees in massive prayer against the ‘liberals’ and their ‘g’od, Satan.

SEE: Ex Black Panther Activist Warns Conservatives Of Coming 2012 Liberal Violence.

#OWS Oakland: Burn, Loot, Attack Police~You Know, the USUAL Leftist Sh*t


Commies are taking over.

A Commenter:

Oakland is reaping what it sewed, period.

The left ‘liberal’ people in that part of the U.S have no fear of God nor any allegiance to America, they are all self centered, lusting for sin of every form to out do Sodom and Gomorrah, they… like all democrat liberals, live for the moment.

Any conservative living there (well actually any where in California) with any kind of an IQ would move.

The police chief dude at 7:39 we had this under control ?? “…We were in the area…we had sufficient forces available… …They were just not visible… We had officers strategically located…hidden areas… in case we had to take immediate action…” WHAT? They block a Port, vandalized several businesses, blocked roads and the police were, strategically located???
No, What I heard was they had no control and no balls to handle it, let alone the Real Men to handle it. The police chief dude was obviously pandering to the public, as IF THEY had control, they had no control.

This video gave me the impression that the gay crowd in Oakland is afraid, and they are trying to re-assure the gay population that they have it under control. But it is quite obvious they do not.

Occupy rats burn, loot and attack police

The Mayor is a pathetic piece of garbage, this is what she is requesting:

Mayor, City Officials Plead With #OccupyOakland To Remain Non-Violent

Meanwhile, David Duke, The ANP, Pelosi and Obama LOVE this violence.

There will be no more songs, sung for anyplace in California, which has been DESTROYED by ‘liberals.’


See all of the Oakland pictures:

PhotoBlog: Protesters set fires, clash with police Oakland

I am sick, this make me weep in sick despair.  Please, Californians that are right minded-please come to Arizona.

Occupy violence

The Stupidity of Fox & Friends Is Maddening: You CANNOT Educate Insanity~Leftists ARE Mental

I was listening to a few minutes of Fox & Friends. (I cant listen to Faux and friends for more than 5 minutes, BTW.)


Fox and friends was telling their audience, the T-party, specifically, to ‘go out and educate these people on Wall Street.’  I wanted to blow a gasket.  Fox news has the most ridiculous assholes in the planet on their shows.  Let me tell everyone something: I have worked with mentally ill people, a LOT.  Has anyone ever seen a person that is having a ‘mania?’  Do you even know what a mania is?  Most people don’t.  A maniac (mania) is a person that is having a massive nervous breakdown.  The leftist psych’s calls this ‘bi-polar disorder.’  It is not a ‘disorder’ for many people, for some it is just a nervous breakdown; lack of sleep, coming out of a bad depression is usually the underlying cause of such a mania.

  When a person is having a ‘bi-polar’ episode (nervous breakdown, mania) they do not listen to reason. They cannot see reason, logic or sanity.    A person suffering from this type breakdown usually thinks (in delusion) that everyone else is the problem. That everyone else is insane.  A ‘bi-polar’ patient is usually 100% out of their mind.  There is NO talking to a person that is this far gone.  The only thing that can save a bi-polar patient in the middle of a nervous breakdown, is a strong sedative drug- and usually taken for many days, even weeks at a time.

  The same can be said about the leftists. They are insane.  Not with bi-polar, mind you.  They have been taught from cradle to the grave that they are right, they are ‘fighting evil’ and you, the Christian/Conservative/Patriot is the one that needs the meds.  This is from their ‘bible’, usually Saul Alinsky/Commie Manifest, etc….Those are the ‘ethics’ they follow.  They have a ‘faith & religion’, called ‘liberalism’.    They have been indoctrinated with a mindset that is beyond help. They are much like radicalized religious people.     One cannot come out of this insanity ‘bada-boom.’  Just ask David Horowitz.  Ask Michael Savage.    Myself, having worked with people suffering mental conditions, (voluntarily, FT ORD)- I know that you cannot reason or ‘educate’ them. Only a miraculous intervention will save this type person.     If you have ever read the Christian New Testament- Even Jesus warned of the lunatic; “This type demon does not come out, except with fasting and prayer.”   

We can all agree Jew OR Christian, that PRAYER and Gods intervention (besides strong defense; guns, food, etc) is needed now.

  Fox and friends are stupid & careless..  They are encouraging Americans to go down the Wall Street to ‘educate’ INSANITY. To risk their lives.  These people (leftists) are VIOLENT and have violent tendencies.   Eventually, like a bi-polar patient, they will (in delusion) feel they will have to defend themselves against you (the fascists, its an illusion.)  It is also called projection.  What they are, they project onto you, which is exactly what a mental patient does.    You must face the facts, American patriots: You are on defense.  You are not on the offense. They are.  They are protected, you are not. 

  A mentally ill person is also protected by laws around them.  In fact, in many & most cases, mentally ill people have gotten violent with friends and family members.   Make no mistake; the person that is in the MOST danger around a ‘bi-polar’ person, is, in fact, not the patient, but the ones around the patient.    Take heed.     Do not risk your lives for insanity.    If you DO go, you must go in LARGE numbers. I mean very large.  Like 1,000 people plus (preferably strong men).    If you are smart: At this point, gather weapons, food, secure your homes, cars, etc.  You are on defense, and you must realize this. You must also realize, that these leftists are NOT playing with a full deck.  With that being said, this is not a game of Dems bad, Repubs good.  This is an evil plot to enforce Communism and totalitarianism on you, by death, if necessary.

Leftists have the whole 20th century of insanity and murder to prove this, from Bolshevism to Nazi-ism to Mao:

*Over 100 million dead SANE people at the hands of insane, ‘liberal,’ Communism/Nazi-ism/Fascism. 

Proof: TRUMKA & ALF CIO Promoting Wall Street Anarchy, Anti-Semitism & Violence

On Breitbart:

Video Proof: AFL-CIO Promoting Anti-Corporate Wall Street Anarchy