U.S. Left Freaking Over EU Far Right-Wing Election Results: Left Enabled It W/ Their Open Borders, Commie Madness!

U.S. Left Freaking Over EU Far Right-Wing Election results:  Left Enabled It W/ Their Open Borders, Commie Madness!

The Liberal/Commie/Left is SO out of touch with the people that they can’t even see that they made the far, right-wing ‘happen.’


The US left-wing is freaking out over the ‘far’, right-wing taking over in EU.  Why??  Liberals enabled it with their open borders craziness, banning words in England like ‘girl’, pissing and whining over the Union flag: It might offend the poor Muslims, the Ass-kissing of the radical Islamists who HATE the European countries, Homosexual marriage, disrespect of Christians, spending like Marie Antoinette on steroids, treating your whites like they are the plague, allowing blacks, but mostly Muslims to burn down England, ditto Sweden & France and then call everyone a racist for hating your Communist insanity..  YOU LEFTISTS BROUGHT THIS  ON.    No one is to blame but yourselves.   Congratulate each other for enabling the ‘far,’ right-wing.. You did it.  AND, leftists have been doing this unsuccessfully for over ONE HUNDRED YEARS.

Look at these websites…here lies the failure of radical, left-wing politics, there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth:

This is what leftism brought to Europe and for every action, there is a reaction.. don’t blame the Muslims, it’s the left that is THE problem:



File:Les Evenements de 2005.JPG



UK after one black man was shot-

Tottenham riots, London

In Sweden, the Muslims rioted, indigenous Swedes were told:  ‘Sit down and shut up, don’t criticize this, you racists.’ –

Stockholm riots Sweden

Women are raped in Sweden by the illegal alien Muslims:






Stop bitchin leftists!  You caused this!  And, ‘evil’ white man, Nigel Farage warned you about fierce nationalism well over a year ago & all you stupid liberals did was call him a RACIST & now it’s here!!!!

Greek, Portugal & Spain protest because Communism/Socialism FAILS!

Demonstrators shout slogans and display posters calling for snap elections as they protest in front of the parliament during the vote of the 2014 State Budget in downtown Lisbon on November 26, 2013.(AFP Photo / Pedro Nunes)

22M: Madrid Protests on March 22, 2014

Many in the MSM blamed Pamela Geller & Spencer for Anders Brevik.  I blame you liberals for people like Brevik.  

The right wing IS Coming to the USA, eventually :  Courtesy of the American ‘new’ Left.  

Stop fierce nationalism NOW by halting and putting an end to your multi-cult, Homo-marriage, Hate conservative, Deplore Christians, militant homo sickness, love for abortion,  accusatory, Communist, bigoted insanity.  ASAP.   If you don’t, the right-wing will be forced to thrash your lousy ass—right here in the states & NOBODY will come to your defense, NOBODY.

While The INSANE Left Worries About NON-Violent Cliven Bundy, An Anti-Gun Liberal Murdered 6 People

While The INSANE Left Was Worried About NON-Violent Bundy, Anti-Gun Liberal Murdered 7 People

In America, a man who says that “Negroes are better working, not living off of welfare” is treated as if he is more dangerous than a Liberal with an AK.


SO, I’m confused:

California has some of the toughest gun restrictions in the nation, heck, the world.. Yet this LIBERAL was able to get a gun? Have we learned whether the gun is legally registered? Of course, he’s he son of a Hollywood big wig, so it was probably easy.  This is proof, 100% – that gun control does not work–in the least bit.

Even though a leftist murderer killed this man’s son, he is blaming the NRA: Richard Martinez, Father of #UCSB Student Murdered in #IslaVista Rampage, Blames #NRA for Son’s Death

Liberalism is terror and murder.  Stop trying to pass the buck saying he was mentally ill.  We all know that most Liberals are mental and insane but at least they take their prescription meds.. This young man was reared in Liberal home and this is the ramifications of growing up LIBERAL in America.

Add another LIBERAL murderer to this picture:

A home decor collage from November 2013

Told You So: CO Shooter A Radical Leftist (Commie) Named Karl Halverson Pierson Who Was For Gun Control

Told You So: CO Shooter A Radical Leftist Named Karl Halverson Pierson Who Was For Gun Control


All of the recent (last 4 years) of mass shootings were perp’d by radical leftists. That’s the facts.  So, any way you look at it, ITS STAGED. 

AND: Another life  is snuffed out of America because of ‘progressive’ Communism.

 These shootings are perpetrated BY ‘liberals’.   Who then, turn to blame the NRA & patriotic people.  Talk about epic projection.. I am telling you that more of this will happen.  It is happening because they want OUR guns.  They are insane. They want OUR guns because of what THEY are perpetrating.  Communists (Liberals) are terrorists and will keep this up until we submit. Just like Islam. I will NOT submit to this lunacy.

  • CommenterAndrew Wixson:   I knew him and he was a self-described communist, not a democrat in the truest form. He was very intellectual and read a lot. His motives were described by his speech and debate teammate: “Karl half-jokingly threatened to kill Mr. Murphy, and Mr. Murphy got him suspended for saying that,” Redmond told the Daily News. “Karl wanted to go to the Air Force Academy and they don’t look positively on suspensions so (Karl) felt like Mr. Murphy had ruined his life.”

Karl Halverson Pierson was a far left progressive who mocked Republicans on his Facebook page  (Which the leftists have scrubbed) See the link, below for commenters who knew Karl:

More: Arapahoe High School shooter Karl Halverson Pierson – leftist strongly for gun control

More here how they are covering this up: SEE……..

Trying to keep it edited that he was radical:  Denver Post Edits “Socialist” Out of Description of Arapahoe School Shooter

Another story here:  I Own The World…

Arapahoe High School shooter Karl Halverson Pierson - leftist who was AGAINST gun rights

Oliver Stone: ‘White GOP Threatened By Black President.’ Let’s Have THAT Conversation, Stone. Put Up Or SHUT UP.

Oliver Stone: ‘White GOP ‘Threatened’ By Black President. Let’s Have THAT Conversation, Stone. Put Up Or SHUT UP.

Here it goes again.. The USUAL lying narrative:  You’re all racists who oppose this drek in the White house.  Well, here is a fact, at least for our blog:  WE feel that whites are threatened, daily – because of Obama.. I believe that his sons get away with murder every day since he has been the dictator.  I’m convinced that more whites have been murdered, raped and robbed than ever before.  And, I believe that is largely due to Eric Holder allowing the Black Panthers to go scot-free after voter intimidation in 2008.  I concur that that Obama is a race-hustling slob who uses every, single racial situation since his 1st campaign to stir up animosity between Americans of different races.  

Obama and his leading racist henchman, Eric Holder advised us to ‘have a conversation about race.’  But, when we do just that, we are told “SHUT UP, YOU RACIST!”  That is not an honest discussion and I think it’s time we had it.  Maybe Stone can lead this conversation since he is willing to delve.  He can start with why the media is silent about blacks murdering whites.  Kicking Jews around, and beating Asians.  Let’s have it, Stone.. Put your money where your mouth is and start an honest discussion… Or, stick to lousy, boring movies.  Put up or shut up, Stone.  Coward..

Oliver Stone: ‘White’ Republicans ‘Threatened’ by Black President

No, we’re threatened by attitudes like this… 

Meanwhile, for those who have the guts to talk about black on white hatred-we will continue to expose it.

Thanks To Communist “Liberals” USA Ranks BOTTOM In Math

Thanks To Communist “Liberals” &  USA Ranks BOTTOM In Math

You can’t fault this one on patriotic people you SWINE.  How can teachers teach math when they are busy indoctrinating children about anus, poop-chute sex & feminism?  How can they teach 1+1 when they are busy teaching how little white kids are racists at age 10? Screwing up their little minds on how abortion is so wonderful.. 

Face it, you sick, demented lunatic “Liberals”  YOU ARE TO solely blame for this.

Click-U.S. ranks bottom in math skills

Progressive/Commie ‘Liberals’ ARE Terrorists: We Don’t Need Gun Control-We Need Liberal Control.

Progressive/Commie ‘Liberals’ ARE Terrorists:  We Don’t Need Gun Control-We Need Liberal Control.

First of all…they are not even ‘Liberal’.  What a lie!! Look up Liberal in the dictionary–they are opposite of the definition. They call themselves “Liberal” so they can HIDE their real motives..

Almost all acts of terror are committed in America BY Liberals.  They also enable Jihad Muslims.  Left-wing terrorists are everywhere.  When they call God fearing Christians and Conservatives ‘terrorists’, they are only projecting their own insanity.  These Liberals are in your neighborhoods, schools, restaurants, shopping markets, malls–plotting to kill your country.  Since the 1880’s, the left wing cabal of red terror has been scaring Americans.  They have no control.  They will even commit treason for the greater good: HISTORY OF LEFT WING TERROR ATTACKS.

They want our guns to terrorize and murder us.  So, we need to remove fire-arms from ALL Liberals.  They are not worthy to possess guns.  Liberals hate freedom, they hate liberty.  With a passion.  They are only for huge government fascism like the Communists and the NAZIs. Liberals MUST be disarmed. They abuse their power to the max when in control.  Even their idiot “President” Obama starts little wars all over the east to terrorize little countries with HIS guns.  We never see Obama threatening to invade China or Russia because he is a BULLY.  That is what Liberals are: BULLIES.  A bully needs his/her power stripped.


The FBI arrested 5 #Occupy Cleveland protesters for plotting to blow up the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Bridge in May 2012. The terrorists repeatedly tried to blow up the bridge: LEFTIST TERRORISTS.

Tim Wise believes you should execute whites who are Tea-party members (TERRORIST!)

We ALL know about Bill Ayers the LEFTIST/TERRORIST.

Black Panthers; TERRORISTS who want to murder whites and their babies.  They have Eric Holder (TERRORIST) who enables and protects them.

3 of these 4 terrorists are LIBERALS:

a62The list goes on & on of Liberal-terrorists. They must be stopped.  If a right minded person EVER gets in office again, we must strip liberals of their guns, expeditiously.

Do You Hear Crickets Chirping? I Do, #Benghazi Is As We Said Here, Gone With The Wind-Forgotten

Do You Hear Crickets Chirping? I Do, #Benghazi Is As We Said Here, Gone With The Wind-Forgotten

The last  activity for Benghazi on the internet was May 14, 2013:  Benghazi, IRS hearings.   What is terrible about this Libya scenario is that the Mothers of the Benghazi terrorist attack will never receive justice.  Even more tragic,  they were  probably staunch Obama supporters.  

I don’t care for GWBush, but if this was Bush, this would have been front page news, day in and day out.  

And now, American people only care about the IRS scandal. Why? Because money means more than murder to Americans.  I advised some folks on my email thread that Obama would use the IRS scandal to distract from Benghazi.  I was right. They laughed at me, but I was right and they were wrong-sadly so.   At any rate,  it looks pretty bad for BO, Holder and Company.  BUT-My guess is they will get away with EVERY scandal because they are black.  I bet AG Holder does not even resign…It would be racist to ashcan the AG or demand he resigns.  If Eric Holder was white, he would have been gone faster than you could say Jack Robinson.  Trent Lott resigned over much less. As did R. H. Nixon.

Obama will never be a decent enough person to step down and neither will Holder.. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.  Nixon was a better man than Obama.

 The DNC does not hold its blacks in office to account, they treat them like animals. Just look at Rangal, Dinkins, (Mayor NYC),Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee (All abusers of power AND the race card etc..)  If all of these present scandals disappear in the next week or so, you will know I was correct.  

I also bet any person $50- that NOTHING will happen to Obama, Holder, or Hillary.   In fact, Hillary will probably run for Prez and America will elect the bitch.

God bless America.  NO other nation like us…Even the Islamo 3rd world dumps have it more together.  You know I’m right.

AND….Guess what else, kids….the IRS scandal will be forgotten in about 9 days. The AP SNAFU with James Rosen is almost over.  The Internet is an enemy to true journalism at this point.  The Communist DNC will not EVER hold any of their Komrades to account, especially blacks.  It is going to be a LONG 3 more years.

REBECCA SCHOENKOPFCOMMIEWITZ’s New Wonkified Woman-Cave. Calling All Eligible Bachelors


(You can click on the pic for a larger poster, Becca, made just for you.)

If this isnt marriage material for an uber, far-left wing, Marxist, Liberal-schmuck – or a metro, pussy-boy- I don’t know what is..

So, we have to leave off on a good note with miss Becca – the epic drama queen & attention whore extraordinaire from Wonkette..  Someone please, man or woman, please, I’m begging ya:  Take this hag out of her misery..

 Find a man, Becca and cook some dinner…(That’s all most women are good for anyway.)  Well, Liberal Jewish women are not really even good at that.   On the other hand,  they’re very good at opening their big mouths (Don’t get excited guys, not that type mouth…)  Think Debbie Wassermanshitz *Gag*  We can always use Becca’s mouth for garbage consumption.  Meanwhile, know your damned role, woman:  go clean something.   And, for Gods sakes, biotch… don’t pro-create..

Hey Sam Elliott…I’ve got a Liberal Jewish wench for ya.. Likey?

I'll pass, MJ.  I'll Stick With A Goy Lady.

Bye “Liberals”, U pro-NAZI pigs. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

Heres is the skanks post: ‘Mad Jewess Mad At Gun-Seizing Abortion-Forcing Holocausting Stockholm Syndrome Jews At Your Wonket.’.  UglyHAG