Eric Cantor Was Voted Out Because He Is A Sellout-Traitor, & An EVIL Erav Rav Skunk

Eric Cantor Was Voted Out Because He Is A Sellout-Traitor, & An EVIL Erav Rav Skunk

BREAKING: Eric Cantor to quit as House Majority Leader


All over Twitter today are Communist Liberals saying that Eric Cantor was voted out because he is Jewish.  What a LAUGH riot. 

1st of all:  Eric Cantor was an Erav Rav:  A traitor to the Jews.  A ‘Jew’ who brings defamation to other Jews by pushing anti-American, pro-Communistic politics that are AGAINST the Torah. 

2nd of all:  People are sick and tired of illegals and this aggressive push for amnesty which Cantor has favored.

3rd:  Americans are angry that this insane government cares nothing for its own people and coddles terrorists and Mexicans who hate them.

4th:  US Citizens ARE outraged that our ONE Jewish congressman,  in the GOP was such an Obama-blowing suck up.

5th:  My opinion- Democrat, Commie ‘Jews’ (JINOs) should get the hell out of office politics.  Almost every Jew in big politics today is a radical Communist, not a Jew at all.   We have Boxer and Feinstein, both who are working against the country, (2nd Amendment) trying to grab American people’s guns, leaving them at the mercy of criminals, rapists and murderers.    These 2 have been Senators in Calif for years and the golden state is now a sewer because of them. 

Then take Schumer from NY–another Communist who uses his Jewish name to monitor Tea-party groups through the IRS and is also a gun-grabbing Communist.  Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, a hag who knows nothing about politics but opens her ugly, big mouth every 5 seconds, putting Americans down.   Then, there was Bloomberg…the crazed Napoleonic Commie “Jew” who was banning soda from NYers.. Plus he is also a gun grabbing FREAK…AND, he is a friggin ugly-ass weasel.  What about Weiner?  And his ‘cock shot?’  Good God.. I can go on forever about these putz’s.

….AND, if an American speaks up against these gasbags, they get called an ‘anti-semite.’

GET LOST, LEFT-WING “Jews!”  YOU SUCK!  You destroy the Jewish people any time you open your ugly mouths.


U.S. Left Freaking Over EU Far Right-Wing Election Results: Left Enabled It W/ Their Open Borders, Commie Madness!

U.S. Left Freaking Over EU Far Right-Wing Election results:  Left Enabled It W/ Their Open Borders, Commie Madness!

The Liberal/Commie/Left is SO out of touch with the people that they can’t even see that they made the far, right-wing ‘happen.’

The US left-wing is freaking out over the ‘far’, right-wing taking over in EU.  Why??  Liberals enabled it with their open borders craziness, banning words in England like ‘girl’, pissing and whining over the Union flag: It might offend the poor Muslims, the Ass-kissing of the radical Islamists who HATE the European countries, Homosexual marriage, disrespect of Christians, spending like Marie Antoinette on steroids, treating your whites like they are the plague, allowing blacks, but mostly Muslims to burn down England, ditto Sweden & France and then call everyone a racist for hating your Communist insanity..  YOU LEFTISTS BROUGHT THIS  ON.    No one is to blame but yourselves.   Congratulate each other for enabling the ‘far,’ right-wing.. You did it.  AND, leftists have been doing this unsuccessfully for over ONE HUNDRED YEARS.

Look at these websites…here lies the failure of radical, left-wing politics, there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth:

This is what leftism brought to Europe and for every action, there is a reaction.. don’t blame the Muslims, it’s the left that is THE problem:


File:Les Evenements de 2005.JPG


UK after one black man was shot-

Tottenham riots, London

In Sweden, the Muslims rioted, indigenous Swedes were told:  ‘Sit down and shut up, don’t criticize this, you racists.’ –

Stockholm riots Sweden

Women are raped in Sweden by the illegal alien Muslims:






Stop bitchin leftists!  You caused this!  And, ‘evil’ white man, Nigel Farage warned you about fierce nationalism well over a year ago & all you stupid liberals did was call him a RACIST & now it’s here!!!!

Greek, Portugal & Spain protest because Communism/Socialism FAILS!

Demonstrators shout slogans and display posters calling for snap elections as they protest in front of the parliament during the vote of the 2014 State Budget in downtown Lisbon on November 26, 2013.(AFP Photo / Pedro Nunes)

22M: Madrid Protests on March 22, 2014

Many in the MSM blamed Pamela Geller & Spencer for Anders Brevik.  I blame you liberals for people like Brevik.  

The right wing IS Coming to the USA, eventually :  Courtesy of the American ‘new’ Left.  

Stop fierce nationalism NOW by halting and putting an end to your multi-cult, Homo-marriage, Hate conservative, Deplore Christians, militant homo sickness, love for abortion,  accusatory, Communist, bigoted insanity.  ASAP.   If you don’t, the right-wing will be forced to thrash your lousy ass—right here in the states & NOBODY will come to your defense, NOBODY.

Leftists Threaten Violence If Obama Loses: GOOD! Burn Your Sicko Liberal Cities To The Ground. Nobody Cares, Anymore

Leftists Threaten Violence If Obama Loses: GOOD! Burn Your Sicko Liberal Cities To The  Ground, Nobody cares…
Wakka WakkaCares, Anymore

Why all the hype and hysteria from Bill O’Reilly if the left goes a little more wacko than they already are? After they are finished with their insane riots, we’ll lock ’em up in straight jackets.  CHANGE we can all believe in!


I think about Obama losing and it makes me ecstatic.  (Of course, Romney is not MY ideal candidate… Sheriff Joe would have been my choice if he ran for pres).  But, just think what great news this is if the left wing riots, loots and burns their cities..


NYC (spiritual Babylonian whore) will be toast–that’s great, cool, wonderful, awesome.  Detroit is already a total hell-hole. No biggie..  Chicago? Big whoop, Rahm Emmanuel is the mayor, let him deal with the fall out. Who cares.  Oakland?  Good, Jerry Brown is a Marxist, let his state be laid waste.  The stupid, liberal, elite snots that live outside of Oakland may just get a taste of reality of how black liberals really are.  Ha Ha. 


And….the BEST part about all of this is; We have NO money to rebuild! LOL.  So, g’head and riot.  Burn your cities. Loot, whatever.  Nobody cares, anymore.  You leftists have destroyed the country.  This would just be the icing on the cake that is expected.


Meanwhile… I will be sitting back, watching the TV and laughing my ass off.

Look at this from– LMAOFF:

If Romney pulls ahead in the polls and you start to panic …


Entertainment Weekly Mag: Tina Fey: ‘Bitch Is The New Black’ – Referencing Hillary’s Libyan Clusterf*ck?!

Entertainment Weekly Mag: Tina Fey: ‘Bitch Is The New Black’ – Referencing Hillary’s Libyan Hillary Clusterf*ck  12:20, Oct 23, 2012 The Mad Jewess

These Marxist, feminist gasbags never cease to amaze me. They hate babies and they love murder.  Its disgusting.   Does this stupid hag even know it is against our own laws to murder leaders of countries at will?  I doubt it. Put a GOPer in and this broad will be screaming 6 ways to Sunday.  

Well, her BITCH, Hitlery took blame for OBAMA’s murderous mess.  How’s that for ya, she-beast?  Is this possibly how she feels about the Benghazi massacre of Hitlery’s?? 

Enjoy America, folks… Women rule like devils, minorities are king, illegals are precious and you, American, are jack-shit in your own country.

I photo-shopped her all nice for you:

If some of you USE my pic, LINK ME.

The Heimlich Maneuver For Obama-Voting Idiots

The Heimlich Maneuver For Obama-Voting Idiots…

  1. From behind, wrap your arms around the idiot, Obama voter waist.
  2. Make a fist (punch him/her in the face, FIRST…..) THEN, place the thumb side of your fist against the shit-heads upper abdomen, below the ribcage and above the navel, and sock-it-to em.
  3. Grasp your fist with your other hand and press into their upper abdomen with a quick upward thrust (making the liberal puke).
  4. Repeat until object (Obama propaganda) is expelled.

School Children: “God Bless The USA” Is No Good. But, “Obama’s Gonna Change It” Is OK. “Liberals” SUCK, They Are EVIL

School Children: “God Bless The USA” Is No Good. But, “Obama’s Gonna Change It” Is OK. “Liberals” SUCK. They are EVIL.

Watch this video, with the Obama voting filth, yelling at kids for singing “God Bless The USA” on the school grounds.. Calling little kids ‘racist.’  These people make me SICK.  Singing the Obama’s Gonna Change It” Song is OK to these damned devils, but having love for ones country is not ok.  You Liberal psychopaths have royally screwed this nation up, 6 ways to Sunday.

Patriotic for country, “BAD:”

Stalinist-Obama, happy horse-shit, “Good:”

My plan for “Liberals” when I am President:

Liberal/Progressives/Leftists, ETC Calling For “No Labels”, Trying To Censor The Word “COMMUNIST”

Liberal/Progressives/Leftists, ETC Calling For “No Labels”, Trying To Censor The Word “COMMUNISM”

People walking around calling for ‘no labels’ are trying to censor the word Communism from the debate.

-The C Monster (@cnin)

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Looks like the Liberals are runnin scared. They dont want you to say the word….


Why?  If one is a certain way, why are they not proud of what they are?  Because Communism in America is TREASON.  I have always been proud to be patriotic…of course, until the foreign usurper, Obama got in the W.H..

Need reminding of what happens to Commies?

Boo hoo….

More LIBERAL Insanity: Pastor Gets 2 Years For Teaching Disciplining Children With Spanking

More LIBERAL Insanity: Pastor Gets 2 Years For Teaching Disciplining Children With A Spanking… Amazing!

I got my ass kicked 2-3x growing up and I damned well deserved it.  This is just more Liberal insanity. ONLY A LIBERAL would want a lousy little brat for a child.  If you do not discipline your children WITH a spanking on the ass here and there…you will have raised a screwed-up adult.  But, this never stops Liberals, who raise up kids that are drug-dealing losers that end up eating dogs and peoples faces. 

Only a stupid, man-eating, drug-using, anal-sexo slob like a LIBERAL would have a Pastor locked up for idiocy like this. Liberal PIGS are the ‘top brass’ on morals & ethics, trashing the bible….. And people wonder WHY this nation is screwed 6 ways to Sunday.

Read the LIBERAL  insanity here.

Proverbs 13:24

He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.