Disgusting: American ‘Democracy’ In Action: Muslim Brotherhood Now In Charge Of Libya

Disgusting: “American” Democracy In Action: Muslim Brotherhood Now In Charge Of Libya

“If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” -James Madison

We scream and yell about Benghazi but do we give a damn that the Muslim brotherhood has been installed in Libya by Obama/McCain?  Obama is a curse, this is true, but the real curse is that we bring war and over-throw elected governments.   Egypt, Libya, (we tried in Syria) and Ukraine.  It’s fascinating that any sane American thinks that Ukraine is any different than the aforementioned.

I guess present day, war-mongering Americans know better than the founding fathers:

“No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare. ” -James Madison

“Governments constantly choose between telling lies and fighting wars, with the end result always being the same. One will always lead to the other.” -Thomas Jefferson

“Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.” -George Washington

“It is our true policy to steer clear of entangling alliances with any portion of the foreign world.” -George Washington

“Great is the guilt of an unnecessary war.” -John Adams

Cenk Uygar: “Move The F*ck On From #Benghazi.” Yeah, F*ck That Lefty Fag, Chris Stevens

Cenk Uygar: “Move The F*ck On From Benghazi.” Yeah, F*ck That Lefty Fag, Chris Stevens



If this was GW Bush, would Cenk Uygar ‘move on?’  Nope. 

The Democrats lied. They covered up the story.  They lied over and over again when all they had to say was that they failed.  But, they lied to us.  What does that mean?  They will lie to us over and over again just as they have with Egypt, Libya, Syria and Ukraine.  But, I digress.. Let’s do move on.  F*ck that leftist, Chris Stevens who was a faggot.  Let’s move on and allow Obama and company keep lying, expanding government and starting revolutions all over the planet. 

How many of you do not care which party is in there and believe they are ALL liars except maybe 3 or so?  We have to stop all of this and now is a good a time as any.  Or, do the Dems not want to go after Obama because he’s BLACK?! Thats what I think.

Boehner Wants Trey Gowdy To Lead #Benghazi Committee? Maybe Something Will Get Done, Now

Boehner Wants Trey Gowdy To Lead #Benghazi Committee? Maybe Something Will Get Done, Now

I wonder if this is a parody…


I love Trey Gowdy.  He never smiles.  A very serious person.. AND: Its a RARE day when I say that John Boehner is finally doing something right.  Watch the left go insane, now.  They will dig up something from when Gowdy was a toddler and he said the N word.. Just watch.

Sources said Boehner wants former prosecutor Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) to lead the committee, and that preference means Gowdy is likely to preside over the effort.  More at the new Liberal Blaze:  Here-Hat Tip 

On 9/11/12 Susan Rice Received Tweet From Freelancer @JomanaCNN in Libya: Ansar al-Sharia Attacking Benghazi Compound

On 9/11/12 Susan Rice Received Tweet From Freelancer @JomanaCNN in Libya: Ansar al-Sharia Attacking Benghazi Compound

Isn’t it time to subpoena Jomana @ CNN??  They all knew there was an attack.  They’re just covering up for the boy.

See the whole story here: Maggie’s Notebook

Email to Susan Rice 6:17 PM EDT 9/11/12, night of Benghazi Attack. Ambassador Stevens is still missing

They knew the consulate was under constant attack & Benghazi had nothing to do with a video:


-David Ben Moshe

NY Times #Benghazi Dec 28 Report: More BS For Stupid American Sheeple Because Witness’s Don’t Count

NY Times #Benghazi Dec 28 Report: More BS For Stupid American Sheeple Because Witness’s don’t count:


What REALLY happened in Benghazi? I know what happened and so should any person who is a news junkie.  Obama/Hillary’s Arab spring brought on Benghazi.  Killary Klinton helped assassinate Gadaffi.    Gadaffi loyalists w/ Al Qaeda  had our people murdered for interfering in their country, we aided in assassinating their leader:  Click (in this link is the story).     That’s the bottom line whether you like it or not.   It’s called natures law of cause and effect.   Add the fact that the Al Qaeda flag was flown above the Libyan flag during the revolution:   See it here 

Mr. Hoft also has some pictures, of the Al Qaeda flag in Benghazi:  HERE

At any rate-You can read through the NY Times post (below), but I stop where the BS begins.  I received this news as I was watching Fox… Bottom line: According to the NYTimes, it was the ‘Youtube Video.’   Witness’s don’t count.  Only NYTimes LIES count in our screwed up America.

SEE:  Dec 28th Report: A Deadly Mix in Benghazi

I guess this means nothing:

CIA personnel who testified Tuesday on the Benghazi attack provided new evidence that it was premeditated, telling lawmakers that the deadly mortar strike on the CIA annex began within minutes of a rescue team’s arrival, Fox News has learned.

 More: CIA witnesses offer more evidence Benghazi attack planned.

Nobody can even talk to the witness’s because Obama the pathetic a$$hole fears impeachment… Dec 28th, The DNC sends email defending Obama from impeachment possibility-  DEMS runnin scared…

  This Benghazi mess is just a damned cover-up & they know WE know.    Mediate reported this bs story as well:  Here (Al Qaeda not involved, bs..) 

Why was the Al Qaeda flag hanging in Libya above the Libyan flag, then???

Blood all over Obama’s hands.  I can see lying Obama on the phone to NYT telling them to make up anything to cover up his bloody hands…


By the way, Stevens was gay.  They sent GAY Stevens to a place where they massacre gays.

More Obama Blowback: American Teacher Is Shot & Killed In #Benghazi, Libya. More “Hoax”, @mmfa ?

More Obama Blowback: American Teacher Is Shot & Killed In Benghazi, Libya. More “Hoax”, @mmfa ?

Media Matters for America’s David Brock says that Benghazi-gate is a ‘hoax’, made up by evil, right-wing racists, yada yada.  Explain this death, you idiot.  No, it’s not an ambassador, just another American fatality in Obama’s Dead Pool

The problem with the ‘hoax’, you asinine, jerk-off is that your Comrade, Obama LIED and then covered it up.  And, you already know that if this was a Repub prez, it would have at least made the Communist news.   If this was America, 1972, we would see a resigned Prez, not one that is protected by Democrats………!!

Teacher Shot, see here... (Tammy Bruce hat tip)

Kirkus(Commie) Reviews Praises ‘The Benghazi Hoax‘ 

Communist RAG, Salon Dumps On Lara Logan After Apology Re. Benghazi Misinfo (Commies NEVER Apologize For Wrong Info)

Communist RAG, Salon Dumps On Lara Logan After Apology Re. Benghazi Misinfo (Commies NEVER Apologize For Wrong Info)

Apologizing for mistakes is one of the most honorable attributes a human can possess.  Most ‘liberal’ journalists lie and name call Americans every day and NEVER apologize…

It’s amazing.  Logan is trying to get the right story & truth out about Benghazi.  You do remember she was raped in Tahir, Egypt – over and over??  The fact that she is able to try to report this certain scenario – putting emotions aside – yet still has the guts to admit there was misinfo re Muslims- this tells me that Lara Logan (although a liberal) is trying to get this story out to the public and the truth about Benghazi, Libya.  It is hard not to generalize all Muslims when you have been a victim of violence, let alone, gang-rape by Muslims.   Of course, the Communist cabal at the Salon is never satisfied and they are viciously attacking her.   No doubt, feminists are not even there for her right now, either.  Obama, their phony Messiah comes first in protection, not a female reporter.

See the nasty Communist post at Salon- CBS’ erroneous Benghazi debacle explodes

Her apology/ statement (Something Communists never do is apologize-they are unforgiving, filthy pigs.)

“The most important thing to every person at ’60 Minutes’ is the truth, and today the truth is that we made a mistake, and that’s very disappointing for any journalist, it’s very disappointing for me,” Logan said on “CBS This Morning. “Nobody likes to admit that they made a mistake, but if you do, you have to stand up and take responsibility and you have to say you were wrong, and in this case we were wrong.”

Apology on video:

Feminists were not  really outraged by Logan’s rape:

Thanks for trying to be sincere, Lara Logan.

Democrats Leave #Benghazi Hearing Before Testimony From Families of Victims

Democrats Leave #Benghazi Hearing Before Testimony From Families of Victims

This is not surprising.  At least not to me.  But, I want you to think good and hard about this:  Chris Stevens was gay. I am not ‘for’ gay.  Does not mean I dont ‘like’ gays, I just dont want to change things on behalf of their 2% population in America.  NOW, Selah:  Chris Stevens, one of the Progressive heroes (gay) has been thrown under the bus by his fellow Progressive Democrat MONSTERS.  That being said;  Just what makes you think that the Dems are looking out for ANY of you?? 


Click-Democrats Leave Benghazi Hearing Before Testimony From Families of Victims

Even I, being a ‘far right wing’ person would not do such a thing–even to a Liberal.

Some friend!!