Hard-Up Obama Robots Posting Pro-Obama Communism On “Before Its News” #ROFL!

Hard-Up Obama Robots Now Posting Pro-Obama Communism On “Before Its News” #ROFL!

First time I have seen this insanity on BIN.  Had not seen it before…


Really… No joke!  HA HA HA…!! Look, Obama morons.. you suck.  Your “Prez” is an idiot & a Communist asshole..  Anything he touches turns to mush.

More Pro-Obama crap here…. on BIN..  Poor “Before Its News”

He is just rotten to the core.  A huge experimental failure in modern day politics.  Majority should not ever put in a minority to rule over them.  For obvious reasons.  IT DOES NOT WORK.

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WOW! Did You See Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s FAT ASS Last Night On Hannity?

blonde:3  Were any of you watching Hannity last night?? (He is the only one I can really tolerate, anymore)   WOW, they showed a quick glance of thunder things, Wasserman Shultz.. Whata Lard Ass!

Who knew that bitch had such HUGE thighs and a FAT ASS!! LMAOFF! If her tuchas was any bigger, it would walk by itself.   Her ass is so fat, she got her own zip code. Her butt is so big, I can see it from the front.  Her ass is so fat,  she must have been baptized in Sea World.

They really go out of their way to HIDE THAT ASS!  You would never know her ass is so big, and she also so ugly according to VOGUE: WHAT A JOKE: Vogue Magazine Portrays Shultz as a beautiful woman.. .

Bootay Call!

The Mad Jewess Hands Bill Maher A Can Of “Whoop-Ass” On Twitter

@billmaher How did @AnnCoulter date a little prick like you? You are ugly, act like a jackass and your nose is bigger than your dick.


LOLZ~ “Kitty Toilet Paper Massacre”

After one has a life-threatening surgery, it makes ya want to stop and laugh, smell the roses, etc.  You should do that, even if you are not sick. If you lack humor, you cannot get through trying times. If you cannot laugh at horrible situations, you are a goner.

“A merry heart doeth good like medicine.”

Proverbs 17:22

H/T: Darcs LOLZ

Funny Animal Gifs - Animal Gifs: TP Massacre



Does Anyone Remember The “SOY BOMB?”

Do ya all remember the “Soy Bomb?”  It was at the Grammy show in 1998. I was watching it with my Nana-  Dylan was attempting to sing (he can’t sing, he whines like a sick cow), my Nana said; “This cat sings lousy”, I said, “Yeah, he really sounds like shit.”  Then, out of nowhere comes the “Soy Bomb” doing this insane, weirdo-looking dance.  My Nana asked me if it was part of the act. I said  “I dont know, but this Soy dude is stealing the show, because the show SUCKS!”   We were laughing our asses off…

What a riot.. I hope something like this happens at the Hollyweird Oscar show tonight.  The people up for Oscars are the worlds nastiest, narcissistic, left-wing pieces of drek.  Well, we can hope something funny happens….

Photo-Shopped America

No matter what-where ever you go-there you are. You have to wake up with yourself in the morning.  I have always thought, well, for about 20 years, that the ‘stars’ now are just plain ugly.. But here is proof:

Now, you dont have to feel so ugly. Most of these people are hideous. And whats even more hideous is that most of them hate America and always have.