Prophetic? Dream I Had the Other Night: Rockets/Bombs Etc Dropping In Major US Cities

Prophetic? Dream I Had the Other Night: Rockets/Bombs Etc Dropping In Major US Cities

I believe that dreams can be messages from God.  It says in the book of Joel that God would pour out his spirit on ALL flesh in the last days and mankind would dream dreams and people wold have visions, etc.

Here is the dream:

I was in Queens, NYC living in a home there.  We were out with our friends in the warm night.  Suddenly, I looked up and saw a 5-6 missiles/rockets fly through the sky (it was SO real), they were flying through the sky and one of them hit a house and blew the house away.  A second round of rockets flew through the sky and hit some more homes, blew them away.  And, then a third, fourth, on and on.   Me and my husband went under the bed and across the backyard, we saw a helicopter type of air-vehicle land in the yard next to us.  A military man got out and started shooting everyone in the house.  Rockets were flying across the sky.

I couldn’t take anymore and woke up.

 I have believed for many, many years (more than 2 decades) that America would be invaded.  We will be forcefully intruded upon by Russia, China and their allies, I believe.   We will be invaded for causing nothing but turmoil in the middle east, and now Eastern EU plus an array of other countries that we have had NO business being in.  John McCain and the NGO have fomented revolutions in 4 different countries, then turn & blame the leaders of those countries for what they do.

When this happens to us, don’t blame the invader.  Blame yourselves for allowing dirty, rotten psychopaths rule your lives and destroy the planet. Lunatics like John McCain, Obama and Bush.  We will have (collectively) done this to ourselves and payment in full is coming.  God is not mocked.  That which a man sows, he will also reap–in due time.

Russia and China came to mind when I had this dream.

It looked like this in the dream:  UPDATED PHOTO

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Dream Of America God Gave Me The Other Night


Dreams…. By TMJ, P. AsheDina  c 2013

Dreams can be warnings.  It is written in the book of Joel how in the last days, people will dream dreams, see visions, etc.

Here is the dream:

I saw a gigantic, off-white color blob. The blob was America. No formation, no foundation, just existence. It was just a big, off-white color blob. Then I saw a large hand take a pill. The pill was the color of dung.  It was dung, actually human dung. The large hand took this pill of dung and crammed it into the blob (which is America)

End dream.

What does this dream mean?  I do not know its interpretation yet.  I have an idea, but I am not 100% sure.  God is very saddened with America.  God is not pleased with the homosexual militancy, baby murders (abortion), its crave for violence, war, bloodshed, corruption and more.  Obama does not have any favor with God in the least bit and our people are becoming more decadent and sinful.  God is not pleased that America is quick to point out the sins of other countries but refusing to look at its own hateful sins.

Someone told me the other day that the “American people are not the problem.”  Our people have major problems. That is the truth.  Until America realizes that it is in great danger and under the mercy of God (mercy is Gods last resort), I feel many horrible times ahead.

One of our patriotic songs is “America, the beautiful.”  I believe that we are not a beautiful spirited nation anymore in the least bit.  We ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ WAR.  The reason we (generally speaking) love war is because we are at war…..with God.  This should be our new anthem:

I am very upset at the course we are taking.  Very depressed.  I will not join in on your demonizing of other people’s, countries, etc.  Seeking the way of peace is the heart of God.  I realize that ‘destruction cometh’, but I will still seek the way of God.

HORRIBLE Dream I Had About The Coming Invasion Of America

This was the most vivid dream I have had. (I woke up at 4:30 AM from this dream–right now)  Please pay attention.  Dreams are, (or can be) warnings.  In Joel, God promises in the end ages that he will pour out his spirit on ALL flesh. People will dream, folks will have visions, etc.

Here is the dream:

Americans, blissfully unaware were going about their hum-drum day.  Meanwhile, The US Govt was building up propaganda against Russia, China and other Asian nations.  These said countries had enough of the lies.  All of the sudden (I was in a large city), HUGE jets, aircraft (you name it) which were foreign were flying across the sky–it was so loud.  I looked up–I instantly knew what it was. Payback for our wars.  I knew it was invasion.  I saw thousands upon thousands of Asians & others.  They were piercing Americans through the stomachs.  They spoke perfect English.  As they pierced this American woman, a female Asian looked at the woman and started laughing.  She said: “YOU ARE NOT A WOMAN! YOU LOOK LIKE AN UGLY MAN!”  The lady underneath the sword was pleading for her life and the Asian just killed her. I looked at the dead female, I knew instinctively that she was a militant LGBT and I actually couldn’t care less if she was dead.  She was deserving.

As for me in the dream, I was laying by 2 dead people. Feigning death.  Time had gone by and this Asian person had made friends with me.  He knew that I was anti war (Meaning I am anti wars (Led by America) all over the planet) and he liked me as a friend.  I asked him how I could stay alive.  He was friends with top brass in his military.  He had told me that he advised them of who I was.  But, for me to always feign death. He now had to leave and we said Good bye to each other.

Much time had passed–Then, I was under a bridge-so many people dead all over from bombs, fires, etc..  I was looking for another place to hide, but I knew there was NO hiding place. I sensed that the invader was coming my way but I had moved.  So, I pretended I was sleeping and dreaming.  The soldiers were females that had proceeded toward me.  I pretended I was talking in my sleep.  I was saying in my feigned sleep:  “I am so sorry Syrian and Serbian mothers for what America did to you.”  All of the sudden, I felt a hand on my forehead, soothing me.  The soldier lady had felt my remorse of America’s great sins against countries.  She let me live and they walked away.


Another HORRIBLE Dream I Had: Tidal Wave, Tsunami

I have dreams.  It goes in spurts throughout the years.  Sometimes I have many dreams, other times, it is dormant. At any rate, there are Jews AND Christians that do not believe that God gives dreams, prophetic words, etc. What type God would God be if he did not warn people??

Well, you’re wrong-he DOES give dreams, visions, etc:

Joel 2:28  “And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.

God can do what he wants, people don’t have to believe it.  I believe he gives me these dreams to warn. (I believe)

Here is the dream:

..I was with my friends at Lovers Point on the Monterey Peninsula in California.  We decided to leave and began to walk up the hill.  I looked back to see the beautiful, old Victorian homes because I was headed back to Ariz. As I looked at the homes, I saw the ocean rise and fill the streets with ocean water. I remember feeling sad because all of the homes I loved were gone, in the twinkling of an eye..from the waters–totally demolished.  We all started to run, fast. We ran up the hills.  I kept thinking, PLEASE GOD!!! PLEASE RECEIVE ME!!  We all drowned.

The next part of the dream, (I had escaped the ocean and sand) we were in a house, I felt we might be safe, alas, we were not.  The ocean was rising, it came up to us, it began to move the whole house we were in.  I started running, as I was running, I was praying; PLEASE GOD, please just be with me.  The water started covering everyone.  As I lay there waiting to die (Because nothing could save anyone) I looked at the gal next to me, it was obvious that she was a militant LGBT person.  I asked her: What do you think Of God now?  She said: Nothing, I have done nothing wrong. I said, really?  Look up to the sky, fire is now raining on us.” Fire hail was coming from the sky.  I looked up at Americans, they were singing American hymns.  I said: “Well, finally, America is patriotic once again”

End dream.

I believe it is entirely possible that a tidal wave can hit somewhere in America, not sure if it would be west or east coast.  It could be anywhere. So, we all need to get close to God the best way we know, each according to his faith.  The time is late.

Typhoon, Tsunami-Terrible Dream I Had Of Huge Flooding (Possible Tidal Wave)

 Pay attention, this is another dream I had.  The last time I had a Tidal Wave dream, Japan was hit with a Tsunami within 12 days. Dreams ARE messages in the night from GOD to warn people that love and fear his name.

Here is the dream:

  I was at a large hotel.. (NYC) Many people were there, I was going to a singing engagement.  It was a very large hotel on the coastlands..  All of the sudden, we were given a warning, the warning came so fast; “STORM IS COMING, GET PREPARED!”  Let me tell you, it was only  minutes to prepare.  There was no preparation.  It came so suddenly, I mean FAST. I looked out at the ocean, and the water came in like a flood, it was HUGE. Reminded me of a Tsunami.  People were running to get to the top floor. The flood-wave was so bad, so forceful, so strong, and so deep.  Deep waters.  I remember telling myself; DO NOT PANIC.  So, I went to get on the elevator, to take myself to the 26th floor (Why the 26th, I dont know) but it would not bring me to the 26th, there was a problem.  I could hear the screams beneath me, people drowning.  I said to myself again; “DO NOT PANIC”.  I wanted to get frantic because I could not get to the floor.  I had gotten an idea in my head to just keep going up and down on the elevator, down to the 10th floor, then hit the button again, and go to the 25th floor.  Thus, I was just going up and down, and I was sustained in that survival mode.


  Spiritual aspect *Not being able to reach my destination, and to only be able to go up and down made me totally trust that God would take care of me in the flood. That is the spiritual place we ALL must get in; Trust in God. Storms are coming, floods ARE coming. I believe that America will have a flood for real, and a spiritual flood of overwhelming force?

TERRIBLE Prophetic Dream I Had In March 2009 About America Under B. Hussein Obama

UPDATE, 2021:  This dream occurred in 2009.  The events of this dream didnt occur under OBAMA’s regime. However, Obama is BACK in the White House using Joe Biden as his ‘puppet’.  It is very possible that ALL of these events will take place in the time ahead. Many of the dreams God has given me have come to pass: Snow in places it has not snowed.  Volcano in/near the ocean, (La Palma) bombing in Tennessee and more. Dreams, however, are NOT “Gospel”.  The Jan 6th protesters are the beginnings of the persecutions of so-called ‘white supremacists’.  (What the media calls ‘white supremacists’.)   That has started to come to pass from this below dream.  See the color text:

I had this dream in ’09. No telling if this will happen. I don’t know. Gods knows ALL. Ponder on this, though; We are under the ‘mercy’ of God. Which is a last resort. God wants repentance from America.


  I was out to eat, with friends, just eating, nothing more… I looked into the sky, and I saw 5 planes, it looked like a night time air show, but as I looked, they looked like foreign planes- I told the people I was with (friends) that they were foreign planes.. but these planes were NOT foreign. 


Time passed, and my friends and I went out to eat.. As we were eating, there was a LARGE some type of Aircraft that I had not seen before in the sky- it had 5 points and there was 5 rockets, I said: “LOOK AT THAT THING!!! IT IS GOING TO SHOOT DOWN AT US!!!”  It didnt shoot at US, but several rockets shot about 10-20 miles away, and we saw the fire and it BURNED homes down. We were becoming used to seeing bombs in our own nation. 
It was becoming COMMON-PLACE.

Then we were out… and this time, the rockets were above our heads, and in our paths, these rockets were setting fires all over, destroying everything in their path, everywhere.  People began to hide, hide wherever they could find a place, behind big cement walls, trees, ANYWHERE.

 People were dying everywhere in America by rockets. 

I, myself had gotten paralyzed by fear, for I never thought, in my life I would see rockets all over America- EVER. There was NO PLACE safe- NO WHERE.  People I knew began to run, hide, they were scared. 

   Somewhere, (I cant remember) if we didnt submit to something, all of the sudden we were placed at workplaces.  I was at this workplace, for what seemed like months…I started to question… When am I going home?!?  We had people that were called “TASKMASTERS” -They were not ‘bosses, or employers’ they were taskmasters and that was what they were called. 
The one that was my taskmaster was an American of African descent, she looked so saddened, and I knew why.. I knew that the poor woman voted for B.H.O., she was so filled with sorrow and regret.. I remember her looking at me, she was showing me how to make this weapon, I cant remember what it was, but she was a Christian, and she then told me that;  YOU MUST CONCENTRATE ON SURVIVING- this lady was really nice to me.. she directed me to a place where I cold make some trusted friends, but others she didnt help- these others were whites supremacists and they were being tormented with NAZI flags hanging on their torso’s.

  Some time passed.. I saw PROPAGANDA of the worst sort, it was ALL AGAINST ISRAEL, Obamas face was on so many billboards, it was ALL OVER the place…then as I was trying to make friends, BOMBS came into this place where I was, and I started running, day turned into night, BOMBS BOMBS BOMBS- fire everywhere, then there was NO PLACE to hide, NONE.  I got paralyzed with fear, because I thought for sure that they would get me- I thought they could detect EVERY PLACE we were at, I could hear this EVIL “ARMY” yelling “WHERE ARE THE CHRISTIANS AND THOSE THAT SUPPORT ISRAEL?!” I could hear the biggest usurper of all, B.H.O. on top, leading this evil army, Jews were hunted, Christians were HUNTED- but most of all, Jews were HUNTED.

  I was running, running… I stopped in some place, and there this lady or female was there, she seemed nice, but I looked at her again, she had on Eastern clothes, she was FULL of BLASPHEMY, she asked me to take a picture of her, and to ‘come and be friends’  I just acted like I was stupid ort something…but a ‘friend’ said “I will take her picture’ I thought, well, I BET that she will do something terrible.. he went to take her picture, and he got blown up.  But…I saw payment in full against this lying female, a bomb hit her or some grenade, and she was burned and screaming.

 Time had passed… and nowhere to hide as bombs rained down on the USA, it was so hard to find a place to hide- the people I was with were not smart in survival tactics.
I was then in a place like a garage, and I was so scared, I couldnt hardly move, and began to cry HARD.. Then a little girl showed up… she said, come this way!!
She began to tell me… ‘They cant hear and see everything you say!!’  I didnt believe her at first, then I remembered that the satan has NOT the power to know whats in your heart, God KNOWS US psalms 139. Then, I saw… a temporary hiding type place- many people were there, they were people that would NOT turn their backs on God.


Nov 9th: Today Is The Mad Jew B*tch’s Birthday!

Here to fight the fascism another year!  Get ready leftists and nasty pseudo-conservatives… I have not yet begun to fight! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! And May Elohim/GOD grant me 48 years more to fight you Fascist f’ckers til the day I die.

My really good friend painted this of me recently:

(watercolor and pencil)

One of my fav songs:

I Had A Dream About Our Muslim/Usurper “Prez”, Obama-The Black Narcissus

This was a strange dream.  Everyone knows that Obama is a narcissistic psychopath.  But, this dream showed me that his whole demeanor is comprised of being a narcissist

  In the dream, Obama’s face was within the Narcissus flower. He was smiling.  A smug smile, an unnatural happiness.  I heard the words in my dream; “Obama is a black Narcissus.”  So, what does this mean?  

Narcissist is a person who is engaged with only his own self.  Nothing else is of any importance.  The Greek Mythology tale says:

Narcissus or Narkissos (Greek: Νάρκισσος), possibly derived from ναρκη (narke) meaning “sleep, numbness,” in Greek mythology was a hunter from the territory of Thespiae in Boeotia who was renowned for his beauty. He was exceptionally proud, in that he disdained those who loved him. Nemesis saw this and attracted Narcissus to a pool where he saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with it, not realizing it was merely an image. Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, Narcissus died.[1] Narcissus is the origin of the term narcissism, a fixation with oneself.

In fact, this description is Obama in a nutshell:

What are Symptoms of Narcissism?

The movie, “The Black Narcissus” I found interesting as well, fits the Commies to a T : 

A group of Anglican nuns travel to a remote location in the Himalayas (the Palace of Mopu, near Darjeeling) to set up a school and hospital and ‘tame’ the local people and environment, by conversion and gardening.

The flower, the narcissus means ‘laughing’.  Indeed, Obama is laughing at so many of his ridiculous sheep-like followers with black-laughter, satanic, demonic. The black is not his ‘color’ skin, it is his whole personality.  A dark spirited person who laughs at our demise.  He knows that he cares for nothing but himself and his own ideology and persona.  If you watch the movie “The portrait of Dorian Gray”, you will see many character traits of our foreign usurper, Obama in it.

The way to defeat Obama is to keep showing him an image of himself. He will become drunk with his power.   This is how to conquer any arrogant fool.  Soon, he will fail so much that he will spiritually die from lack of admiration because nobody can keep admiring an idiot who does nothing but destroy.

Believe it or not, I don’t care.  But, if you are thinking of putting this selfish monster in, again.  You should know that people didn’t lie to you in explaining how this devil really is.