I Have A “Prediction” What Is Going To Happen To The Tea Party

  First of all, anyone that knows anything at this point, must understand that the T-party people only really care about being “Taxed Enough Already”, and if you think more than that, you are a moron. There are SOME people that have been to a massive amount of T-party’s inc. my friend Steve Cooper from the Conservative Monster, who shares many of my views now about this group now. They don’t even stand up for LT COL Lakin, even though they say they ‘support the troops’.  There needs to be a STRONG right wing-movement with Christian principles, & repentant hearts. Anything else does not suffice.

 Go to fullsize image I have plenty of issues with the T-party: Sodom/Gomorrah

# 1. They hardly EVER bring up the borders or the deaths and rapes Americans have faced with these illegal scum. #2. A small group of them do not believe that Obama was born here, but more times than not, they do NOT being up this fact, even though they claim to be “Constitutionalists”.  #3. They are starting to embrace the homosexuals into this movement-“GOPROUD”.  Which is “Gay Pride”.  Proof of this outrage has recently been Breitbarts ’embrace’ of GoProud, Ann Coulters embrace of them, and also now;  Sarah Palin.

  Sarah Palin is NOT a potential Presidential candidate on this website.  Some conservatives here like her and thats their business.  But a potential candidate, in my opinion, must be a GODLY person, period.  One that is Christian and follows Christian principles.

  So, with all of this being said, I believe that the T-party WILL become a liberal party, of which I will not EVER have a part- EVER.  It pains me terribly that Palin, Megan Kelly, Ann Coulter, Breitbart, Tammy Bruce and many others seem to embrace our downfall, which IS homosexuality.

  You will have to take all of this up with God, as I KNOW that this nation IS going to be judged severely, but not just for being openly homosexual lovers, but that we cowered under pressure from GoProud , Gay Pride movements, and turning away from a holy God.

I will leave you with this scripture, which is now happening in America, and we STILL endorse people that lack morals, just because they are ‘pretty or popular’- we are indeed shallow people and have completely forsaken God.

Genesis 13: 13    Now the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners against the LORD exceedingly.

Genesis 19: 5

……And they called unto Lot, and said unto him: ‘Where are the men that came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them.’

Lot said:  Behold now, I have two daughters that have not known man; let me, I pray you, bring them out unto you, and do ye to them as is good in your eyes; only unto these men do nothing; forasmuch as they are come under the shadow of my roof.’


This is the modern conservative movement:  willing to sacrifice their daughters so that the men will not take men.  They are willing to throw God out for the ‘gays?’ THINK ABOUT THIS.   The T-party people will do one or the other; Stand for what is right, or start sacrificing their beliefs-which I will have NO part in.


WONDERFUL Michele Bachmann Leaves rachel maddow Foaming @ The Mouth

MSNBC Attacks CNN For Airing Bachmann Speech

<Maddow..The poor, ugly, wretched, she-man, Rachel Maddow is foaming at the mouth in obvious  jealousy over Bachmanns speech to our traitor-in-chief regarding his bullsh*t SOTU address, where even dumbass GOP or bust idiots actually think this cheese-d*ck will move to the center- HA HA. Get a grip, people…. Obama has spent a life-time of being a radical, Marxist-revolutionary.

His speech was ALL about:


If you think anything outside of this, then you are HAD. BTW: Maddow, GO F*&K YOURSELF, you disgusting beast.

The Mad Jewess Endorsement For America’s Next President, V.P., & Sec. Of Def.

The Mad JewessIts time we look for better options;  All that these terrible, RINO, DEM, ‘progressive’, ‘liberal’ (whatever the hell they call themselves THIS week ‘parties’) give us, is who they pick for us to vote in as America’s next tyrant. And frankly speaking, they ALL do a lousy, sloppy job. You may think this is funny–or not, but the choices suck, as if there are no good men out there.  

Here is our pick for America’s next leaders:

Nobody Has Been Through More Lousy Politicians Then Me!

I'm the Bird That Survived Cheney!

I'll Bomb Their Ass & Take Their Gas! Mighty Mouse Will Save The Day.

And now for the S.O.S… The one and only…He who can save us from Muslim crazies:


Race baiting is the use of racially derisive language, actions or other forms of communication, to anger, intimidate or incite a person or groups of people, or to make those persons behave in ways that are inimical, and often harmful to their personal or group interests. Race baiting is also be accomplished by implying that there is an underlying race-based motive in the actions of others towards the group baited, where none in fact exists. The term “race” in this context can be construed very broadly to include the social constructs which define race or racial difference, as well as ethnic, religious, gender and economic differences

Right here:

Dobbs discusses his “commonsense” Obama birth certificate questions
by Porkeater (January 11, 2010 6:39 pm ET)

    Then again, for Lou, a commonsense question would be:

“Why did God let me live to see a non-White in the White House?”


So, here’s the question to all that are stupid, or just plain DUMB in thinking that some of us right wingers are automatically “RACISTS!”  

  • #1.  We Do NOT like Obama, NOT because he is BLACK, but because we HATE HIS LEFT WING WAYS, YOU MORONS. 

 Dobbs asked ONE thing, WHERE IS OBAMAS B.C., and that has you Bolsheviks at M.M. crazed..totally crazed.. So what is YOUR next “WITCH HUNT?”  Esquire Magazine?  Friggin NAZI bastards.

  • #2.  He has shown none of the FOLLOWING:

  Occidental   College records — Not released
  Columbia   College records — Not released

  Columbia Thesis paper —  ”Not available”
  Harvard  College records — Not  released
 Selective Service Registration — Not released
 Medical  records — Not released
  Illinois State Senate schedule — Not  available
 Your  Illinois State Senate records — Not  available
Law practice client list — Not released
 Certified Copy  of original Birth certificate — Not released
Embossed, signed paper  Certification of Live Birth — Not released
 Record of your baptism —  Not available

Why your wife, Michelle, can no longer practice law as an attorney? (Insurance Fraud?)

Why your wife has 22 assistants, when other First Ladies had one?

 Why were you getting “foreign student aid” as a college student?

 Which countries “passport” did you have when you visited Pakistan in 1981?


The Barack Obama Nationality Question Heats Up:



Media Matters BAMBOOZLES America…AGAIN, spinning TRENT LOTT/Reid

Media glossed over Lott’s praise of Thurmond segregationist campaign … again

Beck and crew claim Lott “was just saying something nice” about Thurmond, his comments had “nothing to do with race”

  Here’s the deal folks.. STROM THURMOND WAS 100 YEARS OLD.

 Trent Lott did NOTHING

 …compared to the Prince Harry Reids RACIST remark ..

against the Moslem Hitler.

 Media Matters are Attack-MONGERING, fear-MONGERING, racist, BOLSHEVIKS.  Thats the bottom line.  I intend to attack these animals every chance I get.  I will find out about these NAZIS. 

This ‘organization’ is set up for ONE reason.. To PROTECT Obama, period.  They are based out of D.C., WOW, ya think?

About us

About Media Matters

Interesting that it is only about ‘conservative misinformation’  – BIASED.  Tell us MEDIA MATTERS, Where is ANY INFO on Obama’s Past?  I bet ya can’t find anything, na na na na na na.

1.  Occidental   College records — Not released
2.  Columbia   College records — Not released
3.  Columbia Thesis paper —  “Not available”
4.  Harvard  College records — Not  released
5. Selective Service Registration — Not released
6. Medical  records — Not released
7.  Illinois State Senate schedule — Not  available
8. Your  Illinois State Senate records — Not  available
9. Law practice client list — Not released
10. Certified Copy  of original Birth certificate — Not released
11. Embossed, signed paper  Certification of Live Birth — Not released
12. Record of your baptism —  Not available

13. Why your wife, Michelle, can no longer practice law as an attorney? (Insurance Fraud?_

14. Why your wife has 22 assistants, when other First Ladies had one?

15. Why were you getting “foreign student aid” as a college student?

16. Which countries “passport” did you have when you visited Pakistan in 1981?


Will Prince Harry Reid Follow Trent Lott to the Gallows…?

Reid was speaking from his heart,    as he may still be among the minority of Mormons who believe that people of darker skins are under the “Curse of Ham”, forever to be regarded as slaves by the rest of mankind.

Since Resident (Pres_ent) Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., or Barry Soetoro, or Mr Michelle Robinson, or Sock-Puppet, supposedly the son of an out-of-control teenager and a Kenyan exchange student, is of clearly much lighter skin tone than the majority of Americans of African descent, and did not have ancestors who were held in bondage, he apparently escapes this “Curse of Ham”, or at least it lies upon him much more lightly.

In his heart,   Harry Reid (along with a number of other liberals) may despise the descendents of the natives of the African continent, and appears to curry Presidential favor with the faintest of praise…

Obama, in his own book, said he often talks/acts white as to not scare away white folk.
Just imagine the fire storm if it were a Republican!
Trent and Newt left for way less.
When democrats do it – it’s just an honest mistake. Quickly forgotten.
Everyone knows when republicans do it, it is revealing their evil nature/s.
Obama is reminding me of the Battleship Bismark. Its guns were not able to track the old slow British Torpedo Plane..(Tea Party) and it got hit in the rudder and could only go backwards. Palin got it right..Obama is Backasswards.
The Democratic Party rooted in Slavery strikes again!!!
Reid is a liberal idiot, whether in private or not, it shows your intellect and racist views of the democratic party. Leave and take Byrd, Pelosi Nazi’s with you. You were a supporter of Obama because you wanted power finally and you rode in on the racist card to win.
Let us not forget>. Mr. Biden

Vice President Joseph Biden: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American presidential candidate who is articulate and bright and clean-cut and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

If the black community hasn’t awakened to what the Democrats think of them by now, it’s hopeless.

Obama, in his own book, said he often talks/acts white as to not scare away white folk.

I didn’t read his pathetic book, but then, I didn’t have to…he EXUDES that attitude all over.

In other words, he’s being a phoney. He’s “acting” like something he isn’t, just to fool a segment of society (and get votes).

Is there NOTHING genuine about this guy? Someone said in an earlier post that he is a “cardboard cutout”…well, yeah, partially…except it would be easy to trace the cardboard to see where it came from.

As far as Harry Reid’s “poor choice of words”…what does that mean…he’s not sorry for what he said, just that he used the wrong words? How else could he have said it?

The whole damned District of Columbia is filled with phoney baloney commies, using our money to have a big ol’ time in Hawaii and we’re sitting out here wondering how we’ll eat and pay our bills this year.

Well, just keep sitting there, and you’ll die there.



Bill O’Reilly; Obama’s new LAP DOG~Tim Russert has risen from the DEAD..


 in the person of Bill O’Reilly.

Yes, ‘miracles’ CAN happen in the 21st century, but God never promised a rose garden..

What comes to mind when you watch Bill O’reilly anymore?  Liberalism, the mental health disorder.  I am sure of it, and I didn’t coin THAT phase,

Michael Savage of the Savage Nation Show  did.. but what other disease can one catch that has no blood-borne pathogens?


It is a way of thinking that can affect the brain, and renders it’s victim, usless, turning he/she into a whining, simpering, snotty, nasty, no-good, obnoxious sh*thead.  

  I recently had the unpleasantness of watching another of O’Reilly’s shows.. He had the wonderful, Laura Ingraham on. (The Mad Jewess was on the radio with Ms. Ingraham in 2002, debating Neudow, that rabid atheist, schmuck)  Ms. Ingraham really is a lady.  She is a fine patriot as well. 

  O’Reilly could not suck Obama’s nevermind worse than he did the other night with Ms. Ingraham.  He interrupted her several times, in praise of the Moslem Messiah, Hussein Obama the non-President of the U.S.S.A..  In fact, he was so rude to Ms. Ingraham, she looked baffled.. how many times does she show up and host his program?  Fact; she is great, and not a suck up to the YES WE CAN Camp, and O’Really is a massivo suck-up to the Obama Brigade. He IS, people, he just is. 

 Recently, O’Reilly is so far up Obama’s butt, it is really pathetic.  In fact, he is worse than Tim Russert (who sucked up to Clinton every Sunday, and made me puke), which is why I believe that Russert, the Clinton Lap Dog has shown up in  O’Reilly, Obama’s  LAP DOG, people.  -A  R.I.N.O…..In November, the Lap Dog said that he “Didn’t care about the Constitution” 

Judge Andrew Napolitano: The Constitution in Exile was interviewed by the FRAUD, O’Reilly, and here, Napolitano lets him have it–GOOD for him.. I guess I have missed a lot, because I hardly want to watch an ass kissing Liberal suck up.

Bill O

HOLLYWOOD Glamour THEN, and Hollywood SLUTS now..


Many people come to this blog to check out what’s on my mind.. Some I get a ‘rebuke’ from, because I am blunt and brazen.  😀

  In the 1920’s, Hollywood (Or WHOREWOOD) was not  the place to be a ‘holy’ or a good person, but it was meant for entertainment purposes ONLY.  The movie starlettes of the Silent Era left a lot to the imagination…

Clara Bow-20’s Silent Film Vampy Star

In the 30’s, Glamour Bombs were the RAGE… Jean Harlowe was the biggest Glamour Bomb of ALL time:

  WHO could ever forget Bette Davis….Wow- great actress, and erotic to boot, without even “TRYING”

WHO could possibly forget that vixen-vampy-voluptuous DROP DEAD Gorgeous Red-head BOMB SHELL, Rita Hayworth from the 40’s??…….

Ava Gardner, possibly the most sensual, classy star of ALL TIME:

The 1960’s were ‘still’ rather sophisticated and toxic in glamour- Audrey Hepburn   BUT…

HANOI JANE…the traitor to our TROOPS, “A Hollywood star” and part of the reason that America stinks now with her love for the enemy of our men- what a rotten witch…In the 1940’s, this filthy maggot would have been OUTCAST:



Breaths of FRESH AIR: Sophia Loren….CLASS, beauty exuding in that Italiano sex appeal without even trying… In this picture, next to the POOR MANS Marilyn Monroe (Jane Mansfield- ew!):  (Thank God that Sophia Loren was around, and this picture taken, to show that this was not acceptable. Thanks Sophia- you are TERIFFIC! Even to THIS day!)

^Classy vs TRASHY^

^Classy vs TRASHY^

Sophia Loren (my personal opinion was one of the most gorgeous stars to have ever hit Hollywood, next to Vivien Leigh- here she is from “How to marry a Millionaress”:

Sophia Loren- astounding in her Italiano appeal.

Sophia Loren- astounding in her Italiano appeal.

  Raquel Welch, 1970’s..every woman wanted to “BE”  like Raquel Welch, but the sad fact is, Hollywood and entertainment started getting raunchy, and debaucherous, turning our daughters and young women into whores and using their reserved ‘sex’ appeal for public use. Remember, though, contrary to HANOI Jane- Raquel Welch was/IS a UNITED STATES Patriot, BTW.

Then we had more of the useless jerks: Vanessa Redgrave and her contempt for US troops, ALL while making money here.  (Nevermind, she does NOT get a picture!) She is s shameful maggot witch.

   The 1980’s came along and with it, more of the Fem/Gestapo she-beasts came into play and started influencing, but still allowing women to be used as sex objects- what an OXYMORON!  Julia Roberts 1989-90- Imagine…making it ‘popular’ to BE a TRAMP!

Julia Roberts as trallop-tramp in PRETTY WOMAN

Julia Roberts as trallop-tramp in PRETTY WOMAN

Sharon Stone in the 1990’s- who thought nothing of showing her PRIVATE parts to the world, and then- dumb sheep white trash women- followed suit.

Then we have MADONNA  one of the most disgusting, debaucherous creatures of ALL- who made a total mockery of the Catholic faith, insulted them to the MAX by dancing with ‘saints’ in churches- this pig is one of the biggest slime buckets in the PLANET!

  Another, is the FEMINAZI SHE BEAST, Ashley Judd…in this picture- WHOS WORLD?? Dont these debaucherous sluts get That young women follow them???


CHANGE the world...one slut at a time?? GEEEZZZZZZZ

“CHANGE” the world…one slut at a time?? GEEEZZZZZZZ



This is the story of when I had an emotional breakdown in 1989

By: Julianna Albert, Chicago Illinois (written by The Mad Jewess) ©2009

I was young, vigorous and pretty.  I had NO fear of most anything.  My grandmother had just had a heart-attack.. meanwhile, I had just opened an antique shop, I was also working 6 days a week, and Cali had just had a MASSIVE earthquake.. I had also gotten involved in a church, where I led worship, the chuch, although was so sweet and friendly, they became as tyrants over people’s lives.  I am not ‘putting church down’ so, don’t get that idea. I had a lot on my plate, so I lost sleep…try 7 mos. of sleep.  Sleep turned into a massive depression, and I didnt care whether I lived or died.

   One day, I just lost it.  To make it short, I admitted myself into the hospital.  It all began from there.  You see the FIRST thing these maggot COCKROACHES do, is tell you that you are ‘uni-polar’ OR ‘bi-polar’  Or hell, why not a north poler.. They actually tell you ANYTHING but the REAL facts: YOU JUST HAD A BREAKDOWN (emotional) AND YOU MUST GET SLEEP AND REST AND TAKE AN ANTI DEPRESSANT FOR AWHILE.  Thats all that was needed, but noooo….that is NOT what they do.  They tell you: You MUST stay in the ‘system.’  Then they tell you….”Here…you need this pill, and you are to NEVER come off of this pill the REST OF LIFE, because….now…you are a MENTAL PATIENT.” 

   Well, folks, that just IS NOT the case.  I spent a better part of my 30’s fighting the ‘system,’  while the rest of the people around me stayed ON THE SYSTEM. They had little apartments, food stamps, 24/7 care paid for by YOURS TRULY, the tax-payer.  I went back to work ASAP, and I worked HARD.  I was known at the Dr’s office as the ‘miracle patient.’  NOTHING could be further from the truth.  There was NO ‘miracle.’

   I fought the system, AFTER I saw that a year of lithium and depakote gave me 50 extra pounds, and they were TRYING to turn me into a “zombie” like every other American idiot out there now.     They were CONSTANTLY pushing me to just go on disability… What for?? TO MAKE MONEY OFF of YOU, people.

I REFUSED, and I refused time and time again…

Finally, I had a GREAT Dr that said my ONLY real problem was ‘sleep depravation’ with some clinical depression, and if I was CAREFUL to monitor these symptoms, he didnt see any reason why I shouldnt be on very MINIMAL care….So, I went off of all of the BS, and took anti-anxiety meds, because it is just ‘rule of thumb’ that anxiety brings on depression…I began a life FREE of the mind-numbing, mind-altering drugs that is BS in our lives in America… But it NEVER ended, NEVER.  I would get a new Dr and the SOS would start ALL OVER AGAIN… the ‘evaluations’ ETC..

These maniacs would tell you, in this sweet, nicey-nice BS voice that you seem ‘ANGRYYYYY.. todayyyyyy”.  Look, anger is a NATURAL emotion!!!  But these damned VULTURES knew that I was a FIGHTER, and even more than that, a fighter in my town/city, and these FREAKS would do just about ANYTHING to ‘stop my mouth’  & when I stood up to the city powers that were destroying our little town…they would say (ALWAYS)  “You seem OUT OF SORTS!!”  

Many times I would believe that these sh*theads were out for my well-being…..WRONG!!! They wanted YOU to pay for ME., this is the bottom line- people.    The kids nowadays DO NOT have all sorts of MENTAL issues! Just get your kids the HELL off the computer, and STOP giving them MC DONALDS!

So, if any of this sounds like you, and believe you ME, this was 10x WORSE than what is written here..you WILL have a BATTLE ahead against tyrannical leftist militant she-beasts. 

This was an ONGOING TEN YEAR BATTLE with leftist FASCIST TYRANTS that just wouldnt take NO for an answer when you fight the “SYSTEM.”

I am better now, and healed by FIGHTING.  But this IS what leftist DO, to imprison YOU, in their system of HELL on earth.