Student Flew Confederate Flag On Pickup, Lost Privilege To Drive To School, The Mexican Flag Is OK, Though

Why all the hype about the Confederate flag?  Don’t we have a negro in the White house?  Evidently, flying a Mexican flag above an upside down American flag is ok, though.

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This picture was at a school in California a couple of years back.   Liberals are offended by the American flag, & the Confederate flag but not this display, below:

-David Ben Moshe

Pro-ILLEGAL Brown-Shirt, Mexican Female Tells Americans “YOU’RE TOO WHITE TO BE IN AMERICA”

Hat Tip: Mama Mitzvah 🙂

some cool Arizona music. So, how do you all like our supposed ‘apartheid‘ state of Arizona?  Yep, that is what they call us now; “APARTHEID”  same: S.A., and now that South Africa is not ‘apartheid‘ anymore, 90 people a day are murdered, and they happen to be WHITE. 

 Israel is under the same type false allegations.  Israel-haters will tell you that the poor FAKEstinians are going through such hell under the “ZOG”.  Are these insane, paranoid, deluded f*heads seeing that ‘our chickens are coming home to roost’ YET?

(Try to download it fast, every video I put up here now, gets flagged and taken down from Youtube. Left wing “Jews” HATE THE TRUTH)

If you will take notice, Israel- haters, in particular, call you “RACIST” now as well. Well, here is one for you:


 “RIGHT WING ASSHOLE….” “DUMB CRACKER”  and this is OK, but NO criticism of blacks, ILLEGALS, minorities, or evil left-wing Jews. 

These “LATINO”  people are ALLOWED to fly their dirty, shitty, disgusting Mexican flag in OUR nation, and we have to sit back and TAKE THIS SHIT!


20 MILLION PLUS gun owners…..have had enough of your SHIT.

I am so sick of this crap. Do WE go to THEIR nation and act like this?

Do WE go to any of the nations south of the border, down Mexico flag, acting like a bunch of wild savage maniacs?

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