It’s Really A HOT Summer In Arizona

Scan0001It really is hot here this week.  It’s supposed to be the beginning of the Monsoon season on Thursday.  But, I don’t see rain coming.  I hope it does and that God will look kindly upon me & David up here in the sticks.  I am missing the ocean and the greenery something awful.  I would like to go visit some friends in California in the fall…But, I am a doomsdayer..  I believe that the west & east coast will be attacked in our future.. While the other states are broken up by a major earthquake.   All of this can happen, but I don’t know when.. So, I get cold feet about visiting the east or the west. But, I DO miss the smell of the sea a lot.

At any rate, we have had a drought here for almost 2 years and people are still unrepentant all over this nation.  When I speak with folks at the gym, out, or at a party–they say the same thing:  “Don’t concentrate on the negative.”  Well, excuse me.. But, I always figured that warning and stating facts was a positive thing.  But, many Americans do not want to hear that their beloved Republican party has gone rogue and is just as bad as the DNC.  Many believe (up here) that John McCain is a great guy… It makes me want to puke.  They will not even listen to one little thing I say about that pig.  It’s depressing.

Here is a song, anyway… Hope it makes you feel good.   BTW – Avrum Mordechai: You like my lady? I made it for you..  😀

yellow bird flys across the screen animated gif

Hey @ZillaStevenson Our GREAT Leader, Obama Working Out…

Zilla sent me a photo of our wonderful leader working out at a gym in Warsaw, Poland (it’s enclosed in the link below).. The weights Obama was lifting were not even 40 lbs and poor, weak Barack looked strained.  What a pathetic joke of a male the moron is.  At any rate, here is my own contribution:

An art collage from January 2014A display of manliness can be seen here:  WATCH: President Obama Lifting Weights

A Bloggers Irony

An art collage from January 2014This is for all you bloggers out there.. Blogging is time-consuming and a task.  It is a thankless job. The above is 100% truth.  It is us that should be on TV and the ‘reporters’ who should be blogging. 


TY for the linking: Director Blue

BTW: I am leaving WordPress.  I will be with and will have a different stat counter that does not monitor my stats. I will keep you updated.



Just resting…. P. AsheDina, TMJ  C. 2013

This is an old painting that I edited and changed, added elements from the net and so forth.  It is actually 2 paintings layered into one.

So, here I am and they have taken me off the anti biotics for the C-Diff to see if it is still there.  I told them it is, but who listens to the patient…!?   Still my tummy is gurgling, diarrhea is still present and some gas.  I hope I don’t relapse.  A relapse would be worse.  But, I have to stay off of the anti biotic to see how I have progressed against this awful disease.

I am still so tired. And, so you all know, I am moving my blog and Grumpy Elder is going to host me. We will be moved in a couple of weeks, probably.  Im not in a huge hurry because I sleep a lot on account of the C-Diff..  Hopefully, I will have ‘Disqus’ added to the blog so people can comment freely and not end up in the spam.  But, most people dont like to comment here because QV calls out our hypocrisy.  The truth sucks.  But, it will free your mind!  You can bank on that.

A song….

Don’t Worry, America…Darrell Issa Is Working On #Benghazi Case….Again.

Don’t Worry, America…Darrell Issa Is Working On Benghazi Case….Again.

Does anyone really believe that Issa is going to do a damned thing re. Benghazi but run off his mouth??  Nothing will happen until men throw out the trash–literally.  And, Issa ain’t gonna do THAT.

A fashion look from August 2013

DEMs #WarOnThePoor: Obama/Bidens Vacation Tabs Reach $40 Million: Let Em Eat Cake..

DEMs #WarOnThePoor: Obama/Bidens Vacation Tabs Reach $40 Million. Let ‘Em Eat Cake..

It’s always such a joke to me when the left crafts wording because it’s usually just a projection of themselves.  The GOP is really no better, though.   But, tell me how it’s the GOP who is waging a war against the poor when the Dems are racking up 40 million dollar vacations?  2.9 million USD just so his highness, Obama can go golfing, 2x?   Young adults are living at home with their parents, even the 40 plus crowd is moving back in with Ma and Pa. 

And, these fat cats are taking vacations which we can’t afford as Obama arms Syrian Rebels: Obama to move forward with plan to arm Syrian rebelsWants to start WW3 with Russia.  Has assisted in destroying Egypt, Libya, Syria and Ukraine with OUR money and can’t take a ride over to Camp David just to show he gives a damn for the morons that voted for him??  And 41% still approve of these stuck-up snots!

We get the government we deserve.

An art collage from November 2013

The travel costs for vacations taken by the first family and the Bidens have reached over $40 million with the Air Force’s revelation that two golf outings by President Obama this year cost $2.9 million, according to the taxpayer watchdog group Judicial Watch.  (I’m Surprised Judicial Watch is still up n running)

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