pointing fingers atLady, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM


You were the problem 24 years ago, YOU are the problem now. 

RACISM: hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. 

 NOBODY At Fox, or even MMFA BASTARDS do this in year 2010 with race!

  Boehlert and his blog of SOROS BS gone crazy posted this shit. She is NOT a victim of ANYTHING, nobody beat her, nobody lynched her, NOBODY CALLED HER the holy grail N WORD!!! The WHITE House is responsible for this GARBAGE, They DEMANDED her firing!  THE NAACP RELEASED THIS DAMNED TAPE! M-FKERS! ON PURPOSE FOR FRAMING.

 Lady: YOU are NOT a racist?  Please, sell that crazy shit somewhere else.  YOU belong to the NAACP. What does that mean?  National Association Advancement COLORED People.  Now come on you OLD hypocrite, shut the hell up, and lets look at the FACTS.  YOU and YOURS would scream bloody f*cking MURDER if there was an Association called Advancement for the WHITE CRACKERS, the f*cking WHITE suprmemists, huh lady?   GO SCREW YOURSELF LADY, Nobody buys the race-baiting, COMMUNIST BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA ANYMORE. 

   MMFA your friends?  They get rid of you useful g’damned IDIOTS FIRST.  YOU DAMNED RIGHT I AM MAD.  YOU DAMNED RIGHT I HATE.  GET USED TO IT.  IF you were not a racist, you damned OLD HAG, you would not belong to the NAACP! I dont belong to ANY Org in LIFE that is only for Jews OR Whites, OR SHITHEADS, but YOU do.  YOU are the RACIST, spread the wealth, the HAVES and the HAVE NOT BULLSHIT! WE ARE SICK OF THIS JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!! This is MMFA, with the HEAVY duty, disgusting Kommie FKING Propaganda RACIST CRAPOLA.  GO TO HELL BOEHLERT, YIMACH SHEMO VIZCHERO TO YOU AND YOURS. May your name be obliterated forever.

Sherrod: I’m A DAMNED ETERNAL MALCONTENTED NEVER Happy- Victim Of WHITE CRACKER BASTARD; Breitbart, Fox & my phoney ASS Bogus Claims OF FAKE ‘Racism’

The Tea Party told Manning; You cannot speak with us because you used the Holy grail “N” WORD!  I get called every ugly fking name in the book, that is racist, religious, ETC. I dont give a damn, we are LOSING this nation. I DONT GIVE A FRICK. IT MEANS ZERO when you have NO NATION YOU ASSHOLES!!!!

 They are ALL in this destruction together, since she is ‘not a racist’ & ‘past her racism’  WHY IS THE OLD HAG USING THE FKING RACE CARD?!?!?!?! It is ALL about race, old LADY.

Latest Victim of the “THATS RACIST” Syndrome~ Jason Mattera of Big Govt.

Jason Mattera


 Jason Mattera of “Big Government”

First of all, this young man grew up in the ever ‘tolerant’ Brooklyn.  So, racism, schmasim, and garbage of the first order accusations.

 As I stated in my last post, the left wing is the American Titanic: The Left Wing Idiot Fringe last hymn aboard their sinking TITANIC agenda.. They ARE sinking lower and lower into the abyss, eating each-other up & preying over innocent people that are pro-American/ patriotic by labeling them “RACISTS”. 

 In fact they are RACE BAITING.

SEE: The NYT Should Terminate Character Assassin Zernik…

 Read the whole thing.

(I dont like to source other articles, but I am very tired of this with the “RACIST” crap, it is, quite frankly, BULLSH*T.)


Race baiting:  

Is accomplished by implying that there is an

..underlying race-based motive …

in the actions of others towards the group baited,

…where none in fact exists.


Limbaugh: Obama Will Use Haiti To Boost Credibility With “Light-Skinned And Dark-Skinned Black Community”

Obviously it was a JOKE, dumbbells.  And spare people your sickass insane hypocrisy, you over @ Media Matters don’t give a crap about Haiti, what a JOKE!

 How stupid these animals are at Media Matters.  See the RACE-BAITING from Bloggers:  This was my response 1/2 way in between, in which I received 17 “Thumbs-Down” Lol;

by CanCanGal (January 13, 2010 2:00 pm ET) 1 17 Why don’t you ask Harry Reid? Harry Reids Mormon faith believes that black folks are the ‘servants of servants’ Reply Report Abuse

THEIRS all day yesterday and today:

by mlizaa (54 minutes ago)    

Not a deal with the devil, just the white man doesn’t like the fact that were are such a strong and resilient people. That country was hung out to dry for centuries. Every piece of the globe is struck with natural disasters. Reply Report Abuse

by New Frontier (3 seconds ago)    

Yes because Obama–unlike El Rushbo and his bigoted buddies–desperately needs “credibility” with the black community. Reply Report Abuse

by blesscurse (20 minutes ago) 1  

Racism personified.

Haitians are something less than human to Limbaugh. Reply Report Abuse

by mari2jj2970 (January 14, 2010 3:25 am ET) 10 2 But for a numb-skull racist like Rush, never expect him to lay aside his innate racism. It is the underpinning of his silly attempt to destroy Obama. It is the one thing that you can count on with Rush. He has been, he is and he always will be a racist. And he is sizzling that we have a black President. But just let him prattle. Those who listen to him and are impressed by his drivel are unchangeable and those who have even a bit of ability to think for themselves will ignore whatever the court jester says anyway. Let the poor thing just prattle on. Reply Report Abuse

by blk-in-alabam (January 14, 2010 4:42 pm ET)     Rush Limbaugh may be one of the nicest people you would ever meet.He makes money doing an act playing a bigot reading stuff off the internet

by fantagor (January 14, 2010 3:18 pm ET) 2   Ah, the old “satire” cop out from a Rush apologist.

If it’s satire, then where is the hook? Where’s the funny? Nowhere.

Also, considering the source’s habit of raciallizing everything, the comment cannot be reasonably construed as mere exaggeration, since this is precisely the kind of garbage Rush hold to be true.


by bittermarv (January 14, 2010 12:17 am ET) 4   Like hell. Rush is accusing Obama of using this situation to curry favor with blacks in the US, when in fact, Obama is calling on this country and its government to provide humanitarian aid in response to a horrible disaster.
by SMTDL (3 hours and 16 minutes ago)     Limbaugh’s statement is stupid because Obama’s support from Black Americans is still quite high would be almost no benefit in polls.Why can’t it just be the response from a President with a humanitarian mindset!? There’s no do-over ..just going to war..the damage is done and stays done!!! Reply Report Abuse

by The_Cat (January 13, 2010 1:31 pm ET) 10   Actually, no, Rush. Obama will reach out to Haiti because we are a wealthy nation, and they are a poor one. They are a neighbor of ours, and it is our place to aid them if we may.

You, however, will assert that Obama is doing it for racial reasons, because such an assertion plays very well to the white skinned base who’s listeners pay your salary.

by shaggles (January 13, 2010 1:53 pm ET) 16   Why would Obama need to boost his credibility with the black community? Just a couple of weeks ago the right were pointing to his 97% approval rating among blacks as “proof” that they only like him because he’s black. So 97% approval means he has a credibility problem now? Reply Report Abuse

by gopooper (January 13, 2010 3:56 pm ET) 8   If I had not believed it before, I can now categorically state that Rush is nuts. No same person in the media would say something as stupid as this. I’ve always known he was a bigot and racist, but I just thought he was really really stupid. Now I know, he needs to be kept in a small room away from all humanity. Reply Report Abuse

 I know that Rush is not a “RACIST!”  I know for a fact that Democrats are rabid race-haters AND Jew haters, this is fact.

*******************It seems that @ Media Matters they think all of us are stupid as sh*t.. Like we dont know the Democrat Party is the MOST racist bunch of Marxist Elite SNOTS, and now the racism is directed AT WHITE PEOPLE, especially the white male in America***************

This Youtube, Barbara Boxer, the left wing dipsh*t is basically telling this nice man, that she refuses to listen, UNLESS he is with the NAACP.

Jimmy Carters “BLACK-BOY” comment;

Here is Reids “THATS RACIST” but O—M—G… here is how we REALLY feel, Harry REID??;

Our FAVORITE, Jeremiah (Wright) WRONG 🙂

Here is Senator Byrd, “White N-ggers” lol..He is the DEMOCRATS fav KKK member! lol..

Our DEAR Leader, Hussein Obama “TYPICAL WHITE PERSON” Remark..



…..OF THE “CIVIL WAR” Started?

Make NO mistake, THEY are starting it.