Justin Bieber: Sounds Like A Girl Pretending To Be a Black boy?

“This is the first time I’ve heard this kid.. This is the latest in ‘talent’ …OK… Talent that pushes the multi-cultural, Marxist FAIL.”

 I really am sick of this. There are kids out there that are really super talented, but they don’t push the la la la message of ‘toLLLLLLerance’ that I am so SICK of. “Tolerance” MY ASS. The Marxist, multi-cultural machine is as tolerant as a scratchy ass.  Here is some commentary from a friend that is tired of this crap as I am.


Dear Weak Liberal Jewish people; Look At One Of Our Own: A ‘Product of Society’

While creating a ‘tolerant & fair’ society for your children, you also taught them how to take an ass-beating and to be a SUCKER.

I want you to take a GOOD HARD LOOK at the hell you have not only created for our own, but for Americans. This young Jewish kid is crying his guts out.. Why?  I will tell you why… Because, in your sicko, Marxist, P.C. speak, you told them that if they acted ‘right’, that all people would act right. Well, that aint the way the world is.

THIS IS NOW OUR REALITY, THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE CREATED FOR OUR CHILDREN, and this is WHY you must REPENT to this nation, and tell this country how WRONG you ARE.