WSJ: Before TX Explosion, West Fertilizers Had #Monsanto Lawsuit. Obama Is In #Monsanto’s Pocket

WSJ: Before TX Explosion, West Fertilizers Had #Monsanto Lawsuit. Monsanto Is In Obama’s Pocket

This is not ‘my’ news.. I’m just giving you information as it comes up. What say you ‘liberals’, now?  Anything? Or are you just going to keep covering up for the madman who occupies the White house by fraud and deceit??

Critics slam Obama for “protecting” Monsanto – CBS News

Here is the link to the Wall Street Journal re. Monsanto Lawsuit.  

Hat Tip, Donna (NOT Donna from here before)

Perhaps this will explain a rocket hitting the plant?  Who knows, anymore.  I don’t trust this government.  And, Monsanto is in Obama’s pocket. Or vc. Versa.

Rocket hitting the plant :

Possible Monsanto connection:

If I ‘mysteriously’ die..It’s because I posted this information. Yes, this government scares me THAT much.

Limbaugh Is Right, Fluke Is a Slut~America Should Not Have To Pay For Her Puss-“My Body, My Choice?”

Limbaugh said:

“What does it say about the college co-ed Susan Fluke,  who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that ‘she must be paid to have sex’ — what does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute.”

I agree. I am sure Donna agrees, QV, David Ben Moshe.  Why does the left have a hair up its ass for, anyway? Just last year, they were glorying in being sluts.  COMMUNIST women are the scum of the earth. They trample all over America with “My body, my choice.” Now, they want US to pay to protect their puss?  F’n hypocrites…They dont mind calling themselves what they are, but get all pissed off when RUSH calls them on their hypocrisy…?

Remember this?

SlutWalk NYC


This is what I said on the facebook page “Slut Walk” Facebook  Page

I think that we should applaud Limbaugh for calling us sluts, we are sluts, are we not?

Pad Dar 

Kara, come on honey… We want America to PAY for us to be dirty. We need to face the truth, there is no shame, after all in being a slut. We ARE sluts. America should pay for us to have sex, pay for our pussies.

For My Buddy, Donna

I made this collage for my buddy, Donna, our blogress diva and news-lover.  She is GREAT at breaking stories that the MSM STEALS from us.  I have 11 days til they tear my guts open, folks.. So prayers/daven for me, ok?  Donna is a professional-dancer (classical, jazz, ballet).  An avid body-builder and a fabulous lady with strong faith in God. She will be here when I am gone.  So, BE NICE.  Luv U Donna!

QV will be here…I know how ya all LOVE him!! 😀 He’s a truth-teller!!

Anyway, God Bless Donna.

The Burlesque Ballerina
(This song was about Nicole Richie, BTW)
These are Donnas favorite dolls:

For Donna, Our Fast & Furious Reporter

Material Girl (FIND THE HATPIN!)

This is for Donna. She is the queen here.

Donna is our fast and furious reporter 🙂 Donna is getting the word out there and GOD WILLING, Holder and Obama will be IMPEACHED.



Keep up the fight.

God is watching you…



For DONNA: Life Is A Dance When God Is Your Partner

"Dance With Me" 4 DONNA My Friend
This is for our DONNA, she is going through trials and tribulations. 
Please pray that God will see Donna through all things. She loves God. She is his servant, and we love DONNA, our precious friend.
Just a simple prayer, and if you can, pray for DONNA when you come to our website.
Thank You.
Donna, here is a song that I really felt to give you.  “Dance with me” From ORLEANS. 
God is ALWAYS there for you, remember this. He also knows your every thought.


Life Is A Dance With God

I made this for Donna..

It is DONNAS Birthday! 

  Donna was a professional dancer.  She entertained all over the world.  She is highly trained in Jazz, Ballet, Tap, you name it.  Donna is GORGEOUS too, folks. 

Donna is hands-down, a great lady. Loyal, trust-worthy and wonderful. Take a minute if ya can and give Donna a HUGE Happy Birthday. She works hard here, and it is her blog (as far as all of the news goes.) 


For Donna, Our Friend

 This is for DONNA. Donna is not only a great person, she is the most important person in my life online. You know that blogs do not pay money, so, you have to show gratitude to people you love.  Donna is a good Catholic, sends me wonderful scriptures and she is a great writer that knows how to reach into the heart of Americans. She has that same anger and indignation that many of us have. I wanted to take the time this AM to say THANK YOU to Donna for all of her work for America online AND in life. Donna is also VERY active in the community.
God Bless You Donna.
David Ben Moshe & TMJ 😀

Democrat Rep. Lynn Woolsey Is FOR Illegals Occupiers In Cali, Against “Occupation” Of Israelis In Israel…

  I just received this in my email from Donna.  I had to post it, because stupid never ends. My wife and I went to CA, November last year. California is occupied with illegal Mexicans from the north, south, east to west.   California has become a Mexican state, just as Utah is a Mormon state. CA is a Mexican state.

  Rep. Woolsey’s Komrade friends chant “no more aid for Israel,” but don’t mention Egypt’s 2.3 billion a year. Obama sent a total of 1.2 billion more USD to the Arabs/HAMAS in Israel, from 2009 to present, on top of the 400 million Hamas/PLO gets from the annual 2.7 billion from Jimmy Carters ’79 ‘peace’ deal.  Obama has sent how many hundreds of millions to aid Al Queda in Libya and Egypt? The list goes on and on of American tax dollars going all over the world, yet this female Congresswoman is concentrated on Israel. The bottom line, is she just hates all Jewish people and Christians that support Israel. While I am 100% against USD going out of this nation, Lynn Woolsey  is just one of the reasons California is now Mexifornia. 

So, if you are a “Conservative” Israel-hater, you might want to start re-thinking your screwed up point of view.  It is you that is enabling this insanity.

-David Ben Moshe

If this Jewish traitor (in this video) turns on her own, just imagine what she wants to do to you.

H/Tip to Donna.