The True Scoop Regarding The Israel/Pali Situation In A Few Sentences

The True Scoop Regarding The Israel/Pali Situation In A Few Sentences


The Pali Muslims kidnapped 3 Jewish boys, one was American. 

Israel begged the Arabs to let their boys go.  Asked them to not murder their teens. 

The Pali Jihadists didn’t listen and murdered all 3 boys. 

Israel retaliated–big. 

The Pali’s then began to hurl their rockets. 

Israel retaliated with their rockets & planes.

The End.


If you believe anything more than that, you’re an idiot who just hates ALL Jews and wants all of us dead.  Die first, then defend yourselves….

  • BBC reporter, Jon Donnison reported this the other day:

Only one problem: The photo was actually taken in Syria, 11/2012.   The BBC reporter didn’t even look at the time stamp from 2012.  And, THAT is how journalists report the news in the modern world.

There are 47 Muslim countries.  There are 250 million Muslim Arabs, add 80 plus million Iranians.  (Some say 410 mil, total)  There are 6.7 million Jews in Israel.  The Jews are not allowed to have ONE state without the world going nuts.  Among the crazies are Bolshevik Jews who support their enemies and people ask why so many of us Jews are nuts.

The NON People, “Palestinians” Are STARVING~In Technicolor!!

These pictures were taken this last late November, in “Palestine”.. I guess the “Palis” eat only one time a year.  Whahhh. Boo hoo.  The poor Gazans, the poor Muslims occupying Israel who are a  non-people, according to historic Arab-Muslims…  America just sent them another 40 million, and 140 million more is going to them this year, plus an extra 1.2 billion we gave them in 2010-2011, ADD another  400 million they get every yearr annually from the USA… Cry me a f’n river. 

More at:

US Gives millions to “Palestinians” for “Humanitarian and Economic Purposes” yeah riiiiight.

Pali food lies

Palis food lies2

Palis food lies 3

Palis food lies 8

I am sick and tired of the bullsh*t.  I am tired of Jimmy Carter and Ru Paul, LYING about these disgusting rocket bombing slobs.

“The Great Palestinian Lie” From A Harsh, Former Critic Of Israel

You should listen, because it is the truth. AND, there is NO ‘humanitarian crisis’ in Gaza.

8/28/2011 — MASSIVE EXPLOSION during eruption @ Sakurajima Volcano , Japan

“I will bless those that bless you, and curse those that curse you” -GOD.

3 days ago, the Japanese govt sent 3 million dollars to aid the palis with food. The palis have an obesity rate of 40% according the the Jew hating UN.
Come on Japanese govt, stop cursing GODS land, and stop hurting your people!

There Is *NO* “Humanitarian Crisis” In Gaza: Stop Believing the LIES, Fools.

  One can get caught up in the far leftist, neo-nazi media, believing that these Palis are in a ‘humanitarian crisis’.  There is no such thing happening in Gaza. Israel sends tons, and I mean serious tons of food every Thursday to the Palis.  If you really believe there is a crisis in Gaza, you are a crackpot.   There are malls in Gaza, fruit and food out the wazoo. I really am tired of hearing that Israel is the ‘bad guy’ in the east. How in the hell is that possible? Israel is surrounded by countries that are all fixing to destroy it. The fact that GODS land is still intact is miraculous.  The Palis also enjoy luxury restaurants, and a rebuilt water park that Hamas blew up. 

  Fine, you hate all the Jews, so? That is your prerogative…However, spreading lies is only making you look stupid and insane.


You’ve Been Duped. Face It.

Stupido Kaffirs