#BOOM Clare Daly, Irish Law Maker: Obama: War Criminal Who Increased Use Of Drones, 200%

WOW! Clare Daly, Irish Law Maker: Obama: War Criminal Who Increased Use Of Drones, 200%

Looks as if Ireland has a free people living in it.  We sure don’t hear this from weak, little putz, O’Really.  We don’t hear this type rage from Shepard Smith or Bret Baier.  This is proof America is so NOT free.  The Obama regime MURDERS those that speak out against it or sends whistle blowers into hiding.  Daly brings up Syria, Paki, etc..you know, the places where Obama is ARMING Al Qaeda.

Daly asked the Taoiseach what he was going to do to ensure no weapons for Syria are going to go through Shannon, in breach of our international laws on neutrality.

“What steps are you going to take to showcase this country, not as a lapdog of US imperialism, but as an independent nation with an independent foreign policy which takes a lead in international diplomacy to outlaw the use of drones?”

Don’t say anything about this, Hannity, O’Reilly, Smith, ETC.  Cowards. Suckups.

By the way, you morons… The O birth certificate is not valid, here is MORE proof:  Team Arpaio: We Have Two 1961 Hawaii Birth Certificates That List Negro Not African

The Obama-Nation Anthem For Inauguration Day

Can’t say we told ya so, but we told ya so.

The Mad Jewess paying tribute to the HNIC.


DISGUSTING-MUSLIM Obama’s Fort Hood Taqiyya: Sanction Of Jihad As “Workplace Violence”

I should not be surprised by this at all.  After all, Obama is a Muslim. He said it, I believe it and that’s that.  But, what about the victims? What about their families on that day of Jihad?  Cry me a f’king river for the sonofabitch, (Hasan Alladin Nidal or whatever his fricking name is) he is whining that he may have to shave his damned beard or some bullshit like that.  He isn’t just a Muslim, Nadal is a radical Jihadist that would do this again.

I am sick of you Jihad-enabling Liberal scumbags. Death is not good enough for you EVIL pigs.

This is what victims saw and heard:



SEE THIS: Obama’s Fort Hood taqiyya: Sanction of jihad as “workplace violence” #savage

I have 2 young women that follow me on Twitter, they are wives of victims of this terrorist attack/massacre at Fort Hood. Lets see the big, badass, Obama tell them this SHIT to their twitter page for the world to see, Obama, you rat-bastard, son of a whore and coward.


May your name be obliterated from ALL memory.

Jay Carney Laughs, Sneers, Makes Fun Of Obama’s Lack Of Records: Says Obama “Open Book” (EYEROLL)

Jay Carney Laughs, Sneers, Makes Fun Of Obama’s Lack Of Records: Says Obama “Open Book” (EYEROLL).  

This is just friggin preposterous. Jay Carney, the Commie propagandist extraordinaire is spouting anti-Donald Trump crap to keep focus off of Obama’s non-citizenship.  Obama has NO records. (Or very few) But, right now, the Obama-Stalin campaign of bullshit run amok  is saying that Mittens Romney is ‘not transparent’ and secretive?  Please..

Recently, 3X now, “I”, me, the Mad Jew Bitch has been asked to ‘respect the office of the presidency.‘ W-T-F….People are so insane now, its incredible.. Would these same sniveling, faggoty cowards have respected the office of Stalin or Hitler?  I am SICK and tired of pansy-asses. Grow the HELL up.  The men of my family DIED so that you could ‘disrespect’ enemies, foreign AND domestic.  

QV is right…You bunch of STUPID Americans…Just about ready to march to the chambers or the gulags, GET THEE BEHIND ME.

Just an FYI you dumb, pathetic morons; Hitler was not a German, he was Austrian.  Stalin was not a Russian, he was Georgian.  Obama is not an American, he is Kenyan with a father who never became a citizen. YOU FAILURES.  

Seems all dictators have one thing in common; NOT NATURAL BORN.

The Left Wing Started The “Birther” Movement~Now They Call Right Wing “Racists”….Again

Go to fullsize imageThis post is from a Media Matters blogger. AGAIN, with their race-card-throwing, Soviet/Nazi style talk. 

This had nothing to do with Obama releasing a LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE THAT WE HAD BEEN ASKING FOR, FOR 3 YEARS, led by the left wing…   Its ALL about ‘racism’ dont’cha know? If that is true, they (the leftists) are the root-cause of it. The leftists started the ‘birther’ movement… All of this evidence  below, is from the left-wing.  Mrs. Obama is a leftist, Bill Richardson, N.M. Gov. is a leftist, Most newspapers in Africa are Marxist AND leftist. As is the Kenyan ambassador.     So, give yourselves a hand, lefists, this was YOU that stared the ‘birther’  mess to begin with.  This very movement was led by Obama and his minions (Ann C, and Bill O as their head henchmen)    Thank God for Donald Trump.


 by loonz (good name for this slime(April 28, 2011 10:07 pm ET)

  There has to be some underlying reason why these people believe what they believe without any evidence to back it up. The only thing I can come up with is racism.

  Well, some of us read.. Some of us watch the REAL news, not the Media Matters controlled News sources; ie.. FAUX News, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, and all of the other gasbag stations that suck the balls of SOROS, or Soros-led, Soviet blogs.


  Some of us listened to Obama’s own wife, say that her hubby’s home country was Kenya, and we took Mrs. Obamas word for it:


  Some of us heard N.M. Governor, Bill Richardson say that “Obama is an immigrant”:


Some of us found out from a Nairobi, Kenyan Newspaper that “Senate Hopeful, Kenyan-born, Obama”….

2004 article from Associated Press reveals that Obama is Kenyan

Some of us heard Obama’s old Grandmother say that he was born in Kenya:

Some of us heard the Kenyan ambassador say that Obama was born in Kenya:

Some of us read the Ugandan Newspaper, where it said Obama’s home continent is Africa:


 If this is ‘racism’,


Just remember


WHO started it.

To Release, Or To Not Release?

Source: WorldNet Daily

In a moment of clarity, Chris Matthews said this.

What is going on? Even if Obama’s not an American citizen (actually he’s the enemy of this country) will it change anything? Doubt it.

Just How Bad Is The Economy-For Real?

  Many Americans are under the false delusion that we are doing”OK”, we are not doing “OK”, we are doing terrible. We are up a creek without a paddle, and that is the reality of this situation.

  I am an avid Vintage Hat collector, I have sold hundreds of Vintage hats on Ebay. I started doing this in 2006, and now I just collect them again. At the most, there were 2000 hats at any one given time. 2000 was a lot of hats, ranging from the 1880’s-1980’s. 

  On Ebay now, there are 7,045 hats listed. NEVER before have I seen this many hats. There is only one reason; people are dead broke, and thats the truth. The bad part about seeing this, is that the ‘little’ people that did have a business on Ebay are losing money all the time. This is the reality below. Hats are not even a ‘major collectible’, people. Imagine some of the other categories where there are millions of collectibles that probably won’t even move, thus making the Ebay lister even more broke, for the cost of listing items on Ebay.

Image Hosting by Vendio

How Can We Tell Obama Is A Muslim? It’s His NAME, Stupid!!

 You Suck I love Bob. Here he is, ranting about how Obama is a Muslim.  I don’t know why left wing imposters are so upset about it… They would put the devil, himself in, if given half a chance…..


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