Administrator Apologizes For Website. Too Late, We’re Already SCREWED! Obama Must GO! Administrator Apologizes For Website. Too Late, We’re Already SCREWED!! Obama Must GO!

An apology is fine and good, but this is massive chaos and SNAFU. The health insurance companies don’t give a rats a$$ about us, they will GLADLY just collect more money.

What don’t people get?  1.4 million is the tally of those affected by Communist healthcare mandate.  That is only a handful of states.  Millions more have been affected by this FUBAR.  The health insurance co’s are not going to just start reimbursing hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for OBAMA’s mistakes. 

We’re all already screwed and Obama needs to resign.  Enough already.  Benghazi, NSA, Obamacare.  We can’t afford an impeachment process.  For the better of the ‘collective’, this idiot needs to GO.  NOW.

See… Administrator Apologizes For Bad Website

Just get lost, Obama.  Its GODS will for you to resign.  Get Out Of Our Lives……

America’s New Obama Mantra: “HE LIED. HE LIED. HE LIED.”

800,000 to lose current health care plans in New Jersey because of ObamaCARE

Nearly 1.5 million Americans have lost their health care so far because of ObamaCARE since October 1st

Obama goes Pope

The cad… the Muslim, usurper, narcissistic psychopath, Obama is probably having a cow over this new pope. J E A L O U S.  We ALL know what a whining, little baby the pathetic, moron is.    The evil drek HATES when someone else is getting attention. 😦  Remember when he said he could ‘be the next Pope?”He is a pig. A slimy, filthy creep.

Obama Is A CURSE. Rats, Flies, Presidential Seal Falling. HE IS A CURSED PERSON

I will never get, for the life of me – how anyone could actually vote for such a wretched human.  Where was he even born?  Still, to this day, he has not even produced a REAL long form birth certificate.  
This is a cursed person.  Things like this dont ‘just happen.’  Elohim, God performs signs and wonders to wake people up.  Its sad, though.  Many Americans (actually majority) refuse to wake up.  More content on the usual spew; “You’re a racist, hater, homophobe, xeno-phobe” etc.  Its sad and really frustrating for people that DO see what is happening.  
Obama is satans kid.  Flies in the middle of the winter?  Big, juicy, fat flies?? IN JANUARY?! Gross. Obama is Lord of the flies.  Dung-headed filth.  Flies love sh*t and that’s what Obama is

A fly lands between the eyes of Barack Obama

BRAVO TO LT COL AL WEST!!! Called Obama What He Is: “Marxist, Socialist, Class Warfarer!” BRAVO!

Fabulous, just wonderful. Excellent. FINALLY, someone calls the arrogant, Muslim, foreign usurper a MARXIST! YES!  Be afraid…Be very afraid..It’s only gonna get worse..

Video By jim hoft

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) went after Barack Obama again tonight on Hannity. The Florida conservative says Marxist Obama has every right to feel arrogant and that he will not be held responsible for this disastrous policies.

Karl Marx Cheered On Election Night For Hussein Obama & Obama Gonna Give Us Free Obama-Phones

Academia is the new cult.. Where Marxist professors teach only their progressive views and contempt for our once great nation. These youngsters haven’t the experience or “education” to be able to choose a philosophy of their own. Only hip comments and sarcasm… They’ll learn though, in time.. Because what they think they voted for is not what they’re going to get!  Socialism bankrupts nations. People’s money runs out, morons.

BUT: What is sickening, disgusting and astonishing to me is that I had a couple of other bloggers and posters that thought Romney would win.  They said ‘the best was yet to come.’  I rebuked them for their stupidity, and instead they turned on QV & me for warning them.  What say these morons now?  I told ya’ all you were coming under a dictatorship and instead you shit on me for warning you, harassed me with telephone calls… Dumb assholes.


Obama IS a Communist. Period.  These TREACHEROUS M’F’ckers made sure they were quiet for 4 years so they could move in for the kill… Well, here is the solution when they come a knockin:

Vid h/t

Obama Youth Voters Cheer for Karl Marx and Socialism at Election Night Rally (Video)

Former CIA Chief: “Obama Bigger Killer Than Bush”

NO JOKE…!! Former CIA Chief: Obama Bigger Killer Than Bush.. And how did he come to this conclusion?  Breitbarts murder? Murders all around Obama (people up and dying who hug him?)  

Or the fact that Obama & Hitlery marched straight into Egypt, demanded Mubarraks ouster, then planted boots on the ground to ensure the Muslim bro’hood take over? OR, Libya?  The murder & sodomizing of Gadaffi? OR Syria and how we are enabling radicals there?


VIDEO: Protests As TRAITOROUS SCOTUS Upholds Health Reform communism-PATRIOTS Vs. communists

VIDEO: Protests As TRAITOROUS  SCOTUS Upholds Health Reform Communism-PATRIOTS Vs. communists… Isnt  it past-time for the overthrow of this tyrannical government?   This is no longer acceptable. We have to get rid of this whole government. MEN must do something now.  You cannot just sit and do zero. 


We are not supposed to be demanded to buy ANYTHING.

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To: Ralph Nader~Did YOUR Lit-Agent Make A “BLURP” On Your 1991 Bio With Obama? I Bet $1000 On NO.

To: Ralph Nader~Did YOUR Lit-Agent Make A “BLURP” On Your 1991 Bio With Obama? I Bet $1000 On NO.  I guarantee every last one of you, that there was absolutely NO mistake on the booklet for Ralph Nader.  And I guarantee that Obama did NOT have one mistake on his bio from 1991.  In fact, when I was in theater, we submitted bios for just about every show we entertained in.   NOBODY makes a ‘mistake’ on their bios.  If they do, it is usually a sentencing mistake.   A bio is a paragraph or 2 to ‘toot your own horn.’   Obama ‘tooted his horn’. He didn’t believe Americans were SO dumb, that they would elect in a foreigner.  He was wrong! American “liberal’ traitors would vote in HITLER if it meant that their agenda would be furthered. 

Obama is a LIAR AND a fraud. 

He should be arrested for treason, and every single exec. order thrown in the ash can.

Look how many websites are LYING about Obama being ‘not’  born in Kenya.  Here’s the deal with the fraud in the White House:  If he was born in Kenya and BOTH parents were/are American citizens, he would have been OK.  But, that is not the case.  Obama; the Muslim, psychopathic, Kenyan-born bastard did not have an AMERICAN citizen for a father.  He is NOT LEGAL, period.

‘Born in Kenya‘: Obama’s LYING Literary Agent ‘Misidentified’ His Birthplace

Proof Obama will sign NDAA 1031 Citizen Imprisonment Law in a few days

We shall see, won’t we… Obama is a FASCIST, period.

So are the GOP (Commie-lites) right along with him & the Bolshevik Demo-RAT party.

And….I cant WAIT until he turns on the ‘useful idiots’ FIRST.

Halleluyah…. Change will have come.

What say you, Village Voice?  You used to make fun of me.. Well, lets hope they lock up Roy Edroso, first thing

Remember this, ROY?



“[Bill Maher] can’t even see that FASCISM is right under his nose, under the name of Barack HUSSEIN Obama”The Mad Jewess.



Co. That Owns NYC Zucotti Park, (OCCUPY WALL ST) Just Got $168 Million Loan From Obama DOE?

READ ABOUT THE “GRASS ROOTS” (Occupy Wall St) BULLSHIT HERE: Company that owns Zuccotti “Protester” Park Just got 168 Million Loan Guarantee from Obama DOE!!!!…Thick as Thieves!!!!

Raw sewer: An unidentified man seen defecates on a NYPD patrol car in downtown Manhattan