‘Zionist Plot’ Alert! Iran to Get 20 Billion USD.

‘Zionist Plot’ Alert! Iran to Get 20 Billion USD.


Anybody that actually thinks that Obama/Jarrett are Zionist ought to have their heads examined.  They’re Communists, NOT Zionists. At any rate, it is mostly Christians who like Israel and give her moral support..

Look at what the Zionists are doing now…Funding Iran to blow up Israel (sarc) This is Valerie Jarrett’s baby.. Many people are so happy that America is now buddy-buddy with Iran.  Where are the Libertarians against foreign aid?  Crickets. Chirping.  It was always just Jew-hatred, nothing more.  While I am none too fond of the Israeli government, I certainly would not give their arch enemy 20 billion dollars.  What can we expect from Obama, though?  Just more treachery, throwing allies under the bus and shaking hands with Commie terrorists, attending funerals of genocidal, black South Africans.

SO, how is this plan working for you ‘Jews’ that voted for this piece of rotten sh*t?  You’re just doing what you did during the 1940’s: Throwing your brethren under the bus. Predictable.


Meanwhile…we are broke at home, bankrupt, in debt and our healthcare is cut off next year.

Murdering Obama-NAZI Regime: “Drone Strikes On Americans Is Legal.” Imagine If This Was GWB?!

How do you like America now, you EVIL, leftist-NAZI, fascist filth?  I hope a drone lands on W.D.C., God willing.  The govt uses the term; “Al Qaeda.”  Has it escaped your notice that they name Conservative people; “The Taliban?”  Get used to this assault, folks.  Knowing fully well, that we as a people did nothing to stop it. I mean, physically.  How does this make you feel?  They can BOMB you with drones and they call it ‘legal.’  You idiots voted in a FASCIST- DICTATOR, murdering tyrant.  What a joke you morons are…Calling GWB a ‘fascist.’  He was a rotten GOPer, but even that idiot didn’t do this.

CLICK, NBC reporting this: DRONE STRIKES ON AMERICANS ‘LEGAL’  & Obama ‘kill list’ paper leaked, includes criteria for assassinating US citizens..Read more: here

You know, I am only a woman.  I have never believed that women are ‘equal to men’ in the war playing field (and many other places as well). At least, not American women who are emotional crazies for the most part…  I believe that Men need to go pick a fight. When and if they do, I will do all I can to help. 

You better run. If nobody does anything, you better learn to run.

We have sat back and watched other countries get droned and said; “Well, they are just Arabs.”  Now…We will ‘just be Americans.’

Isn’t it rich? Aren’t we a pair? You on the ground smoldering, me in mid-air. #SendintheDrones,  Send in the drones, there ought to be drones…Don’t bother, they’re here. #SendintheDrones

Gun-Grabbing, Usurper Obama & His Bloody War & Murder Against American Gun Owners

Re: 3 Young Pro-Gun Business Owners & “American Sniper” Author-All 2nd Amendment Supporters Dead In 1 Month

I can see one dead. That would not be something to question.. But THREE?

Foreign-usurper, Obama is engaging in a war against gun owners in America.  Period.  There are 3 dead men in one month who were big gunners..  When is it NOT a ‘conspiracy?’ Huh?  WHEN!?  And when does someone get rid of Obama the mass-murderer?  I have written about how this rat-bastard, Barack Hussein Obama murders & drones without mercy (in other people/s countries) and I asked the question: If he does not care about murdering them, why should he care about murdering you?  

We all know this SOB was not even born here.  Yet, he is allowed to continue because he is a f*cking black man.  People are more scared of being called racists than they are of being MURDERED!!

Look at this casualty list:

Keith Ratliff, Gun Enthusiast of FPSRussia, Is Shot to Death 

John Noveske Killed Days After Posting Psych Drug Link to Sandy Hook 

‘American Sniper’ author Chris Kyle fatally shot.

And look at Obamas WAR against gun-owners: DHS Raids Gun Collector – Confiscates Nearly 1,500 Guns – No Charges Filed

Read more: here

See what they did to the latest casualty in Obama’s war against America:

UPDATE 2-3-13 @ 10:45 am CST: On Fox News now, Eye witness who lived across the street from where Routh was captured said authorities had Routh on the ground with 4 “shotguns” aimed at him.

UPDATE 2-3-13 @ 10:45 am CST: Chris Kyle spoke out about Obama’s gun grab. Watch the video at Pat Dollard.

UPDATE 2-3-13 @ 10:20 am CST: MyFoxDFW is saying Kyle was known for “his dedication to helping disabled veterans,” and that Kyle had a foundation, FITCO Cares: (FITCO was so-founded by Chris Kyle and Jason Kos)

Above excerpted from Chris Kyle Deadliest Sniper Murdered at Rough Creek Lodge: Suspect in Custody? UPDATED

When is a ‘conspiracy’ not a Conspiracy?! In every form of fascism, (Communism or Nazi-ism),  opposition is met with death and murder.  Valerie Jarrett was quoted;  ‘It’s Our Turn. Payback Time For Those Who Oppose Us’.

Even the CIA says killer Bush had nothing on Obama: Former CIA chief: Obama bigger killer than Bush | Global Research

In your heart, you know I’m right and in your guts, you know they’re nuts.  

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To Neo-Conservative GOPers: Think on this, good and hard.. When the end of this comes, I want all of you to know: Obama was not even born here & you know it.  So, did you deserve to die because of your cowardice, GOP bots?


Oh, that picture is from Breitbart.. He is just ‘dead’ out of nowhere, too.

‘Right Online’ Is WRONG. Neil Munro Was 100% Justified In His Attack Against The DICTATOR, Obama

‘Right Online’ Is WRONG’ Neil Munro Was 100% Justified In His Attack Against The DICTATOR, Obama... Most of these ‘conservative’ pundits are wishy-washy, small-minded, little mary, pansy-asses.  And this is exactly WHY we have lost this country, America.  Obama is a damned dictator.  He has passed so many exec orders, that nobody can even keep track.  Now, he wants to help ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS over Americans, and ‘Right Online’ says Neil Munro was wrong? Bullshit. Garbage.  You cowards and little Obama ass-kissers.  The dictator should be told off on a daily basis, but these ‘conservatives’ are weak knee-jerks.  YOU are not grandchildren of the greatest generation, you are wuss’s. Be ashamed, you freaks.

You make me want to puke

He is a DICTATOR, just what the hell don’t you pillsbury dough-boys get about that!? Obama should not even be respected, he was ‘born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.’  We are to dis this piece of shit, every damned day, just as Munro did. Damned cowards.


Co. That Owns NYC Zucotti Park, (OCCUPY WALL ST) Just Got $168 Million Loan From Obama DOE?

READ ABOUT THE “GRASS ROOTS” (Occupy Wall St) BULLSHIT HERE: Company that owns Zuccotti “Protester” Park Just got 168 Million Loan Guarantee from Obama DOE!!!!…Thick as Thieves!!!!

Raw sewer: An unidentified man seen defecates on a NYPD patrol car in downtown Manhattan

S.W.A.T. Team Invades a home; for Student Loan Debt; Dept of Ed

Yes, this is America’s taxpayers money used to apprehend a person deliver a search warrant who has defaulted on student loans.  Obama’s  Department of Education has the availability of  S.W.A.T. teams in apprehension of these people who fail to pay their student loans.  Under US Bankruptcy laws as they cannot use their court to relinquish their debt and restore their credit history.

Aren’t S.W.A.T. teams used in drug raids,  to obtain illegal search and seizure of automatic weapons for criminals?

Didn’t Obama sign into law an overhaul of Student Loan Program,to expand college access for millions of young Americans, in what he called “one of the most significant investments in higher education since the G.I. Bill?”

I wonder what will happen when Obamacare is  implemented fully?

University/College Grads 2011; highest Unemployment Rate in History

1.7 million College/University Students graduate in the year 2011, and their debt in student loans exceed more than the credit card bills that consumers owe. Washington how can they enter the workforce successfully ? There are 21.1 applicants to 1 job today for University/College Graduates. Employment speaks at 9.1 percent but actually it is 19.1 % a gallop survey suggests. This takes into consideration underemployment, people in a part-time placement or  given up the incentive in the work force completely.

Class of 2011 and Job Market, Fact Sheet Link

Obama, your economic policies created this job crisis.Your futile or botched attempts to assist the American economy are catastrophic. Examples of these disastrous programs remain, the stimulus, bailouts, and quantitative easing. You are a failure to this Country. Obama, you are the worst President in history, and to all Americans that hold it dearly.

Obama Lies Again; to Tornado Victims of Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Obama just wanted another photo-op session. Obama doesn’t care about the struggling people of the US, especially after  the series deadly tornadoes that showed their ravaging effects across the Country. There are so many victims without any homes. It does not matter what your race you are. Obama doesn’t discriminate.

“Obama came in, Obama said we are going to help everybody, that is a LIE”

Shirley called Obama out on this video. Where is their housing units to protect the displaced residents from the elements?  FEMA trailers, POTUS, remember those that  were provided from temporary housing after Katrina?  But no, you do not want them, Shirley.  You cannot trust the government for safety. 

FEMA-supplied trailers for displaced Gulf Coast residents have been found to emit formaldehyde vapors, causing serious health problems.

“Once again, we discover that FEMA has wasted tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on uncompetitive contracts and then failed to properly oversee the performance of those contracts,”Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., who chairs the House Homeland Security Committee.

“In human terms, this huge amount of money could have been used to provide safe and decent temporary housing for thousands of displaced people.”

Obama Lies and people die.