#FASCIST! CNN: Obama Admin Demanding Insurance Co’s Keep Quiet About Obama Care Problems

#FASCIST! CNN: Obama Admin Demanding Insurance Co’s Keep Quiet About Obama Care Problems

Obama is a fascist.  The Village voice used to dump on me for calling him a fascist:

Obama is a Fascist” Watch Continues.  I was right, Roy Edroso was wrong.

What say you, Roy?  Come on.. Now, this fascist pos tells insurance co’s to keep quiet?  Wake up, Roy. Stop Obama. 

#IRS-Trey Gowdy Is A Friggin STUD! Conservative Hulk!

I love the way Trey Gowdy bitch slaps the Commies…now, if we can just get him to call LOUDLY for OBAMA & Holders impeachment and imprisonment…It will be just perfect.

See Rats post: Trey Gowdy Is A Fricking Stud!

I have been waiting Gowdy for awhile.. Message To The GOP: FIRE John Boehner, Draft Trey Gowdy 


Obama Warns GOP 800K Govt Pentagon Worker Cuts. SO? Go Ahead. STOP THREATENING You Idiot


Is anyone else sick to death of Barack’s BS?  I AM. The whole ‘sequester’ is a lot of hooey to get people thinking about something other than their gun-grabbing.  They make things up to get focus off the real issue which is committing sedition against the USA–taking our guns.  

Do you ever notice that Obama & his Bolshevik caucus never say anything about letting social workers go?  Why is that?  Because this is smoke and mirrors.  Who cares if they let Govt workers go, anyway? Who can afford it?  We can’t.  We have NO money to pay anyone, anymore.  We can’t even fill up our navy tanks at sea–you can thank DEMO-BASTARD, El- hills AL GORE for that!  SO, LET THEM GO!  Who cares what you do, King Shit-head.  You lie all day, everyday.

Evil Omen Against B. H. O: Giant Lizards Scare Obama’s SS Guards In Thailand


He is a CURSE! A damned failure.  An evil piece of shit…!  Rats, flies, now gargantuan, rapter-type, komodo dragon-lizards follow this creep….  This type of creature they call prez naturally draws out evil-looking reptiles, pestilence, etc.. Because he IS a snake.

F’ck OBAMA! Cursed, wretched, evil, beastly bastard.


VIDEO: Protests As TRAITOROUS SCOTUS Upholds Health Reform communism-PATRIOTS Vs. communists

VIDEO: Protests As TRAITOROUS  SCOTUS Upholds Health Reform Communism-PATRIOTS Vs. communists… Isnt  it past-time for the overthrow of this tyrannical government?   This is no longer acceptable. We have to get rid of this whole government. MEN must do something now.  You cannot just sit and do zero. 


We are not supposed to be demanded to buy ANYTHING.

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NEWSFLASH 1996 Flier: “Democrat SOCIALISTS Of America” Headline Barack Obama As Speaker, Liberal Heads Will Explode

NEWSFLASH 1996 Flier! “Democrat SOCIALISTS Of America” Headline Barack Obama As A Speaker

Hoft over at Gateway says “Can we call him a Socialist now?”  NO, Hoft…That’d be RACIST. Obama and his Bolsheviks are a bunch of rat-bastard pinkos that need to be tried for treason.  The GOP is bad enough…but the DemoCOMMIES are pure treason.

CLICK: Busted!… Obama Headlined a DEMOCRAT SOCIALISTS OF AMERICA Event in 1996 **FLIER**