DICTATOR Obama: Executive Order-Presidential Commission To Promote “Efficient” Elections

DICTATOR, Obama Executive Order Establishes Presidential Commission To Promote “Efficient” Elections

Imagine if GWB did this?  Wouldn’t it be front page news? And, rightly so?  OK, I see…only if it is a GOP member does the MSM go insane.  But, its OK when the Muslim, Kenyan, ILLEGAL does it.. And, to question this piece of shit…You is waycis.

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If it walks like a dictator, talks like a dictator, acts like a dictator, MURDERS like a dictator- it IS a dictator.  Just keep snoozing away.. Nothing will get done. We just sit back and take this crap b/c its waycis to stand up to the MUSLIM/Marxist MADMAN.

Obama The Muslim “Zionist” Funding Mosques Worldwide With US Dollars

The world has gone insane with Obama the profane… is a poem I wrote about a year ago.. When I hear that Obama is a “Zionist” it makes me laugh my ass off.  

Imagine a true Zionist funding mosques.  NO WAY.  

See here how Your tax dollars are helping Muslim mosques all over the planet. Doesn’t that make you warm and fuzzy all over?  Especially after this last weeks incidents? 


VIDEO: Protests As TRAITOROUS SCOTUS Upholds Health Reform communism-PATRIOTS Vs. communists

VIDEO: Protests As TRAITOROUS  SCOTUS Upholds Health Reform Communism-PATRIOTS Vs. communists… Isnt  it past-time for the overthrow of this tyrannical government?   This is no longer acceptable. We have to get rid of this whole government. MEN must do something now.  You cannot just sit and do zero. 


We are not supposed to be demanded to buy ANYTHING.

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Hannity Is “Vetting” Obama, But Says ZERO About Obama’s OWN Admission That He Was “Born In Kenya” In 1991 Pamphlet

Hannity Is “Vetting” Obama, But Says ZERO About Obama’s OWN Admission That He Was “Born In Kenya” In 1991 PamphletAs does not O’Reilly, who has seen this evidence.  They all have, and they say nothing. Michelle Malkin has said nada, Ann Coulter, zip.  Beck; closed mouth.  Bunch of damned cowards.  More worried about a paycheck than throwing this bastard, son of a whore to the wind. They are the reason that this piece of SHIT is still sitting in a seat that he stole from Americans. I cannot believe that this pamphlet came out and the ‘liberals’ said it was a mis-type and it was dismissed.  Yeah, the devils son, BHO, made a mistake in 1991. Bullshit. He just happened to ‘make a mistake’ about being ‘born in Kenya’… The same thing us ‘birthers’ have been saying all along…Yeah, and pigs fly.  Why not Johannesburg? Why not Zimbabwe? LIES………

God is angry at the lies. And because GOD has seen the cowardice of these people.. It is quite possible that God, himself —will allow this son-of-a-bitch to occupy the White House, again.  So, when you see these phoney Americans passing themselves off as patriots & Christians…

You tell them;


There is NO excuse for such cowardice.


CNN Reports On The Birther-gate Issue, Forgets To Tell Audience That Obama Was BORN IN KENYA, Per Obama

CNN Reports On The BirtherGate Issue, Forgets To Tell Audience That Obama Was BORN IN KENYA, Per Obama ..So,  CNN Commits Fraud In Obama Birther-gate; Eligibility Cover-Up Widens

CNN FORGETS to tell their silent, zombie, cannibal-Liberal, moonbats about Obamas own bio that HE wrote AND submitted, long before he thought of being Prez in 1991:


If this was a GOP Prez…Are ya kidding? We would NEVER hear the end of the liberal crying for 50 years. And rightly so.

They can’t hide these things:

Video H/T: kenyanbornobama

NEWSFLASH 1996 Flier: “Democrat SOCIALISTS Of America” Headline Barack Obama As Speaker, Liberal Heads Will Explode

NEWSFLASH 1996 Flier! “Democrat SOCIALISTS Of America” Headline Barack Obama As A Speaker

Hoft over at Gateway says “Can we call him a Socialist now?”  NO, Hoft…That’d be RACIST. Obama and his Bolsheviks are a bunch of rat-bastard pinkos that need to be tried for treason.  The GOP is bad enough…but the DemoCOMMIES are pure treason.

CLICK: Busted!… Obama Headlined a DEMOCRAT SOCIALISTS OF AMERICA Event in 1996 **FLIER**