Obama & Dems: Tax Jews, Send Gay Chris Stevens To His Death, Yet Call Conservative People The “Nazis”?

Obama & Dems-Tax Jews, Send Gay Chris Stevens To His Death, Yet Call Conservative People The “Nazis”?


We all know it is the OBAMA administration with the IRS, O’REILLY.

How many times have we heard the Commie dems call patriotic-type, conservative people “Nazis?”  These Dastardly Dems and their cohorts have some damned gall.  This week, we find that pro-Israel, Jews and T-partiers are being taxed more, scrutinized more because Obama the insane can’t take criticism.  Remember Valerie Jarrett?  Valerie Jarrett promised to “punish” her enemies? 

Chris Stevens was gay.  He was sent to his death.  Period.  They stood down because of the Black Hitler, OBAMA.  Sounds pretty creepy to me. Just like 1930’s Germany..


Just what is this?  This is not America.  This is not a republic, anymore.  Its a tyrannical dictatorship.  Those who have refused to kiss Obama’s ass are suffering a price.  What gets me is that most people, including F. Graham didn’t even come out until this week to reveal what Obama the MADMAN was doing.   Why is that?  Something is wrong with people if they sit back and just take the tyranny.   What in the hell is with you people?  Just sitting there waiting THREE YEARS to tell everyone what was happening.  You act like babies that are being bullied.  The only way to deal with a bully is to get in their face and punch their lights out.  You are not Americans.  To have sat back while this SOB was doing this is just as much of a crime, In my opinion: Apathy and enabling treason.

The reason why people like Hitler and Stalin even existed is because the good people did absolutely nothing.  I am sick and damned tired of getting wacked with a shot-gunned car, rocks thrown through my apt window, malware, virus’s, hackings, threats, you name it…while you little wuss’s just sit there and TAKE THIS CRAP!  

Where is the backbone?  Lily-livered cowards.  And another damned thing; Calling “Birthers” a circus…it chaps my fricking hide.  You call us that because YOU HAVE NO GUTS.  Get some testosterone and man the f-ck up.  Stop leaving people like Sheriff Joe Arpaio out to dry.  I’m so sick of this yellow-bellied bullshit, I’m ready to blow….


Obama & Dems-Tax Jews, Send Gay Chris Stevens To His Death, Yet Call Conservative People The “Nazis”?

If you dont start fighting back, you just deserve this SHIT.


WSJ: Before TX Explosion, West Fertilizers Had #Monsanto Lawsuit. Obama Is In #Monsanto’s Pocket

WSJ: Before TX Explosion, West Fertilizers Had #Monsanto Lawsuit. Monsanto Is In Obama’s Pocket

This is not ‘my’ news.. I’m just giving you information as it comes up. What say you ‘liberals’, now?  Anything? Or are you just going to keep covering up for the madman who occupies the White house by fraud and deceit??

Critics slam Obama for “protecting” Monsanto – CBS News

Here is the link to the Wall Street Journal re. Monsanto Lawsuit.  

Hat Tip, Donna (NOT Donna from here before)

Perhaps this will explain a rocket hitting the plant?  Who knows, anymore.  I don’t trust this government.  And, Monsanto is in Obama’s pocket. Or vc. Versa.

Rocket hitting the plant :

Possible Monsanto connection:

If I ‘mysteriously’ die..It’s because I posted this information. Yes, this government scares me THAT much.

Another DEAD Body Under Obama Admin: Secret Service Agent Kills Himself Amid Affair Probe

Another dead body under Obama. 

How many notches does Obama have on his gun?  Do we add the 4 in from Libya, too? Or is that boring news, now?   Because of Benghazi, Hillary is a tainted package for 2016.   Why is it that the press does not look into any of these deaths surrounding Obama.  The fourth estate is supposed to keep the govt on the straight and narrow.  They are not supposed to be in the DNC’s pocket.

Don’t worry….this will be old news in 5 hours.




H.R. 347~The DICTATOR Obama Has Given Power To S.S. To Limit Free Speech-ITS FASCISM, STUPID

The DICTATOR Obama Has Given Power To S.S. To Limit Free Speech-ITS FASCISM, STUPID..

So, go to protest at the White House, or the Capital and get thrown in prison, be a felon or whatever..

How long oh Lord, how long are we going to put up with these psychopathic tyrants? HOW LONG?!  I believe at this point…that the only way for American people (NOT 3rd world dummies) to unite is for America to be invaded. I see no other way at this point.

Obama: Catholics; Go To Hell, You Will Pay To Murder Babies And STOP Them From Being Born.

Some asshat asked me this AM why I hated Obama and loved Bush… Let me make myself clear; I HATED Bush, you got that, people?  Open-borders Bush is what I used to call him.  If you hate illegal-occupiers, Bush is the el numero reason why they are here.

…Onward to the Communist slaughterhouse for today;

Obama says that Catholics can just go to the devil.  He says: f*ck religious freedom, I DEMAND that you murder babies and stop bringing them into the world!  That is what this sonofabitch is saying.  And you all really believe that Obama was a “Constitutional Lawyer?”  ~Please… there are bridges in Brooklyn for sale.

We will continue to disrespect this evil pig.

Even on pain of death.

We will not EVER stop…Until, God willing, he is gone from our midst.

More here:

White House Says They Won’t Budge on HHS Birth Control Mandate: “Our Position Is Clear” (Video)




Our Commie Prez Needs Reminding From Gun-Owners In 2011: “If you TRY To Take Our Firearms, We Will Kill You”

I’ve been surfing the net, and found that our Commie, piece of shit, lyin ass, un-vetted asshole ‘prez’ wants to take guns from citizens…. Back in 2011, he seems to not remember some men telling himIf you try to take our firearms (guns), we will kill you.

Mista Obama, you have made this nation sick.  You have crippled it. You are still not happy. I believe you are straight from the devil.  What cracks my ass up about you…is that people actually believed you were a Christian.  How dumb.  Imagine a country so STUPID, that only 7 years after 9/11, they would actually elect in (WITHOUT VETTING) a Muslim Jihadist/Commie into the highest office in the world, the White House.

Well, you have been warned, ‘President’ Obama.   Remember what Yamamoto said… ‘There is a gun behind every blade of grass in America’.  (something to that effect)   I am 100% positive, that you can double that amount, since YOU are the enemy.  The FBI should arrest YOU.    In fact, if Americans had any sense at all, we would march to OUR house and place you under citizens arrest for violation and treason against our freedom of religious expression….but we seem to be a ‘tolerant’ people……….

Rand Paul: “Having More Than 7 Days Of Food Makes You A Suspected Terrorist!”

Fascist government of the USSA.  I told everyone I knew about the patriot act in 2001… That it was designed to imprison Americans…People didnt listen because they were high as a kite on the GOP or bust balloon.  IF Americans choose to NOT see that this has been happening under the GOP just as bad as the DEM, then everything I fear WILL come to pass: Invasion of America, consisting of Russian and Chinese troops, serious famine, inflation, great, great depression.



Listen to what Ran Paul says here:


S. 1867 — National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2012
(Sen. Levin, D-MI)
S 3081, Indefinite detention.

Anti-Semitic-Democrat/Leftist Led “Occupy Wall Street”~ “JEWS Own Wall Street”…

  What a can of worms Obama has opened.  With the Arab Spring, and now with open leftist/Nazi hatred for ALL Jews.  BTW: I don’t own Wall Street…Believe me…If I did, at this point in time?  There would be dead protesters in the streets of NYC.  If there is one thing I cant stand more than anything in the planet…its spoiled, rotten brats that believe they are entitled to what SOMEONE ELSE has worked for.

   Well….All of the rants I hear from neo-Nazis gives a powerful summation; As I have stated over and over about White Supremacists-they will join ANY evil group, as long as it turns against every, single, Jew in the planet… The Nazis have an ally; Bolshevik/Marxists, leftists, liberals (whatever they call themselves this week). 

  At this point, I hardly feel a bit of pain for ‘liberal’ Jews that voted for Obama. I know they are not much population wise, but I feel nothing, as they helped vote this Jew-hate in and will probably do so again.