“Barack & Bo” The Story Of Our Dog-Eating President

This is a parody.  But, think about this; We have a savage, Negro in the White house who ate dog and laughed about it.

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-David Ben Moshe

I TOLD YOU ALL-Robert Gibbs: “The Leak We Did ON PURPOSE?!”

‘The Leak we did ON PURPOSE, the well had been purposefully been set off, 


“If people start getting sick, we will have to move them” (Uh…to where?)


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Gulf Oil Disaster Planned Event To Cause Mass FEMA Evacuation

Hat Tip from my friend on this scary shit: ALERT! Is GOVERNMENT setting up a state of anarchy in New York?!

You will have to try to discern this for yourself, I KNOW what I heard from the Ball & Chain, Robert Gibbs.

Obama’s REICHSTAG? Gulf Of Mexico Explosion. Off-Shore: OK, Now-NOT Ok?

“Conspiracy-Wackos are fully alive, and that would be me, I am a Conspiracy Crazy….

OK, Michael Savage? So, I am a little nutty, my friend.. you are too, why shouldn’t we be Mr. Savage? Everything you fought against is happening before our very eyes.. CONSPIRACY THEORY: N. Korea
torpedoed Gulf oil rig?


  Why am I ‘conspiracy-oriented? Only because Obama and his administration of corruption push me to believe nothing good of them. To get to the GOP folks  a few weeks ago, President Hussein Obama was “OK” with Offshore Drilling: Obama to Open Offshore Areas to Oil Drilling for First Time … Then the explosion happened.. Now, this AM, this: White House Declares Halt on New Offshore Drilling – AOL News ALL in less than a month. This all is eery…

  Obama banks on the fact that people in America are stupid. However, not all of us are ‘stupid’, we are just having a hard time, trying to think as dictators and criminals do. It is not easy for us ‘haters, and law-abiders’ to get into the minds of how a criminal thinks. I believe this admin. to be a cross between Bolshevik Russia and Nazi Germany. I definitely do. I look at the strange posters of Hussein, the Obama-Care symbols, the changing of the Defense Logo, the way kids have sung to their “President”…. Now hearing about the Push for Puerto-Rico to ‘become a state’ makes me think of Austria and how Nazi Germany took over there. Go ahead and believe that Obama is this wonderful “President”, I don’t give a rats ass what Liberal/Progressives (or whatever they call themselves this week say) Obama is a DICTATOR, and no opposition is stopping this MADNESS.


 READ: Alan Keyes: Government Will Stage Terror, Declare Martial Law


The question which gives rise to the phrase “wag the dog” is;

Does the dog wag the tail, or does the tail wag the dog?

You see the tail moving, you assume the dog is wagging it, and enjoying it, but maybe the tail is wagging the dog, and the dog is enjoying the attention!

Sound familiar??  Sound like Hussein Obama….?



Wake up Children, this is not your America..


You have become “Comfortably Numb”

Yesterday…the Usurper-Iman-in-Chief GAVE AWAY some of our nuclear arsenal to RUSSIA.. and this is not cause for concern that we are going to inevitably face something ‘in-ya-face’ scary??
   I believe that a situation will arise, that will be terrible…why?? Obamas ratings are ‘slip-sliding-away.’ People are strongly disapproving of the Moslem Hitler…I wonder why…??     Is it because of the economic crisis?    Is it because the Moonbat- Messiah’s ‘annointing’ wore off?  Perhaps it is because there are now 14 million people unemployed?    Is it that He now OWNS our car companies?
It’s just a matter of….
 Is it that NO hospital in Hawaii will confirm the Usurpers BIRTH CERTIFICATE, and people SEE that he is ILLEGAL?? 
All of this is fact, and it will get worse…Which is why a “WAG THE DOG” is about due for the Dems.  They did it with Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal.. they pulled an old enemy out;   Saddam Hussein…Anyone remember December 16, 1998?? Clinton’s Speech to the  world?? 
Many theorists believe that something will create MARTIAL LAW…which I believe is very possible.  When Hitler seized power, he did similar. A FALSE sense of ‘patriotism’- FASCISM, it is NOT real American PATRIOTISM.
The Yes We Can Patrol, will question your patriotism as well.
 So, whoever you are, sitting there thinking the absolute worse possible crisis, you are probably right, just remember that I told you first;  Obama is getting ready to;