MUST C VIDEO: Occupy D.C. Admit Loud & Strong: They Want To Replace Capitalism With Communism

McCarthy was right.

NO ifs, ands or buts about it.

Listen to the words here very carefully.  It is exactly what we have been talking about on this website for almost 4 years now.  The #OWS are Communists. Straight up Communists.  

Maybe now you should be able to understand why I vehemently support the facebook ranter, Raub.

Only one type of solution will cure the Communist cancer: Meeting their force with force OR DIE.

Its YOUR choice.  I choose to be more like McCarthy, until the time comes where I will have to defend my life, family, property and town. AND I WILL from you bastards..You are damned traitors and are deserving of death.  May it not be far from you.

#OWS Rally In DC: “KILL, KILL, KILL!” ~ Democrat Leftists ARE Murderers

#OWS Rally In DC: “KILL, KILL, KILL!” ~ Democrat Leftists ARE Murderers

This is how the radical left is.  Think about it; If they stop at nothing to murder the unborn…Just give me one reason why they would stop from murdering you? Get armed. Have tons of ammo, because the DICTATOR is going to take your ammo. Think not? Just tell me where the WILL of American men is to deal with this insanity?

“Occupy Wall Street” COMMUNISTS Get Into Scuffle With Cops….Again

This is not a Repub vs Dem issue. This is not even Conservatives vs ‘liberals’.  This is Patriotic American people against Communist enemies of freedom. 

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Protesters scuffle with cops

And, of course…The Jews are going to be blamed: 

More anti-Semitism at Occupy Los Angeles

In my personal opinion… I wonder why so many Jews, who are not supposed to be involved in government outside of Israel…. Who are supposed to pray for the peace of the city in which they dwell…are too involved with the affairs of a Non-Jewish nation (America).  Its just a thought.  A Jew outside of the land of Israel should ALWAYS be a patriotic citizen, caring about their city with prayer and supplication to God. And, NO, I dont believe “ALL” the bankers are Jews.  Because they are not. (Banks are corps now and this is not 1935) – But, Jew hate does not ‘just’ happen.  As well as Christian hate does not ‘just’ happen. I believe that Christians and Jews need to turn to God. TO THE MAX.  Christians and Jews have divorced themselves from God.  Which is why this judgement is happening.

“OWS” Los Angeles~ “We Want Socialism, & Violence To Achieve Our Goal”, Inotherwords, Murder Americans

First of all….this piece of SHIT needs to go back to the hell hole he is from, and if he doesn’t, there is always option #2.  Bring your gun mother-f*cker.  And be prepared to meet your maker: Satan.  We are defensive players.

GET PREPARED, American Patriots, Christians, Jews, etc.  They want your death.

Black Americans To “Occupy The Hood”~This Is Obamas “Post Racism”

Black ‘Occupy’ protesters start ‘Occupy the Hood’

(Its not like I, personally, have not been warning people about race wars coming.  Let me tell you something about race wars in a short sentence:  If you are white, just get the hell out of the way and it does not matter if you are a ‘liberal’, either..)

I have been screaming about this from roof-tops from this website, but I am the ‘racist’…..W-h-a-t-e-v-e-r. I warned YA ALL.


If it’s up to a growing number volunteers calling themselves Occupy the Hood, that won’t be the case for much longer.

Founded by Malik Rhasaan, 39, of Queens, N.Y., and Ife Johari Uhuru, 35, based in Detroit, @OccupyTheHood has close to 3,500 followers on Twitter, the growing support of notable figures and a cadre of volunteers devoted to getting the word out about the cause of the protests to African Americans and Latinos.

The rest:

The REAL Reason Why “Occupy Wall Street” Protesters Are Sickening & Disgusting.

The OBAMA Depression, 2011.

This is why “OWS” cannot ever really be taken seriously.  Nuf sed, below.  “OWS” are disgusting, spoiled, rotten brats that need spankings.

The Great Depression kids, 1939 to around 1941. Notice some of these kids have NO shoes, but they are not crying like brats, they are SINGING. They do not believe they are ‘entitled’ to anything.  Photo, H/T  GOLDBUG.

See all of the pictures of a SANE America:

Color America