Henry Waxman, The Most HIDEOUS Creature EVER- New name for Waxman


Here is the bottom line with this ugly schmuck; You probably won’t ever hear of a sex-scandal with this positively ugly CREEP. I was watching how this monster is tearing our lives up even more, and I usually am very concentrated on these evil moonbats from hell, but I couldn’t concentrate, because his nose is so g’d huge that I was caught off guard by it’s enormity.  I wonder how many times someone has wanted to punch this moron just because. How did this nose-zilla ever get in?  We need to change the rules.  Now you know why Jewish people with little noses like me get really friggin frustrated. It’s not enough that these Commie JINOs are helping screw up our lives, but can’t they at least find a decent looking one?  Can you imagine the boogars that come out of this windbag? I bet that’s where they shoved the ‘health-care’ bill, Waxmans NOSE is the perfect hiding place…. Well, whatever.  I am going to be all over this gas-bag.

"Too Sexy For My Shirt"