The New Faux News, Complete With Females That Look Like Robert Redford. Example #1: Sally Kohn

I rarely watch FAUX (Fox) news anymore, and the reason should be quite obvious: It is now a left-wing hack station that loves progressive women that look like Robert Redford

Take this Sally Kohn character.  Not only is she very masculine, but she seems to think that Fast n Furious is just bullshit:

(H/T: I found this terrible ‘tidbit’ on Puma’s blog last night.)

How can this monster go to sleep at night?  Did she dare to tell Ms Terry, Brain Terry’s mother about her feelings regarding Fast n furious?  The scandal that pushed Obama to enforce his executive privilege?  Is this ‘tolerant’ Commie-liberal insane?  Why is she on FAUX news after speaking such vile, intolerant rhetoric?  If they don’t can this idiot, then they should put her in the bathroom, & wash her mouth our with soap–or send her to a finishing school to act like a f’n lady.   So much for being a feminist, eh?  She does not seem to give a rats ass about Ms Terry, (A FEMALE) Brian Terry’s mother.

I was so livid with this broad, I HAD to twitter her. You know I don’t twitter all that much.. I guess I’m stuck in old times, you know..blogging n all.  

But, this is what I said to her:

@sallykohn <Is the reason men are turning gay by the bushel

@sallykohn “Community Organizer?” Why dont you go organize your FAT mouth??!!!

@sallykohn “No one gives a shit about Fast and Furiou?” Tell THAT to Brian Terry’s Mother–right here on Twitter you feminazi HAG


Ok…So, I was nasty.  I am, after all, The Mad Jew bitch, right?  Well, I HAVE to take up for the down-trodden, liberal/Commies don’t anymore.  SO-Not only does FAUX news hire she-males, but they hire people that make light of tragedy.. 

You tell me Sally_Kohn doesn’t look like Robert Redford’s twin.  And, that would be fine….IF she was male.  But, thats O’MeriKa these days: bad is good, good is bad, men are women, women are men etc and so on… 

Sally Kohn:

Mr. Brian Terry gets the last word, here:

Akin DEMANDED To Leave Over Words, Yet Eric Holder, MURDERER Is Still Attny General. Democrats Are HYPOCRITES

Akin DEMANDED To Leave Over Words, Yet Eric Holder, MURDERER Is Still Attny General. Democrats Are HYPOCRITES!!

I am certainly not condoning the words of Akin.  But words? Against a damned murdering psychopath like Eric Holder?  I don’t write all that much anymore because I am sickened at the lawlessness and injustice I see on a daily basis.  But this just takes the cake.  Slain border agents, over 200 dead innocent Mexican people and Eric Holder walks free everyday with NO demands like the demands made for this Akin moonbat.

It is totally evident to me, now.  The Democrat (COMMUNISTS) care more for some words than dead people.  They are psychopathic, maniacal, and need massive psychiatric care.  There is no real help for these reprobates at all. It is all such hypocrisy and I am at wits end.  Now, maybe some of you will get why I stand with Brand Raub-TOTALLY.

SEE! A.G., Eric Holder Newsletter-DOJ Website Archive-April 2, 2009: “100 New ATF Agents For Project Gun-Runner”

SEE! A.G., Eric Holder Newsletter-DOJ Website Archive-April 2, 2009   “100 New ATF Agents For Project Gun-Runner”I am sitting here, having to endure Bolling & Hannity talking of a ‘smoking gun’ to indict  Eric Holder.  We have had the ‘smoking gun’ on this website for OVER a YEAR.  WTF is up with these ‘journalists?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Political Vel Craft originally had this posted.  When does the damned INSANITY end.