Putin Is A LEADER. Obama Is A Tweeter


I have to tell you that it is easy for men to admire a good leader when his own country is leaderless…. So, don’t get all worked up if you see this because:  Real men don’t follow titles, they follow courage.

At any rate: Go look at Obama’s Twitter page sometime.  Tweets, tweets and more tweets. Tweets about himself, tweets about how tough he looks in a pair of jeans.  Suck it up, America..  We have a little pansy-ass in the White House who not only hates our once nice country but is deplored throughout the world. And not respected in the least bit.

Yesterday, a Pussy Riot supporter (Communist-enabling, Pseudo-Conservative) dropped off a written post/link here that was long-winded and self righteous.  The post went ON and ON about Putin the Soviet KGB, dictator, bla bla bla.  But, the post didnt mention what type of aggression that Russia has acted out against the USA since Putin has been in Russian politics. You know why it didn’t mention this? 

Because RUSSIA/PUTIN hasn’t carried out ANY act of aggression against the USA.

So.. Put a sock in it, America.  Putin is not an enemy, Obama is.  Putin will become our enemy if Obama doesn’t go back to the golf course—and stay there with John McCain for the next 3 years because congress lacks the cojones to remove this ass.

Putin is a leader, Obama is a tweeter.  Here are his bloviated, idiotic tweets:



Embarrassing gasbag

Catherine Engelbrecht Stands Up To IRS. But, Why Did She Not Do Anything Re. Country Before ’09?

Catherine Engelbrecht Stands Up To IRS. But, Why Did She Not Do Anything About  This Country Before ’09?

1st of all- I pray that the government intimidators would back off of this woman.  I commend the work she is doing now.

Miss Engelbrecht claims in this video that she was not involved in politics until 2009.   I don’t get it.  Our nation has been falling apart for decades.  I can’t remember a time when I have not been involved.   My Grandmother & I were going to Town-hall meetings long before 2009, 2010 – try the late 80’s up to 2001.  We also faced an audit and a demand to pay $48K to the State board equalization of CA,  merely because we were for closed borders.   We learned to hire Tax attorney’s that were smarter than the US Govt (SBOE) in CA. 

Because of my ‘close the borders’ stance,  I also suffered apartment vandalism, the windows in my car shot out for standing up to the pro-illegal, Mexican Marxists in the Salinas city hall town council.   I was banned off of 2 newspapers in the late 90’s & had had my own radio show banned in 2008.  Now, its non-stop blogging and doing whatever I can do up here, where I live:  (Which is not a lot since I live in a small town without a lot of troubles)  My husband has also been involved for 20 plus years.  We are not meaning to ‘toot our horn’, it is what it is.

In my opinion, better late than never does not work for America.  The complacency over the last 2 decades is an almost unforgivable offense.  I am not meaning to dump on this woman… but, she is like so many conservatives who did nothing before Obama got in.  Fact.

At any rate: Thank you for speaking your mind to the fascists, Miss Engelbrecht.

The Banana Republic Of America

The Banana Republic of America Posted by David Ben Moshe-

The United States rose to the top of all countries, like a comet. A country with no ancient traditions but with plenty of tough pioneer spirit, conquered the westward march, invented most modern inventions and put a man on the moon. Then like all previous empires, we didn’t learn a thing from the previous ones that collapsed.
It wasn’t enough that we were the greatest nation that the world ever saw. We had to fiddle with it. We gave equal rights to savages. That wasn’t enough, so we gave them special rights. We still weren’t finished. In 1965, we changed our immigration policy so that even more savages and dumbbells came flooding in here by the millions. Of course, our home grown and new dumbbells couldn’t keep up, so we lowered standards, not once, but over and over for them. We gave up on our native language, religions, and culture to accommodate them. Corporate greed ran amok. Manufacturing was sent to Asia for cheap labor that our labor couldn’t compete with, while the salaries of executives went through the roof. Meanwhile, the middle class was in the process of being killed off. A nation that manufactures nothing is nothing.
We punished those who spoke out against this insanity by scaring them with silly names of racist, nativist, xenophobe, homophobe and Nazi. If you were unhappy with the new America, you were an outcast, a crazy person, not to be listened to. Even so called conservatives and conservative talk show hosts can only touch the fringes of this. If they spoke the truth, their sponsors would quickly get cold feet and bolt.
Well, we have even sunk lower than that. We are famous for our manufacturing of Kleenex and very little else. We import much and export little. Our schools cant teach and our children cant learn. We reward illegal aliens by the threat of making them citizens. We are the only nation in the world that places no value on its citizenship, the only nation that lets an illegal have a baby here, that automatically becomes a citizen. We fight wars that we don’t win but let them go on for years, treating our boys like cannon fodder. We have massive debt, 17 trillion and unfunded liabilities in the godzillions. Our legal system is a joke, and suing someone is like winning the lottery. We have multiple murders daily, usually black on white crime but also Hispanic on white crime and the white majority is even afraid to speak out. Finally, we have a government steeped in multiple stages of corruption and that’s just what is known so far. Imagine what is just under the surface. You can also imagine what is going on in state and local levels if the federal government is any indication.
We have lost our pioneer and ‘We can do it’ spirit and now the nation is full of ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ people. We aren’t a third world nation. We are a banana republic and deserve no less.
-David Ben Moshe

#IRS Gate, BenghaziGate? Nothing Is Going To Happen To America’s 1st Kenyan Prez.

#IRS Gate, BenghaziGate? Nothing Is Going To Happen To America’s 1st Kenyan Prez.

There is a reason that nothing happens to OBAMA.

I’ve been watching the net & news re. IRS gate and BenghaziGate.  Nothing is going to happen to the Teflon man.  You’re kidding yourselves if you think otherwise. (I HOPE I am wrong)  

Obama has had one scandal after the next.  Nothing ever touches this jerk.  The 1st thing that happened was the ‘birther’ issue.  Obama even provided information that got leaked out by Breitbarts site last yr in May.  Obama admitted through pamphlets in the 1990’s that he was born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.  Making him totally ineligible to be the President.  Hell, the Commies even use Beck when he trashes us ‘birthers.’  Beck can’t refute this:

Obama had to fill out these bios as many do when they have to speak, publicly (he would have had to approve of his own bio that HE submitted)  Even after the pamphlet came out, the literary agent said they ‘made a mistake’…..in the 1990’s and corrected it now?! And, people BELIEVED that horsesh*t!  Beck believes it!

Onward… We had Fast and furious. “Political Vel Craft” and I spread this letter from the DOJ all over the place (below). This letter PROVES that Holder and Obama were involved in gunrunning and Fast and furious.  NOTHING happened to them. Border agents are dead and Darrell Issa investigated it.  Issa is a lot of hot air.  All talk, NO action.

See it:

Then, there was Sept. 2012, Benghazi.  Hillary lied, people died. Nothing happened to her and nothing happens to Obama.  Now, its the IRS.  Nothing will happen to Obama and the reason is:


End of story. 

The DNC holds nobody accountable, least of all- a black man.  Just look at black on white crime.   AND, Obama is the biggest perp of black on white collar crime, now because of the IRS scandal. They have no morals and the GOP is morally weak.

Oh, by the way:


He is satanic.

McRomney McRyan Redux…

While on the stump, Romney’s response to a month long pummeling, and absorbing like a punching bag, a barrage of attacks from that bi-sexual, racist, buffoon, Commie Dictator Obomo calling him everything from a murderer, a woman hater, a wimp and a snake is standing on the stump in a washed out, pasty shirt, looking for all intents and purposes like a wooden statue, with a goofy painted-on Carteresque smile on his face, yammering, actually pleading, about taxes..  
So what does Romney do? he appoints Ryan, another pasty white-fop and empty-shirt bean counter with all the political fire in his belly of a wet sock…
Ryan that stupid the son of a bitch who Trump called a moron and worse yet, a jackass for back-handing seniors across the face on Social Security and Medicare, and in an election year no less!
And worse not the 150+ million foreign illegals and domestic  parasites draining those funds dry….and politicians stealing what’s left..
Talk about tone deaf and clueless. Pat Cadell put it best, “you can’t doubt the capacity of these morons [Republicans] to squander a sure- bet opportunity within their grasp, to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.” They have done it!
This is the solution to 8 weeks of pummleing will be another 12 weeks of ass whippings….We have ’08 McCain, redux, except this time it’s a 2 ‘fer – it’s a matched pair McRomney and McRyan!

Michelle Malkin Brings Down The Roof At AFP, Fails To Bring UP The Birth Certificate & Obama’s 1991 Pamphlet

Ms Malkin claims ‘You didn’t build that’.  Well, Obama DID build this, Ms Malkin:

Meanwhile….Andrew Breitbart was MURDERED because of this, above.  You bet he was.

This was and still is the most explosive bit of information we have against the foreign usurper occupying the White House… yet, it is ignored by the devilish talking heads.

Silence is CONSENT.

And Ms Malkin has no guts because she  leaves out the most crucial issue of our time. Just “You’re a circus, birthers.”  Easy to say that, harder to refute Sheriff Joe and this above pamphlet..Ms Malkin.

Why am I not surprised she didn’t mention this…..?

CLICK to hear Malkin bring up everything BUT the pamphlet: Michelle Malkin Brings Down the Roof at AFP Defending the American Dream Summit (Video)