Lib Loses Job: Called Black Conservative “Aunt Tom”. When Racial Slurs Are Said Against White People, Nobody Cares

You can say anything racist about a white person.  You can even call for the murder of white people and they babies.  Blacks murder, rape and rob white people on a daily basis and thats OK.  Its open season on the white man.  Why is it that the only racism is against black people?   I have been a victim of serious racism; beaten, robbed, a family member raped and its all OK.  

Racism is racism. Black on white, white on black.  It is a subject close to my heart because I have been a victim and have seen the injustice.  But, I guess whites deserve it for 140 plus years ago with slavery n all… Whatever. My family didn’t own slaves.  Now, the white is the slave to the black Gestapo in the White House.  Enjoy Yo’MeriKa.

Click: Liberal Loses His Job For Using Racial Slur Against Black Conservative

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I Believe That Komrade Van Jones Is Behind The Flash Mobs.

I was reading WND.COM the incredible news-site

Go to fullsize imageVan Jones is a Communist/Black supremacist.  If you go to this site: which is on the video that is shown on this article:And you thought you were done with this Obama aide. When you watch the video, it shows that website I mentioned. On that site, is Van Jones’s “American Dream”, the link changes. When I listen to this character, Van Jones, I see that he also thinks that the wealth should be taken from people that worked for it, and given to spoiled, rotten brats that were never disciplined.  His group of miscreants hacked the Fox news website. They are breaking LAW. I believe he is immobilizing a ‘black army.’ Why is this so ‘off?’ Obama PROMISED a “Civilian militia.” Obama is lawless as is Van Jones.

  Don’t ask me why I believe that Van Jones is behind these mobs, call it a gut instinct, call it what you will. I believe that I am right. These Mobs are too ‘thought out’ to happen spontaneously. Well, Americans, they ARE taking, just as they promised.  Even if it means stealing. Evidently in the FELON/Komrade Van Jones’s opinion, this is OK. Why shouldn’t it be OK? He is a felon, thats why.

  James O’Keefe went underground to show us what ACORN was up to, then he buried NPR. He had to do this covertly & risk his life. He didn’t break any laws. These people, however-WILL break the law, more and more as time goes on.

  Re. Van Jones: Your plan may work for a little while, but make no mistake, you insufferable fool… GOD will be the one that ‘takes all America has got.’ Got it Komrade? For a little time, you will be allowed to keep staging these events. But make no mistake. America WILL be invaded, and you will suffer at the hands of an invader, who you will ‘welcome’, and like the Ukranians that welcomed Hitler, he murdered them all. That will be YOUR fate.