Jews In Israel Throwing Shoes At Pic Of The Muslim Hitler, Obama :-)

I bet this makes the left/wing Capo-Judenrats here in America foam at the mouth… Too Funny  See BNI for the rest, great article my dear! This must be a “Zionist Conspiracy!”  ROFLOL  David Duke as well, he LOVES Obama, and is worried to death if someone in Israel hurts the poor tinpot dictator. What a CROCK OF SHIT!  I wonder how that makes you left wing Judenrats feel…..having David Duke on YOUR side lol!

Black “Israelites” Yelling “HEIL HITLER” In Philly~At a Jewish Kid..

No Nazis Clip ArtImagine….Black “Israelite” NAZI ‘Jews’…

  Whoa..Well, I hate to tell you dumb liberal Jews; You brought this on yourselves.  You cannot be lifting up another race, worshipping people as if they are God. That is what liberal Jews do, they WORSHIP blacks. It is what it is. Not this gal, not a chance. I worship ONE God who rides the Heavens and man is he pissed.

  WHY in Gods name does THIS type racism get a pass, it NEVER makes it to the MSM.  It is ‘racism’ to NOT show this, it is giving PARTIALITY to these lousy black racist “Israelites”.  You MSM people should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!!

Liberal Jews helped make the SPLC, ACLU, all of the America hating orgs that we have today. They only help people that oppress other people. I think it would be great if these liberal Jews would repent to America for their treachery. This is what liberal Jewry has brought to their OWN people:

Rahm Wants To Be Mayor Of CHICAGO~Better Idea, SEND HIM HOME TO ISRAEL

Rahm Wants to be Mayor of Chicago. I have a better idea, we can send him to Israel…But, that will probably not work either: Benjamin Netanyahu calls Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod ‘self … Either way, we all want you OUT of America, you have dual citizenship, so just go someplace else, and turn THAT place into a 3rd world gutter..

  Your time, write a letter, tell Rahm the CREEP, that we will all pitch in a few cents here and there, he can just pick a 3rd world hell-hole, instead of making America into a shithole here, and OFF YA GO Scumbag…

 Not This Schmuck Again.


"Come To Kenya, Rahm!"


Arguments have moved to the appellate court level in a California case in which a man talking to two willing strangers in a shopping mall was arrested because the subject of the conversation was God.

The case developed several years ago when a youth pastor was arrested at the Galleria Mall in Roseville, Calif., for having a conversation about religion with two other people. 

CLICK: Rules challenged as violating
‘principles of free expression’

Christian people How much more are you going to ‘tolerate?’ What are you going to put up with? If they excommunicate the Christian faith entirely from America, we have NOTHING left.  Dont you get that? This WILL leave an open door foor Islamic/Shariah slimes to indoctrinate you, you have already ALLOWED them to propagandize you with feeling sorry for Muslims that are murderers in Fakestine. 


Media Matters Today: “Beck is a very dangerous Propagandist”

It is very discouraging to see @ Media Matters, that they are NOT seeing the ENEMY, because the ENEMY is THEM.  Today, these people are beneath the pail.. Hitting way below the belt.  “Tralier-Park-Trash” “Beck is Dangerous”………..for telling the TRUTH?  What a bunch of disgusting traitors.

Beck is dangerous.

by bintx (4 hours and 34 minutes ago) 6   They went, believing that Stalin had created a Utopia, they found out otherwise.

Communism in its true form would BE Utopia.

{^Really, Sparky?

 So why not turn AMERICA into a Kommie state to find out?}

That’s why no government has ever represented true communism. It flies in the face of human nature. Utopia is a fantasy and not a very appealing one. <Really? NO shit, Sherlock..

by (3 hours and 30 minutes ago) 3   A guy I worked with was telling me how Hitler was pretty much a communist, and that the use of the terms “commie” and “fascist” to describe Obama were interchangeable, because they were both liberal.

Why is it that Beck gets so much air time to misinform the populace? Communism is way different from Fascism. <BOTH are MURDEROUS- stupid, little man. While they both contain socialist aspects to a degree, the two are at other ends of the political spectrum, and considering the language that came out of the Fascist party, I would associate them closer with the Tea Party movement, with their speech on national identity, Christianity, and desire to suppress ideologies left of far-right. <Uh, Hi dumbass, the ‘right wing’ is NOT in power, therefore, they have NOT the power to take this nation to fascism- YOU and YOUR left wing Cronies of TREACHEROUS snakes DO have the power….Moonbat. BTW, stupid IGNORAMOUS: there are thousands of liberals and democrats at the T.E.A. Parties…MORON.
The MOONBAT Review

by rkcomments (1 hour and 33 minutes ago) 1  

Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Fox News…all have made millions by catering to trailer-park trash.

  Well, shithead.. I would rather BE living in a damned trailer (which I am not) than be a TREACHEROUS, no good, rotten SOB. These are the supposed people that WANT Obama DEATHCARE?  Look how they would treat the elderly?! ELITE SNOTS.

by bintx (6 hours and 11 minutes ago) 9  

I can’t figure out if this man is truly as uneducated, unintelligent and dishonest as he appears or if he truly believes this crap he’s shoveling.

  Whatever . . . he is a very, very dangerous propagandist.


Everything is repeating itself all over again. See, it you are a Jew that is patriotic, religious, abide by Torah, and support Israel, you are an ‘enemy’.  If you are against America, and Israel, like  you are A OK.  When you see the white neo-Nazis, and they hate that you are patriotic and religious, you know who they are WITH:


 This means that 

The Official Website of Representative David Duke, PhD ,  the INCOGMAN & AKIRA here on WORDPRESS are WITH Obama, and these Jihadi Muslims that want America DESTROYED forever, and turn this nation into a 3rd world cesspool.


  • Lenin shut down a far higher percentage of synagogues than either churches or mosques.
  • The only Jews who were accepted were those who rejected Judaism and Zionism. Those who refused were declared Enemy of the People, subject to extermination.
  • Lenin wrote, “Whoever directly or indirectly puts forward the slogan of a Jewish “national culture” is (whatever his good intentions may be) an enemy of the proletariat, a supporter of the old and of the caste position of the Jews, an accomplice of the rabbis and the bourgeoisie.” No other ethnicity was singled out in such a fashion and German nationalism was actually promoted at the same time.
  • Joseph Stalin killed Jews in disproportionate numbers.
  • In Holodomor, which targeted Ukrainian farmers, Jews were over-represented among the victims. While hardly any Jews were farmers, 1.4% of the victims were Jewish. If farmers were picked at random, it would’ve been under 0.1%.
  • In the Katyn massacre, Jews were likewise over-represented and “Jewish intelligentsia” was an explicit target of Stalin. One of the victims was the Chief Rabbi of the Polish Army.
  • Holocaust denial was the standard party line in the Soviet Union and it was only allowed to admit that “Soviet citizens” were murdered by the Nazis with no mention that Jews were targeted.
  • When the PLO killed the Israeli Olympic team in 1972, East German Communists helped the Arabs commit the massacre.
  • See the rest: Challenge to David Duke