Celebrating MEN On St. Patricks Day

I happen to be a big fan of men.   There are few women that I like, because I think most of us women are silly flibbity-gibbits. We are all over the place, emotionally, and definitely not solid in opinion and mind-power, strength either.. Of course there ARE exceptions to the rule, like Me, Donna, Loopy, you know, our blog-gals. 

  Too often the media makes men out to be wuss’s and I, for one, am SICK of it. I know better. Men are stronger, faster, smarter and more wonderful.  I like MANLY men. I like men that are all testosterone and masculine. I am part of many masculine groups to uplift men and encourage them to be MEN.  SO! Three cheers for the gender that stormed the beaches of Normandy, won the American Revolution, built our once great nation from the bottom up.  BE STRONG, be a MAN, made in the image of GOD. This generation of feminist WITCHES treat men like dirt..BUT, not here.


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The Patriots News


Penned by JB Williams – (8/2/11)


Democracy is exactly what we have in America today and it’s even worse than Thomas Jefferson warned when he said – “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”

It’s really much worse than Jefferson indicated… it’s what Karl Marx said it was, “the road to socialism.”

Thomas Jefferson was a well-traveled and studied individual, commissioned to write our Declaration of Independence at the founding of our country and a significant player in the formation of our Constitutional Representative Republic. He was also one of our nation’s most prolific writers of the time, quoted more than any other Founding Father.

It was Jefferson who said – “He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.” – and once again, he may have understated the truth.

A hundred years past the onset of leftist indoctrination in America, via the press, academia, entertainment and politicians, few American’s know much about our founding principles and values, yet many are convinced that they do.

Terms like patriot and constitutionalist are greatly over-used, even abused, and often proclaimed by people who have not even read our founding documents recently, much less lived by them.

Among the many lies sold to American generations since the turn of the twentieth century is the lie that America is a democracy. It functions much like a pure democracy today, as we watch thirty percent of the nation use democratic “mob-rule” tactics to run roughshod over seventy percent of the nation.

But we were not formed as a democracy, and for good reason.

Our system of self-governance was carefully crafted as a Constitutional Representative Republic, which is much different than a democracy. A Constitutional Representative Republic bears three important traits not found in a pure democracy.

1.    A Republic is a state in which the exercise of the sovereign power is lodged in representatives elected by the people. From the local precinct delegate, to city, county, state and federal lawmakers, to the Electoral College, to the Presidency, these are all elected representatives of the people.

2.    As a Representative Republic, the elected representatives must at all times represent the will of the vast majority of citizens, or it is not a system of self-governance, nor is it a system of representation.

3.    The Constitution provides checks and balances, and strict limitations upon the authority of these representatives of the people. They must represent the will of the majority – they are limited to the authority granted them in the Constitution – and they cannot use the will of the majority to infringe upon the rights of any minority.

Today, our representatives do not represent the will of the majority of citizens. Instead, they pander to the parasites of our society for purpose of political gain. They are using the taxpayer’s revenue to buy votes, plain and simple, and those votes come from a collection of special interest minorities.

They are in no way restricted by the limited authority granted in the Constitution and this is not a republic. We are watching democracy right now, as a minority of Americans use the democratic process to force the nation into socialism against the will of the vast majority.

What was once an underground subversive socialist/communist movement against the Constitutional Republic is now an overt act of open treason against the Republic and the people it is supposed to represent, coming from within the halls of our own government.

The debate is long over… Republicans are spineless wimps and Democrats are pure communists.

The two legislative branches of the Democratic Socialists of America are the Progressive Caucus and Black Caucus. If you are trying to figure out how and why our once free nation is racing towards the communist cliff at break-neck speed today, look no further.

Funded by international labor unions, today’s Democrat Party is controlled by the Democratic Socialists of America via their two congressional caucuses. Every prominent Democrat is a member of these caucuses today, and most of them are members of DSA-USA, the Socialist Party or Communist Party who partnered together to form The Democratic Socialists of America.

If you want to know who Obama’s citizen army is, it is American socialists and communists, the new Black Panthers, illegal immigrants, and labor union thugs like those seen in the recent Wisconsin battle to balance their state budget.

The Class Warfare assault based on the Cloward-Piven Strategy has hit its stride in America, pitting the proletariat against investors and employers, blacks against whites and illegal immigrants against legal U.S. citizens.

As Democratic Socialists replace our Constitutional Republic with their proletariat democracy, in which the 51% who don’t pay income taxes in America can run roughshod over the 49% in America who do pay taxes, our nation reaches a point of no return warned about in my October 2006 column, When 51-49 becomes 49-51.

After a hundred years of socialist indoctrination in America, even many Republicans and Tea Partiers wrongly refer to our form of government as a democracy. Many, who proclaim the status of constitutionalists, believe in democratic principles, not republican principles, even though the Constitution clearly guarantees every state and every citizen “a republican form of government.”

You know your freedom is in danger when the Prime Minister of Communist Russia calls you a nation of parasites – “They are living beyond their means and shifting a part of the weight of their problems to the world economy,” – Putin told the pro-Kremlin youth group Nashi. – “They are living like parasites off the global economy and their monopoly of the dollar,” – Putin said at the open-air meeting with admiring young Russians.

As the balance of the world struggles to escape the bankruptcy caused by their own experiments with socialism and communism, the U.S. government is rushing towards the communist cliff and not a single Republican will lift a finger to put a stop to it.

Karl Marx was right, as was Thomas Jefferson… Democracy is the road to socialism and socialism is but a stepping stone to communism. We don’t call it that anymore. We prefer the politically correct term – progressive.

We call it wealth redistribution, but it is pure socialism. Half of Americans now want it and the other half has no idea how to stop it.

As long as both sides think we are a democracy, we will remain on the road to socialism.

Only by demanding an immediate return to our Constitutional Representative Republic can we turn away from impending disaster. But with most Americans convinced we are a simple democracy by mob rule – -who is going to make that demand?

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” – Thomas Jefferson

It’s too bad that most Americans no longer revere the brilliance of our Founders. Common sense was long ago replaced with unbridled class envy. Only the politicians win that game!

JB Williams


ANTI-COSMO: Wonderful, Beautiful, Bright Young Woman Standing Up To COSMOPOLITAN Magazine

Girls, I Need Your Help! Where Can I Promote the Anti-Cosmo Mission?

I realize that my site is highly inflammatory against the current evil administration of death and destruction  and anti-illegal. But, if you can help spread this link above, this young woman needs all the help she can get standing up to this slutty magazine, Cosmopolitan.  She is standing up to the FTC as well in regards to this filthy magazine that has destroyed young women for over 40 years.

So, HELP!  Here is her Youtube:

Picture 5

Resistance To The Government Bully, By An AZ Ranger

This was in reply to Jared Law, from one of Becks 9/12 projects:
Permalink Reply by AZRanger 

Jared, you are obviously right. We should just lay down and let them continue to take our liberties away bit by bit, because if we were to actually hold them accountable for their treasonous actions, or to force them to uphold the rule of law vs mob rule, well then, they would commit violence against the very same people they seek to enslave! That is a brilliant piece of circular logic!

You are soooo far from the truth that you can’t see what is right in front of your face! If you run from the bully, you will ALWAYS run from the bully! As a matter of playground fact, the later that you finally begin to challenge his violence, the more difficult it is to defeat him!! The same goes here. The longer they are allowed to progressively destroy our country, the less able we will be to resist, when the time comes to fish or cut bait!

Jared, it is obvious that you have already given up! If they want violence, what makes you think that you are going to be able to stop them? They will continue to push and push until our backs are against the wall! And, then how much more pushing can be taken? A bully, is a bully, is a bully, etc! I agree that we should NEVER start the explosion, but you don’t have to worry about that, because they will start it! Their plan is to find a reason to declare martial law! Period, end of report! That’s exactly what every major dictatorial group has done in the history of the world. So, why is this Communist regime any different? If they want a war, then they will get one! If they want a reason to declare martial law, then they will find one! You think they are not capable of making up a reason?

Jared, I dare you to name one instance when a Communist takeover of any country was reversed without bloodshed. Name just one! You cannot, because that instance has never happened!

You say that we would be like lambs to the slaughter! Well, I know of 10+ million gunowner reasons that this will not happen! And BTW, according to your argument, if we were to physically resist their enslavement, they will kill that many Americans, what makes you believe that they won’t do it anyway???

Sorry, you may prefer to live on your knees, but I would rather die on my feet…bowing to NO MAN!

Good luck to you Jared, because you and I will be some of the first to go, but unlike you, I am prepared to resist, and almost all others I know as well!

In the Spirit of Liberty,


Peaceful Rebellion Against Tyranny Is The Only Legitimate Course of Action