WACKO Ron Paul Follower: “Mark Levin, Zionist/Punk-NeoCon, We Paulans Will Boycott Him Off Radio”

  Yep….it never ends. More email from the mental institution, tier 3 psych ward, Pilgrim state hospital of Pauls followers.. Its exasperating.  ….And I will keep good on my promise to attack Ron Pauls INSANE, authoritarian, wacko followers. So much for FREE SPEECH for Mark Levin….These are the same WACKOS that say ‘Ron Paul revolution, give us back our Constitution.’  Did they forget that little piece called the 1st Amendment?

Here it is:

In a message dated 1/11/2012 12:15:04 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time, ja*****@yahoo.com writes:

‘All that bullshit about Ron Paul having ties to George Soros, what a crock of lies that is. They can’t find anything on Ron Paul but some old newsletters that never make any impact. he is doing better than ever…now that zionist punk Mark Levin has started threatening Rand Paul because he supports his father. What a piece of shit Mark Levin is…the Ron Paul movement are planning to boycott Mark Levin and try to get him taken off the air like the rabbi’s did to Glenn Beck. I dispise Levin and his neo con / zionist shit.’

Here is a response from one of the ladies who has had it as well with Pauls followers:

‘When it comes to Ron Paul, none of us are allowed to have an opinion, unless we say he is God and we promise to stick our heads as far up his a$$ as she/he does.

Have you all not learned by now, Ron Paul walks on water and can do no wrong,(T*** says so).  When his name is mentioned, I start bowing.  Do you all know how hard it is to type while on your knees bowing down to the God Paul, a$$ hole, A$$ hole, oh please A$$ hole forgive me for I have sinned ,( I don’t believe in you)

‘I despise Levin and his neo con / zionist cult followers.  Bow down to me I am your Lord and Master shit.”
There is only one God, and Ron Paul doesn’t even come close.
So, Levin is not allowed to have an opinion.’
Just the usual day when you are on an email thread of Ron Paul’s wacko-followers..
RON PAUL, 2012....Or We Blow the Joint Up