Did The #Communist “Liberal” Media Set-Up Stenographer, Diane Reidy? You Decide:

Did The #Communist, Liberal Media Set-Up Stenographer, Diane Reidy?  You Decide:

I, personally believe they set Diane Reidy up.  See the video and decide for yourself.  I get sick and tired of this media.  They are traitors and corrupted more than rust on an old garbage can.  What are they ashamed of?  This government is evil, trying to act like they are innocent.  Obama, the GOP & the Dem are demented lunatics who serve satan, the Devil.

Just As I Predicted. Obama Moving “FORWARD” In Gun-Grab In Connecticut. Colorado: YOU Are Next

Just As I Predicted. Obama Moving “FORWARD” In Gun-Grab In Connecticut.  Colorado: YOU Are Next

You morons that think this is good should be hung for treason.  If they take ONE gun, they will keep taking, taking, taking until you are walking through the gulags.  That means you, too “Liberal” gasbags.  There should be *NO* debate over gun control.  It is a RIGHT, not something that should be ‘up for debate’.  Anyone who thinks we should discuss our 2nd Amendment is an ENEMY to the Republic.

And, do NOT listen to the elite snots telling you this is ‘not being talked about’.  They LIE.

CLICK: OK: ….This is what I predicted regardless if this is the truth or not re. CT: Connecticut will be the first state that the Obama-NAZIs will confiscate guns.



‘Sequestration’-Obama’s New ‘F Bomb’. He Owns This!!!

Can someone tell me when you even heard the use of the word, ‘sequestration’, before Obama?  Anytime we hear of some new term, you can bet your bottom dollar that Obama and the left-wing, “Progressives” invented the word to use for ‘such a time as this’.  

Political-correctness is not an American ideology by tradition. So, of course it did not come from Americans that are trying to do things right. Most definitely, Obama started bringing this ‘cuss’ word to our attention..   

These traitors in both houses act like this is ‘new’.  Well, it’s not.  I know what I am telling you is the truth because the state-run media, NBC – is Blaming ‘American Public’ and Republicans (Wow, shocked?) for Sequester.

There needs to be no further explanation.  That link explains where the “F bomb” sequestration word originated; THE LEFT WING & OBAMA.  The real word/s they fear is spending cuts.

Fat SOB, Jeb Bush Wants To Push For ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS

 The first Bush only had one term.  The 2nd Bush gave us Obama.   It is time for the Bush’s to disappear.

Sitting in their fat cat homes with massivo security, they don’t have to worry about these miscreants who rob, rape, torture, maim, steal etc. 



Power Mad Congress Just Abolished Important Constitutional Power To Keep Pres In Check

  Still believe that Mitt Romney is gonna change it? I say NO.  Nobody is going to change the sinking AmeriKan Titanic of hope and change.  Our best days are not ahead. The WORST is ahead no matter how you look at it.  The GOP is just a bunch of tyrants as well as the DEM.  These rotten traitors need to be totally demolished.

Click:Congress Just Abolished One Its Most Important Consitutional Powers

H/T: Skippy

The United States Congress has just forfeited one of their most important Constitutional provisions to keep the power of the President of the United States in check.

By a vote of 261-116, the House of Representatives passed a bill rewriting Article II of the Constitution and divesting the Senate of the power to accept or reject the appointment of many presidential nominees.

Last year, the Senate passed the measure by a vote of 79-20, so it now goes to the desk of President Obama for his signature

The Parade of RINO Relics & Why I despise Romney.

What Romney should say according to the Lampoonist American:

Whole article:   Click here

EXCERPT:  Correct response as per your brilliant Lampoonist:
I’ll release the f’cking things when you release your college transcripts and Harvard Law Review.” “Then we’ll discuss your qualifications to be the President of anything and then the validity of that Birth Certificate.” Also, in America, how I make my living and how much is nobody’s business as long as I did it legally, honestly and paid my taxes..

Traitorous Senate Passed Detention Bill To Lock Your American Ass Up.

See: News for Treacherous Senate  who PASSED the Gestapo-Commu-NAZI detention Bill

All of the rantings of Rand Paul have meant nada because nobody has done a single thing.  This is what a man who lived in Russia says:

roblorinov said:

The House passed the bill this past May very very quietly and now we know why.   It strips American citizens of their Rights, all rights! It denies us due process! If this asinine thing passes into law the military police can pick us up on a street corner and make us disappear forever just like in the SOVIET UNION!!

What else are they going to do before 2012? I see martial (military) law coming anytime now. They’ll pull off a FALSE FLAG operation so they can declare martial law, cancel or delay the 2012 elections, and by November 2012 this Republic will be in the dust bin of HISTORY!

Insane? You bet it is patriotsoul!! THIS IS TYRANNY!! HARD CORE TYRANNY!! You bet, evil IS coming at high speed now because evil knows his time is short! Yes they ARE afraid of us and who is “us”? WE ARE THE FEW! The FEW because MOST Americans are DUMB ASS MORONS today!! Dumbasses won’t stand up and fight back because their main concern is getting that latest ipod or what kind of underwear Lady Ga Ga is not wearing! This is a MORONIC and BEYOND IGNORANT SOCIETY! Maybe America DESERVES the TYRANNY it is about to get! Maybe it will teach us a lesson we will NEVER FORGET!

This ACT OF TYRANNY passes and I’m DONE! I’m done trying to warn America and wake them the FUCK UP! They can all go SCREW THEMSELVES! I can’t deal with a mass of IDIOTS! Instead I’ll turn this blog into a MASS SOVIET PROPAGANDA PLATFORM FOR THE NEW UNITED SOVIET STATES OF AMERIKA!!



Every damned AM, I wake up and have to look at this news. It makes me want to puke.  Just look at this fat buffoon, Napolitano with her FAT mouth, now:

This bitch should be HUNG. In a SANE world, we would hang this treasonous bull-dyke for crimes against humanity.

What the hell happened with Fast And Furious?  #OWS has taken the spotlight off of the most important issue; Holders knowing of “Operation Gun-runner” in 2009:

BOLSHEVIK/NAZI RINO Congressman Has Police Seize Cameras At Town Hall Event In Ohio


  Please observe our Bolshevik/NAZI America in action.  Of course, “Think Progress” caught this on camera… But they say zero about Obamas HR 2819. The fish rots from the head down, folks.

This is from “InfoWars”.  I don’t dabble that much into this website-but its hard not to look everywhere to see what these TRAITORS are doing–on a daily basis to our once great nation.

Read more:

Cops Confiscate Cameras at Ohio Congressman’s Town Hall