Romney Wants To Aid “Rebel” Al Qaeda In Syria Against Assad?!

Romney wants more US involvement in Syria

Are Muslim/Kenyan policies Romney’s policies?  Have we not had enough of the Obama bullshit?  Now, Romney wants to continue Obamas war-mongering.  Come on idiots… Think.  What did we hear about Assad before OBAMAS Arab Spring? NOTHING.  Assad just started murdering off his people out of no where?  You really believe that?  Are you insane?  

So, Romney is a Kenyan/Muslim ass kisser as well.  If this article is truth, Romney is also FOR Obama’s Kenyan, anti-colonial policies.  He is the liberal wet dream.  I cant stand these bastards.  I told you I would not this jerk get away with HIS insanity as well.  This idiot does not listen to Russia and China advising to stay out of Syria’s Civil war.  It is evident.  Romney ALSO wants a war with Russia and China.  His stance on Syria is proof.


Condoleezza Rice For VP? Romney To Give Obama Another 4 Years?

Condoleezza Rice is a terrible choice. White Christian men are supposed to be the leaders, not women and not minorities. Mark my words: More of the same.


KRISTOL: Romney-Rice?

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What’s Keeping Romney From Asking, Nay-Demanding The Following Questions?

The “American public” has the right to know the answers too!… Agree?

By what legal authority is Barry Obama-Dunham-Soetoro-Obama a U.S. Citizen?

Is his citizenship due to having been native-born in the U.S.?
Is he a born citizen, and if so, which type and by what law?
Is he a native of the United States, and what makes him one or makes him not one?
Is he a legal, automatically-naturalized, constitutional citizen?
Is he a legal, automatically-naturalized, statutory citizen, and if so, by what statute?
Is he a natural citizen, and if not, why not? Or if so, why so?
Is he a natural born citizen or is he a naturalized born citizen?
Is the nature of his citizenship determined by the citizenship of his father?
Does having a foreign father result in a different type of citizenship than having an American father?
When he was born, were his parents subject to the jurisdiction of the federal government?
Why did he change his name from Barry Soetoro to Barrack Obama?…
Does he have a U.S. passport, and if so, when did he acquire it?
What identification was used to acquire it, a birth certificate?
If so, why has he not shown that birth certificate to anyone?
What birth location does that birth certificate state?
Where is the certified copy of his birth certificate that he has used throughout his adult life for proof of ID or citizenship?
How could he obtain a social security number, driver’s license, or a passport without one?
How could he have lived his entire life up until running for the presidency without a certified copy of his birth documentation?
If he already had one, why did he then have a need to request one from Hawaii in 2008?
How could he just happen to be the only professional adult citizen (former Harvard graduate lawyer and constitutional lecturer) in the entire country without a birth certificate and also the only one running for President; -and the only one ever to have been known to have a foreigner for a father, and with no proven birth location nor witnesses to the unforgettable birth of a Negro child to a young white woman?
Why has no hospital in any state identified itself as his birth location, and capitalized on that valuable fact?
Why has every hospital in Hawaii stated that he was not born there, or, in the case of the one where he supposedly was born, refused to answer?
Why has no one ever been allowed to examine the supposedly real hard-copy paper birth certificates, -not just images that he shared only in the digital domain which is not a form acceptable by any authority of any nation on Earth as evidence of anything other than the ability to produce a look-alike image on a computer screen?
Why did he spend millions HIDING facts about his birth, his education…

All the questions above have been asked by pundits in the East.


Romney Lays An Egg at the NAACP By The Lampoonist..

The Romney campaign committee’s advising Romney to address the primates at the NAACP is symptomatic of the colossal stupidity of the uber-morons running Romney’s campaign.
To stupidity & gutless;  add clueless, and if that’s not bad enough, the culprit who wrote his address should be boiled in oil with the rest of them…
And Romney was so dumb, he delivered it.
When he proudly proclaimed that: “I will repeal Obama Care,” that was a biggy!   BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!. That’s a 10 banana Bo….
The only people who want Obama Care repealed are?…..TAXPAYERS, YOU MORON!
To add insult to injury, he brought up the [J] word..
Jobs? Telling that crowd that you are going to find them a job went over like a fart in church…
Best thing he coulda’ done was go there and tell them the 1.2 million Mexicans that Obomo gave amnesty to made a beeline for the hood.
So far, the beaners took their food stamps and drained the entire inventory of Colt 45 Malt Liquor and worse! they created a shortage of crack with the welfare money allotment. Lastly, the only thing white that they want in the NAACP is J Lo..

db c. 2012  author of:

Armani X Contest

Do You Think Romney Will Sound The Alarm Against Obama?

Do you think ROMNEY will sound the ALARM?
Do you think ROMNEY will Yell FIRE and go a rampage on FOX or where anybody with a pulse will listen and warn America about the domestic enemies of the Constitution/ the ones on the threshold of political Armageddon?
Do you think ROMNEY will Hold a press conference with all the Republican & Tea Party member of the House of Representatives and lay it on the line about that murdering son of a bitch in the WH?
Nooooooooooo, Obama is just a good guy patriot who is just misguided with a list of failed policies on the economy.” It’s about the economy stupid…it’s about the latest job figures…Right Romney? You chicken-shit punk..
db c. 2012 

McRomney – McCain Redux By The Lampoonist American

“The LampoonistAmerican

 Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity…
The geniuses orchestrating ‘fail safe‘ Romney non-campaign have the Obama’s masters of propaganda, his commie attack brats licking their chops…
Can’t blame them, they have fashioned a [McCain] campaign portraying him as the gutless, one dimensional, smarmy phony that he is…Seriously folks, anybody calling the America-hating Obama “a patriot who just has the wrong ideas and failed policies” is a phony.
We all remember the master stroke when the McCain non-campaign brought the charismatic Palin on board and his numbers sky rocketed…McCain could have rode her coat tails into the White House..
Then Palin made the uber-mistake, she attacked Obama and was flayed, eviscerated, assassinated turned into a buffoonist by the pacifist Rovist’s master campaign strategists…And ruined her career and her massive popularity.
The cabal of razor sharp psychopaths running Obomo’s propaganda machine have found their formula, they have succeeded in flaying and cutting Romney ribbons.
How you ask? When the opposition, in this case Romney is out on the campaign acting like the gutless one dimensional fop that he is, Obama’s attack brats are all too happy to help…..
In any event, as long as Romney continues to portray the criminal rogue administration and their circus carnival barker, the jackass Obama, as benign failures, it McCain all over again…
db C. 2012

We The Morons

We The Morons

By Dave Baker author:   The LampoonistAmerican

Roberts is bad enough, the real problem as I see it,  has been decades of treason of the people WE put in power to be the custodians our interests
This view:  Wall Street Journal: Mitt Romney Is ‘Squandering’ Candidacy With Health Care Tax Snafus of the latest gutless phoney son of a bitch they are serving up to, we, the morons..
 Call Romney stupid or just another gutless worm, what’s the difference?…..the outcome will be the same …

Thous Of U.S. Troops March On D.C. In Support Of R. Paul

Well, you all know how I feel; Anybody but Obama, 2012.  I dont like more than a few of Pauls followers, but I have met some super nice ones, as well.  Many have chased me away with their super demonic Jew-hatred.. AND: I don’t agree, at all with Pauls repeal of DADT, and his record of do nothing about illegals makes me sick.  I am value oriented.  I also believe R. Paul is wrong that ‘conservative, social issues, not issue’.  Our whole life and country hinges on regaining values, morals and ethics.

BUT, you all know what we feel here: AGAIN~ Anybody BUT Obama, 2012. I will stand with any of these phonies to unseat the Muslim occupying the White House. Even though I really am not fond of any of them, and consider none of them to be Conservative the way a Conservative should be, that’s m.o..

Vid H/T: Goldbug