Ron Paul: “US Democracy Promotion DESTROYS Democracy Overseas. Is Like Leninism”

Ron Paul: “US Democracy Promotion DESTROYS Democracy Overseas. Is Like Leninism”

It’s time to put Leninism and its filthy worldwide revolutions to death once and for all.

Love or hate Ron Paul, he is absolutely correct about this issue that McCain and Nuland started in Ukraine with their NGO insanity.  When will Americans GET that this is not the way things are supposed to be?  When?  Everyday, I am echoing the same thing that I said yesterday.  We are not supposed to be in a constant state of war.  We have been in war for 13 years people, THIRTEEN YEARS. This is just like the Roman empire–even worse.  God hates war.  HATES it. 

Listen to what Paul is saying, research the things he is talking about. PLEASE:

I have not ever liked Ron Pauls followers because they blame the Jews for EVERYTHING.  I have had to put that aside to hear what he is saying and urge you to do the same.

RNC Tribute To Ron Paul; Height Of Hypocrisy

`By GoldbugGal
Listen to all the hypocrites .. if they think he was so great, why didn’t they ever stand with him? How dare they cheat and lie and steal and refuse to seat his delegates .. and then play this video.
No end to the bullshit, is there?

VIDEO: Ron Paul, 100% RIGHT About Syria

VIDEO: Ron Paul, 100% RIGHT About Syria.. Even though I do not agree with a few of Pauls votes that are demented, (DADT REPEAL, specifically) he is completely right about Syria.  He was right about Libya & Egypt.  We have no business demanding Assad’s ouster.  He didn’t just start murdering children out of no where, ‘just because.

(I don’t believe in his blow-back theory as well, Islam is insanity)

Thous Of U.S. Troops March On D.C. In Support Of R. Paul

Well, you all know how I feel; Anybody but Obama, 2012.  I dont like more than a few of Pauls followers, but I have met some super nice ones, as well.  Many have chased me away with their super demonic Jew-hatred.. AND: I don’t agree, at all with Pauls repeal of DADT, and his record of do nothing about illegals makes me sick.  I am value oriented.  I also believe R. Paul is wrong that ‘conservative, social issues, not issue’.  Our whole life and country hinges on regaining values, morals and ethics.

BUT, you all know what we feel here: AGAIN~ Anybody BUT Obama, 2012. I will stand with any of these phonies to unseat the Muslim occupying the White House. Even though I really am not fond of any of them, and consider none of them to be Conservative the way a Conservative should be, that’s m.o..

Vid H/T: Goldbug

FILTH: “Gay/Homosexual Manifesto” In America~Total Perversion; ‘We Will Sodomize Your Sons’.

Disgusting Video, below.

People wonder why I am NOT ‘gung ho’ for Ron Paul as I was in 2008.  With Paul Voting to repeal DADT, it has emboldened these perverted, wicked, evil, satanic stool-pushers.

Hope you are happy, die-hard Paulans, THIS is what YOU have emboldened. So, STFUP about ‘gay’–YOU are part of the problem.

Communist Manifesto:

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

Wacko R. Paul SUPPORTER Fire-Bombs N.J. Synagogue!?

This does not surprise me one bit.    What a pity, because Paul is excellent on some domestic issues.  But, I am sorry….Ron Pauls followers are WACKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

An unemployed teenager charged Tuesday with firebombing two synagogues is an anti-Semite whose hatred of Jews guided his actions, authorities said.

Anthony Graziano, of Lodi (Facebook profile showing influence by, and allegiance to, Ron Paul), was charged with the Jan. 11 attack on a Rutherford synagogue and the Jan. 3 firebombing of a synagogue in Paramus. He was being held on $5 million bail.


RON PAUL, 2012!!!
If Paul is the nominee, we will push for Paul, but we believe he is the worst disaster out of all of the candidates.  Still….

I Dont Like Paul Supporters, But Bill Kristol Should STFUP About Ron Paul Leaving The GOP

This is the trouble this idiot, Kristol causes for himself, (below) on Youtube and in politics in general.  This jerk should shut up. He is hardly EVER right-EVER!!!!!! It is not for him to decide who ‘leaves the GOP.’   And let me set this record, below, straight.  “Zionists” bla bla bla are not the problem.    I am 100% FOR Zion. It is Gods favorite place on earth.  BOLSHEVIKS are the problem. PERIOD!  There is enough Jew hate out there. People like Kristol should stop this insanity.  Yes, people are Jew haters, regardless…but come on. Kristol…STFUP.  Let people who have been conservative more than 20 years do the talking.  Kristol comes from a socialist background, he should be advising us of what the Marxist/socialist/progressives are up to.

@mwktz2 I am more then sure that cock sucker has his Dual Citizenship to do so. I think All these MOUTH JEWS should have to drop their Zionist Ties to be in American Politics’.

  Kristol is Jewish and very Israel first minded, as most Neocons are. Therefore he is obviously going to hate Ron Paul, as Ron Paul would put America first. The thought of America not borrowing billions to give to Israel, not fighting wars for them scares the shit out of him! BTW, Kristol considers any country that is friendly to Israel to be “decent”!


Hopefully more americans will come to realize that the neocons foreign policy doesn’t make our country safer. We need to realize that the zionists and the neocons are the same thing..


Kristol should “leave the United States” and go to Israel where his loyalty lies.


These commenters, also, should shut the hell up.  Who in the hell do they think they are, demanding people leave the country?  I don’t like Paul for ONE reason alone: He voted to repeal DADT.  Aside from that, I am against legalized prostitution, drugs and state sponsored aborted babies.  I agree with Paul on the fed and foreign aid. Thats all.

Former Paul Supporter: “I Was Practically Driven Out Of Paul Camp For Not Being Anarchist”

I rest my case with some of these Paulans.  Maybe the old guy had half a chance? But, I really believe the “New Left” has infiltrated some good people in the Paul camp.  I know one lady that I really like who supports Paul. But thats about it. 

youngconstitutionalist (Diary) Saturday, January 7th at 10:04PM EST (link)

 ‘I finally thought through some of Paul’s more outrageous policies, both foreign and domestic. Also, the attitude amongst the Ron Paul camp is one of superiority over the other GOP constituencies, and tend to think more highly of leftist thinkers than conservative ones. Paul himself demonstrates that when he quotes leftists about other candidates on a regular basis.

I was practically driven out because I wasn’t an anarchist and believed we might have to intervene overseas on rare occasion (like Afghanistan and World War II). That made me a big government statist warmonger.’

I Agree With Ron Paul On This Vid. I Wont Ever Change My Position On Pauls WACKO Followers, Though

Ron Paul got boo’d in this video for telling the truthMaybe it took the ugly Obama for people to see war, ‘police action’ & whatever the hell else we are doing to a bunch of countries? Don’t know. I, personally remember being ‘iffy’ with the Iraq war.

Anyway.. I see how we (America) are bombing everywhere, and have to agree with Paul in this video. You dont have to agree. Thats fine. I am not a Paulan, and wont make your life miserable if you disagree.


This does NOT excuse you, his followers who are wacko, insane, Jew-haters, Christian-haters, nasty, authoritarian, bossy and basically a bunch of x-Commies, or who knows…Maybe you are still Commies and have infiltrated the good supporters of Paul.    I am against Paul on his DADT repeal, wanting to legalize drugs, legalize prostitution. And I think he is a wacko re. Israel vs P-stine.


This is still what I believe most of Pauls followers are…

WACKO Ron Paul Follower: “Mark Levin, Zionist/Punk-NeoCon, We Paulans Will Boycott Him Off Radio”

  Yep….it never ends. More email from the mental institution, tier 3 psych ward, Pilgrim state hospital of Pauls followers.. Its exasperating.  ….And I will keep good on my promise to attack Ron Pauls INSANE, authoritarian, wacko followers. So much for FREE SPEECH for Mark Levin….These are the same WACKOS that say ‘Ron Paul revolution, give us back our Constitution.’  Did they forget that little piece called the 1st Amendment?

Here it is:

In a message dated 1/11/2012 12:15:04 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time, ja***** writes:

‘All that bullshit about Ron Paul having ties to George Soros, what a crock of lies that is. They can’t find anything on Ron Paul but some old newsletters that never make any impact. he is doing better than ever…now that zionist punk Mark Levin has started threatening Rand Paul because he supports his father. What a piece of shit Mark Levin is…the Ron Paul movement are planning to boycott Mark Levin and try to get him taken off the air like the rabbi’s did to Glenn Beck. I dispise Levin and his neo con / zionist shit.’

Here is a response from one of the ladies who has had it as well with Pauls followers:

‘When it comes to Ron Paul, none of us are allowed to have an opinion, unless we say he is God and we promise to stick our heads as far up his a$$ as she/he does.

Have you all not learned by now, Ron Paul walks on water and can do no wrong,(T*** says so).  When his name is mentioned, I start bowing.  Do you all know how hard it is to type while on your knees bowing down to the God Paul, a$$ hole, A$$ hole, oh please A$$ hole forgive me for I have sinned ,( I don’t believe in you)

‘I despise Levin and his neo con / zionist cult followers.  Bow down to me I am your Lord and Master shit.”
There is only one God, and Ron Paul doesn’t even come close.
So, Levin is not allowed to have an opinion.’
Just the usual day when you are on an email thread of Ron Paul’s wacko-followers..
RON PAUL, 2012....Or We Blow the Joint Up