Predictions From Ron Paul, Circa 2002, And Some Are Truth

Donna sent me this video, I agree with many points. 

Aside from Ron Pauls followers, there are many issues that I, personally agree with  Ron Paul on. Especially domestic.  Many of his foreign points here are not accurate, but Paul is not the Messiah, contrary to what many of his followers believe. 

His repeal of DADT has made me sick. I will continue to attack Pauls followers until they stop their nastiness, rudeness, authoritarian-ness, liberalness, Jew-hate & Christian-hate toward me and people I know & love.

See for yourself that a lot of this is accurate:

Leftists, Libertarians, 1 In The Same: Pelosi Praises Ron Paul-Kiss Of Death, Slow Death.

“Anonymous” Plans to “Shut Down Corporation Day” Feb 29. This Will Help Obama’s Already BAD #’s..

Here it is on the “anonymous” Twitter page..
AnonCircleAnonymous Circle
#OccupyPortland: “Shut Down Corporation Day” (Feb. 29) #Anonymous #OWS

My quote…

‘Give a coward a mask & nothing will change. A coward is still a coward, will live as a coward, die as a coward and eventually the mask will grow old.’

Email From A Ron Paul Supporter: “Sit Yo Ass Down, We ‘Libertarians’ Have Infiltrated Your Party” (GOP)

This was in the email…Are these people not the bees-knees…?? I am not even a Republican anymore, not for YEARS.  I am a registered Independent.  Well, this is what is in your party now, Republican people:  “SIT YO ASS DOWNand F*ck free speech, we wish to hear nothing you say.

In a message dated 1/8/2012 11:52:40 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time, j****** writes:
This is my reply:
I don’t see you “Libertarians” any different than the Marxist “Progressives”. Basically, they have told patriotic-Conservatives (YOU KNOW, people that fear God and godly values) to ‘sit yo ass down’ while they destroy this nation to the max. Well, there will be war. Count on it.
You are not any different than the rabid left-wing. This is disgusting. Touting this ‘freedom’ message, and at the same time, telling us to ‘sit yo ass down’. Hey, I will give you devils this: At least you are not quiet about it, thank you for that.
What a LOUSY ‘party’ you have, extremely ANTI-American. Anti founding fathers, anti Constitution (FREE SPEECH)
Preach no more of your guile. For it is lie. Slander against what you pretend to care about. “Principle?”
Sure, state-sponsored aborted babies and openly ‘gay’ in the military is your principles. And a lot of you claim Christianity.
You’ll answer to God, alongside of the Communists who hate babies and love abominations.
Shame on you. Just terrible.

Why Would Ron Paul Want To Spend Tax-Payer Dollars To Refurbish An Old Ship For 30 Million USD?

Can someone please explain that to me…? Can we also get an explanation why Ron Paul would spend $4.5 million to study the effects of the health risks of vanadium, in the age of the internet?  This is supposed to be the responsibility of the drug company. I thought he was for free enterprise??

Visit my Marine friends website:


STOP telling me that Ron Paul is ‘small govt.’


PORK Is Pork.

More below….. do your own research, Paulist-Robots:

1. $25,000 for the Brazoria County Sheriff to establish a “Children’s Identification and Location Database.”

2. $8 million for the marketing of wild American shrimp.

3. $2.3 million for shrimp fishing research.

4. $3 million to “secure the acquisition of the McGinnes tract, protecting its critical natural resources and helping consolidate refuge inholdings.”

5. $5 million to expand the cancer center at Brazosport Hospital.

6. $200,000 for the Matagorda Episcopal Health Outreach Program to fund a “National Health Service Corp Scholar.”

7. $4.5 million to study the effects of the health risks of vanadium.

8. $3 million to test imported shrimp for antibiotics. (Does anyone think there is a big shrimp industry in Paul’s district?)

9. $10 million to repair the Galveston railways causeway bridge.

10. $1.18 million for “Personalized Medicine in Asthma”

11. $100,000 for a “data-driven automated system for nursing students on the Texas Gulf Coast.”

12. $257,000 to “prepare graduates from the doctoral program at the University of Texas Medical Branch School of Nursing to assume faculty roles in schools for nursing with a deficient number of doctoral level faculty.”

13. $1.4 million to buy buses for the Golden Crescent Regional Commission.

14. $2 million to buy buses for Galveston.

15. $5 million for highway spending.

16. $2 million to replace facilities for Galveston bus service.

17. $3 million to replace facilities for the Golden Crescent Regional bus facility.

18. $2 million to repair the Galveston trolley.

19. $2.14 million to renovate the Edna Theater.

20. $13 million for I-69 highway project.

21. $30 million the Texas Maritime Academy to refurbish a ship.

FOAVC: Ron Paul Reality Check – Can Passionate Ron Paul


Of course, if all the passionate supporters of Paul would spend more time investigating all his congressional activities, they would find a lot more to seriously question. A chief example is that he has routinely inserted earmarks for pork spending to make constituents in his district happy. Then he hides behind his votes against the spending bills containing his earmark spending items. But those earmarks remain in those spending bills passed by Congress. Tell me, is that really virtuous behavior? His earmarks increase federal activities and spending. Many have been for projects by the Army Corps of Engineers, many to funnel money to the Texas Department of Transportation (including one for repairs to the Galveston Trolley system), and one for Texas A&M University/Galveston Campus to convert the Texas Clipper for educational purposes; maybe this was the $30 million for the Texas Maritime Academy to refurbish a ship. And then there was the $8 million for the marketing of wild American shrimp and $2.3 million to pay for research into shrimp fishing. This seems like pretty conventional Republican politics. This year Paul has requested about $400 million worth of federal spending for his district – not exactly consistent with Paul’s rhetoric on reducing federal spending and taxing. His duty is to inform his constituents about the wrongness of earmarks, not capitulate to their requests.

22. $4.5 million to maintain Cedar Bayou. Plus another $9 million

23. $15 million for “construction at GIWW Matagorda Bay.” Plus another $5.8 million

24. $100,000 to maintain Chocolate Bayou.

25. $2.5 million to maintain Double Bayou.

#1 Issue I Have With Ron Paul: DADT REPEAL & WRONG ON MARRIAGE

I will give this person no more attn after this post. He is NOT a conservative in values, and values is what is tearing this nation to shreds, because We have NONE.

I am a family-oriented individual.  DADT is an abomination, and I am SICK that the GOP is bad enough without having to get a Liberal-tarian in this race who says he is ‘for’ Constitutional liberties, yet also is for ‘state-sponsored’ abortion.


AND: Always interesting to see that Ru Pauls folks are usually Jew hating, ALL Jews, and the USS Liberty is their biggest defense…when we were NOT allies with Israel (1967).

USS Liberty Cover Up

12/27/11 11:00 PM

Host: Ron Paul Girl

Ron Paul Endorsed by George Soros “Blue Republican” Organization

Big govt people endorsing ‘small govt’, Ru Paul…..???  Hmm, this is something.  Perhaps that stooge, gasbag, Dick Morris is correct that Ru Paul is more liberal than Obama? It remains to be seen.  People would do well to know that Paul is not a Conservative, he is a LIBERTARIAN.  So, conservatives (Christians) that are God fearing should know this. We are really stuck with some massive amounts of awful with these candidates.

~’When somebody as integral to the progressive movement in America as Ralph Nader embraces the Ron Paul campaign, conservatives would do well to pause…’
the rest:

SEE: Ron Paul Endorsed by George Soros “Blue Republican” Organization

The Ulstermans quote:

It seems interesting then that an organization that appears quite hopeful to see Barack Obama re-elected in 2012, and is clearly linked to progressive anti-American globalist George Soros is simultaneously calling for Democrats to register as Republicans and support Ron Paul in the Republican primaries does it not?

IFFY. Iffy. Iffy

This is what ‘progressives’ are saying..about Paul..


Email I Received From A Ron Paul FOLLOWER: “Treacherous Moses ‘MURDERED’ Hundreds Of His Own People”

Paulans  ask me, possibly 10 or more times a day…. “MJ: Why do you not like Ron Paul?

I answer the same way over and over:

‘It is not Ron Paul that I have the biggest problem with, it is you, his followers. You hate God, you hate Christians, you hate right-minded Jews. You act INSANE. The fish rots from the head down, imo..  I have said a hundred times that I am against ‘gays’ serving openly in the military, and I believe that homosexuality is the downfall of ANY nation, inc America. Ron Paul voted to repeal DADT, and this will send us down, faster.’

This is never enough for a Paulan.  Not even telling a Paulan that I will probably ‘hold my nose and vote Ron Paul’ is enough.  Paulans demand absolute LOYALTY and some type of insane worship of this politician (R. Paul).  I do not worship, nor do I like *ANY* politician.

The link is provided for you (below) to see how these Paulans twist even the Bible around to justify their INSANE, rabid Jew-hatred, & psycho-maddening persecution against Christians.  The link is ‘hyper-linked’ the way it was sent to me in email:

The rest of this Paulans ‘opinion’:
Fast forward to today, and following Moses’ insane, treacherous, mass-murderous and genocidal rule, the Neo-Con/Likudnik traitors infested in America’s government today ALLOWED the terrorist attacks of 9-11 to proceed.
There is more, but the link and webpage has been cut off from the email body.
…So, Moses was ‘insane, treacherous, mass-murderous and genocidal.’  UN-BE-FRIGGIN-LIEVABLE!
  The first time I actually read someone that called himself a ‘neo-con’ was David Horowitz in his book, “The Race Card.” He considers himself a ‘new conservative’. I am not, I am from a family of 500 plus years of American Conservative- Iroquois, Christians and Spiritual Jews…

  GWB was told off royally by a friend of his named “Craig Winn.”   Craig Winn is a born again believer.  This is what he had to say about the Iraq war, which was GEORGE WALKER BUSH’S BABY: Letter to George W. Bush  You can read it yourself, if you want to know the truth about “Bush’s war” in Iraq.
AND: to refute this Paulans stupidity re Israel: Israel warned America, in 2003 to not go into Iraq:

‘The head of the Israeli army has warned of an “earthquake, which will reshape” the Middle East if America goes to war with Iraq.

Lieutenant-General Moshe Yaalon told an Israeli newspaper that while he expected America to launch a strike, he was more concerned about attacks by Palestinian militants than any danger posed to Israel by Iraq.’


Again, with the exception of a few sane Paul followers…this is what I think of most of them:

I have written about these moonbats before:

Email From 1 Of My Ron Paul Supporters: “The Places Jesus Walked Are Fake?!”

All countries are ‘political’….. DUH!!
….Israel is NOW a political state…that has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with Christianity and I just saw a documentary on FOX that implied most of the “holy places” where Jesus supposedly walked are fake.
Jesus is in MY HEART…CHRIST’s CHURCH is ISrael. 
-Name withheld.
“The smallest minority
on earth is the individual.
Those who deny individual rights
cannot claim to be
defenders of minorities.”
– Ayn Rand

Koo-Koo, Koo-Koo…..