Visa/Mastercard Cut Off Russian Transactions. Obama Pledges 1 Billion USD, Violating 1961 Foreign Assistance Act

Visa/Mastercard Cut Off Russia Transactions. Obama Pledges 1 Billion USD, Violating 1961 Foreign Assistance Act

Obama is very good at ‘making friends and influencing people.’  He has enabled ALL of our enemies and funds Jihadists- and now, picks fights with countries that were NOT hostile with us.

‘International payment system Mastercard has stopped serving clients of seven Russian lenders, after the US issued sanctions against it regarding Russia’s position over the Ukrainian turmoil.  Rossiya Bank was blocked by both – Master Card and Visa, and with the latter also cutting ties with Sobinbank, SMP Bank and Investcapitalbank.’

Excuse me, but just who is the fascist here?

When did Russia ‘cut off’ America from their plastic cards, transacting and bank-lending?  When did Russia violate an act from 1961 against the purposes of the USA? 

Many of you morons WANT Russia to be ‘told off.’  For what? FOR WHAT!?  Before Ukraine, did you even give a damn about that country? NO.  Did you care about the people of Ukraine? NO.  Do you give a damn about anybody but your own damned selves? NO.  So, why does Ukraine matter?  Because John McCain and his NGO pals are in business of pushing EUROPEAN ENERGY to isolate Russia.  Just where are we getting this 1 billion dollars? China?  Russia’s ally?

More Obama Madness: Russia Threatens Nukes. US Navy Being Halted By China

More Obama Madness: Russia Threatens Nukes. US Navy Being Halted By China


Obama is dying to get us into WW3 ever since he got in office.  1st it was Egypt, then Libya, then Syria.  Now, he is pissing off our creditor, China and antagonizing Russia.  The 2 countries, Russia and China together, can kick the crap out of us and I will tell you why:  They are not afraid to fight.  Our government does not let our men fight.  Plus they train our men to be sensitive to women.  So, that means if they meet them in the ocean, our men are dead.   IF Russia/China were to invade by land, they would not win because everyone has guns. HOWEVER: They are not afraid to nuke and we are afraid.  So, they could just nuke America and leave half of the country immobilized.  


Don’t say I didnt warn you. I did. As did QV. Over and over. Time and time again.  God has given America every chance to repent and turn to him, but we have refused (as a whole) So, it will have been deserved (if this happens) I am sickened to tell you this.  I dont know what is going to happen. I am only looking at the times & signs around me.

 U.S. Navy-China showdown

Russian Official Threatens to Nuke U.S.

WTF? Bastard-In-Chief, Obama Extends National Emergency Over Russian Nuke Material!?

WTF? Bastard In Chief, Obama Extends National Emergency Over Russian Nuke Material!?

WHAT?  This sob has started a war with Russia over Syria.  I keep warning everyone about this, and nobody is listening.  As QV says…. Eat your green peas.  Does anyone realize what serious danger we are in??